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  • Brianna Miller

    Brianna Miller


  • Being Brianna

    Being Brianna

  • The story of Preston and Brianna

    The story of Preston and Brianna

  • Listen To Me Brianna

    Listen To Me Brianna

    Historical Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • Billionaire's Great Obsession

    Billionaire's Great Obsession

    Brianna walked towards him obediently. Seeing how stiff and hesitant she moved, Scott was displeased. "What? Are you a robot? Don't you know what your job is?'"Yes. To please you,' Brianna answered awkwardly, "But... but we know little about each other and... and we don't have feelings towards each other as well…'"What are you talking about? You are merely my possession.' Scott said coldly as he slid his finger from her lips down her neck towards her collarbone. Brianna felt his finger moving downwards and resting on her right breast.She bit her lips and said, "Mr. Anderson, I'm just a common girl to you compared to those that you have met. I don't think I'm good enough to please you.'"Whether you are good enough or not is up to me. Also, why would I look for others since I have got one here that I've paid for?' Scott said in a cold voice.

  • The Not so Cursed life of Brianna Lindolh

    The Not so Cursed life of Brianna Lindolh

    If you're looking for a story with sunshine, unicorns and cliche endings well you won't find it here. only Disney do those stuffs, actually this is a story where hopes and dreams are crushed into tiny little pieces, I know what you're thinking this is so over-dramatic but no, it’s not. I'm just simply telling the truth and the truth can be painful sometimes, anyway this is the tale where our brave main character got caught up with shit. Her life was simple back then robbing banks here and there and hacking stuffs but it all changed on a faithful night, which she wants to take back so bad. Now she is plagued into a life with Mafias and Deadly Assassins with everyone out to get her, how can a kid possibly survived through it all?Join Midnight in a fun-filled adventure of a lifetime where she battled her way in a war between the Mafias and assassins,a past that needs reconciling and a promise that needs to be treasured. Where she asks herself in the end, how can a life be so cursed?

  • Brianna and her search for an amulet

    Brianna and her search for an amulet

    I was Brianna Summers. An orphan girl who lived in an orphanage. My life was a mess. Then, a new boy in school came. His name was Anthony Blake. I fell in love with him at the first sight. He was handsome, nice and had a great posture. I had successfully made the popular brats got jealous of me since he fell for me as well. Did you think that I was the popular girl, too? Nope, definitely I wasn't. But, after three months, we were dating, on the day that I thought it would be a very special had turned out to be a disaster.Who killed me? Why? A lot of questions were racing in my mind. Just when I thought I died for good. I ended up into a world I didn't know. Was it a parallel world or was it a place called heaven? There, I've found myself to be destined on something. Should I fulfil my destiny? Or could I just escape? But, I didn't know how to return to my world. I guessed I couldn't do it since I completely a loser. Could I get back to my own world at the end?

  • Antara Cinta Dan Dendam

    Antara Cinta Dan Dendam

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION R18


    Dendam seorang Erick Brianna wisongko terhadap keluarga Bramantyo, dia lampiaskan terhadap seorang gadis keturunan keluarga Bramantyo. Zahra Adelia Putri gadis cantik keturunan satu satunya yang tersisa. dengan berpura pura mencintainya. Erick memulai aksi balas dendam nya. siapa sangka dalam aksi balas dendamnya Erick menaruh hati terhadap Zahra. mampukah Erick melanjutkan balas dendam atau mempertahankan cintanya ?? ikuti terus kisahnya

  • The Not so Cursed Life of Brianna Lindolh- moved

    The Not so Cursed Life of Brianna Lindolh- moved


    If you want to know more of the story kindly follow it on here Midnight in a fun-filled adventure of a lifetime where she battled her way in a war between the Mafias and assassins,a past that needs reconciling and a promise that needs to be treasured. Where she asks herself in the end, how can a life be so cursed?

  • Brianna(me) sara(little sister) dom(big brother) mom and dad

    Brianna(me) sara(little sister) dom(big brother) mom and dad

    Hi! my name is Brianna and i want to tell you my story.It all started at home when the power went off and I was home alone!U can already tell this gone be a horror story lol..Before the power went off I was in my room watching YouTube, like c'mon I was enjoying my video!! Chile anyways I went outside to see what was going on, it turned out that the power went off for the entire city, weird.I wanted to call my mom but I had no wifi cuz the power was off.When I went back inside I saw something moving, I didn't know what it was cuz I didn't see properly, I just know I ran back outside and stayed there, at least I could see some things cuz of the moonshine after like 30min I couldn't take it anymore I was feeling so cold so I had to inside I waited for some minutes till I had some guts to go in.I realised that the power wasn't gonna come any time soon so I went inside.While on my way to go back to my room I was so scared till the point I started praying in my heart.I couldn't see anything and I didn't want to bump into some creepy as$ monster so I stopped turned on my phone's flashlight and started observing the house.. then I started walking slowly on my way to my room.I was only to steps to my room when I heard some weird creepy noises, I froze for some seconds before I screamed "who is there?! Plz if someone is there Sara(lil sister) or dom(big brother) tell me who is there?I heard some laughing noises I got so mad cuz I already knew who it was.Dommm!!!!! I screamed"Wtf?! Do u know that u almost killed me!! Dont ever do that again I screamed, when he finally came closer I realized that it wasn't him it was a creepy giant monster with the same voice as him, I fainted and dont know what happened after.I woke uuu in the hospital to see my family there next to me.I screamed "dom!! I.. I....i thought it was u..u... but it wasn't.."My mom was so confused so she asked me "what r u talking about Brianna did u forget that Sara and dom died along time ago.." I was so shocked and confused I didn't even understand anything and words couldn't even come out of my mouth.Turns out that yesterday the things I saw, the laughs I heard were all my imagination.

