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    On the way to home from a anime convection a boy mysteriously came to pitch black void after dying there a shadow gave sent him to a another world with a plug-in with the task of saving the worlds and dimensions.worlds: Naruto, Assassin's classroom ,Touhou, Ancient goldy monarch, Battle through the Heavens, One Punch man, my hero academia , My romantic teen comedy , the world only god knows , Date a Live , Dragon ball , Akame ga kill , Black Bullet , campione , Problem chidren coming from a another world aren't they?

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    Fantasy R18 HAREM

    A new being has ascended to the title few are blessed and cursed to carry, Campione.Read as Alexander is reborn into a world that is somewhat familiar but different to what he has previously witnessed. He is faced with questioning his morals and values. The complete collapse of his current carefree lifestyle, as he faces beings both holy and unholy. Through this punishing path he has learnt more of himself and others. His discerning eye has allowed him to travel through vast amounts of land and meet various characters some noble and some more insidious as he builds a faction for himself and lays claim to his inheritance as a Campione.The journey of Campione is arduous, gods of different pantheons loath your existence. Fallen angels, Devils and humans both filled with envy at your power and grace wish to chain your being to their factions. The being that stands alone and face the world with no fear. THE CAMPIONE.

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    How to Fail at being a Gamer


    O'daniel birthday had died but now.found himself in the world of DxD The upside he isn't in Kuoh Japan so he doesn't have to get involved with Canon and he has a gamer the Gamer ability The Downside he's in Rome poor and homeless and he unknowingly summoned a Heretic god from the Campione Verse Can the world of DxD handle a Campione Will Include Multi-Cross and World Travel

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    Chưa tròn bảy tuổi, Bolicent Gar Pretium đã mất đi gia đình thân yêu của mình. Để tìm ra chân tướng cái chết của cha mẹ, Bonny phải truy tìm sức mạnh Campiones - một báu vật có thể giúp con người du hành thời gian, nắm giữ quyền tự sinh tự diệt với mọi thực thể - đang ngủ yên đâu đó trên đỉnh núi hùng vĩ Hapulico. Để chinh phục được Hapulico, cậu phải dùng đôi cánh do mình chế tạo cùng với người bạn nối khố là Heinz. Bên cạnh đó, Bonny phải đối mặt với sự giết chóc, âm mưu và thủ đoạn gian xảo. Để đối phó với những kẻ ô trọc như thế, cậu sẽ phải làm gì để cứu lấy mạng sống cho những người thân yêu.Mời các độc giả đón xem...

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