  • My Only

    My Only

    Brianna Manson is a woman who thinks she has found love in the arms of Demetrious Johnson, but one day he takes her out of her life without any explanation and with a child in her womb. Years later they meet again, but this time Brianna is not willing to let Demetrious do his bidding.What happens when you realize that not everything is what it seems? That you threw away a great love and that you made a mistake years ago.I invite you to meet Brianna and Demetrious, a love that did not remain in the past and that for Demetrious she has always been THE ONLY woman he has loved with all his soul.

  • kena

    kena Max Sam Cody Sarah Jack Kesha Alicia Nick Brianna Chloe Georgia

  • Brianna was born different she had two souls, one good. the other evil

    Brianna was born different she had two souls, one good. the other evil

  • Brianna amaba Escocia, pero tras la muerte de su abuela todo se tuerce

    Brianna amaba Escocia, pero tras la muerte de su abuela todo se tuerce

  • Royalty



    Debby, Cathy, Brianna and Genevieve were part of the few people that were chosen to be crowned prince or princess of various kingdoms in planet Domino.To be the crowned prince or princess, you have to be chosen as students of Royalty College. The students are chosen according to the information gotten about them.Join them as they balance their school life, royal life, love life and social life. How they make their decisions, the drama they have to go through every day.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Good morning Advisor Williams” Debby greeted with a little curtsey slightly bowing with a hint of mock on her tone. He tried to assassinate her thinking she was dunce not to know that he wants his daughter to be the Queen instead.“Ah My Queen Deborah, your highness” He bowed a little.“You don’t look very queenly this morning” He mockingly smirked. “Ah this? You see, there was an emergency, I had to rush here from campus. The Kingdom comes first, my attire doesn’t really matter when you are planning new infrastructures.” Debby said with a fake smile plastered on her face“Well, I have to go, greet Gina for me, I’m sure she’ll love my present to her. After all, I loved her present.” Debby smiled and headed to campus.



    Contemporary Romance COMEDY TRAGEDY

    Being pregnant and being left unaccounted for by a loved one makes Brianna Greene have to bear all the burdens alone, she faces every problem after problem that comes and goes, until finally, happiness comes to welcome her. Meanwhile, John Edward, who is none other than the biological father of Brianna's baby, does not want to be responsible for his actions and chooses to go with another woman, until karma finally welcomes John in extreme pain. "In the end, it's the wrong love that will destroy you too". Brianna Greene

  • Wanita Incaran CEO

    Wanita Incaran CEO

    Brianna, seorang perempuan miskin harus menerima cacian saat bekerja sebagai waitress restoran. Berniat mencari tambahan uang untuk melunasi hutang kedua orangtua yang telah tiada, ia justru jatuh ke dalam jerat kontrak menjadi ibu surogasi.Menyedihkan, client pertama Brianna adalah Darius Edmund dan istrinya, Caitlin. Bekerja pada keluarga mereka mengharuskan Brianna hamil secara alami. Briannapun jadi melupakan cerita LDRnya dengan sang kekasih, Max.Caitlin yang awalnya mendukung, perlahan berbalik menyerang Brianna. Sebab, ia tidak suka Darius menaruh perhatian lebih pada perempuan itu.Brianna lalu diperjualbelikan pada rekan-rekan Darius. Perempuan muda itu lantas menjadi produsen bayi untuk para CEO.Bagaimana nasib Brianna dan anak-anaknya? Bisakah dia bebas dari eksploitasi yang dilakukan Caitlin?

  • A Billionaire in his late forties Falls in love with a young lady

    A Billionaire in his late forties Falls in love with a young lady

    Fantasy Romance R18 WEAKTOSTRONG

    Brianna Bennett is a witty fun girl who likes to party and socialize. She gets a job at Empire GroupsMichael Craine is a billionaire who has worked hard to get to where he is now.Brianna begins to work for Michael. Because of their differences, they find it difficult to get along but as time goes on, everything changes between them.Michael falls in love with Brianna and he finds it difficult to accept and express it

  • The Mute Reject

    The Mute Reject Mate




    With little time to get into the shoes of her identical sister Princess Ariana is forced to marry Prince Liam of St Lucia in place of her sister Princess Brianna after her suspicious disappearnce. For someone who doesn't believe in love she is now saddled with the responsibility of pretending to be in love with Prince Liam while also being careful not to get caught because it would result to a dire consequence for her family. Things began to get bitter sweat when a mysterious man comes in with news about her post identical twin and she also began to go fight her internal battles as associated with marrying a prince