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  • The Capsul

    The Capsul

  • capsul rindu

    capsul rindu

  • The Time Capsule

    The Time Capsule

  • Time Capsule

    Time Capsule

    Six friends bury a time capsule. Over the summer one of them goes missing. Twenty years later they go to dig it up. The girl who went missing however buried a letter to each of them. They realize one of them is the murderer and they must figure out who before one of them is next.

  • The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

    The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak



    The fantasy VRMMORPG, Battle Worlds, is one of the most played games in the world. In this game, there's a legendary player that could defeat a "Boss" on his own. His name is Blood(In-Game-Name). Blood is a legendary player that surpassed all the players in the world. He completed hundreds of quests and dungeon raids alone. When Blood was going to log off, suddenly the virtual capsule that he was wearing exploded causing him to die. His soul didn't go to the cycle of reincarnation but it was sucked by something causing him to transmigrate into a body of Goblin. This is a story about a boy that was transmigrated in the body of a Goblin. Follow him as he rises through the ranks and become the most powerful monster in the world. ....... Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, World Travel, Sword and Magic, Late Romance, Tragedy, Game Elements, Non-human protagonist, System, Beast Companion, Gods, Demons, Hero, War, Modern, Slice of Life, Dungeons, Scheme, Conspiracy, Evolution, Cheat, Weak to Strong, Drama, School Life, ....... Photo not mine. I only found this on google. you can donate here

  • Time Capsule: Regret

    Time Capsule: Regret

    If I had not turned a blind eye, If I did not make that choice, If I had not said those words, If I had chosen you, Would things turn out differently? Would you still slip past my fingers?

  • Hvisland: A VR Colony Sim Game

    Hvisland: A VR Colony Sim Game



    What if you could manage a colony with the power of whispers? Can you put their various abilities and traits to good use? Can you handle the conflict among your colonists so that there is no chaos? Can you make them survive from numerous threats, ranging from wild beasts, nature's waves of anger, other humans, strange creatures, and so on? So, are you ready to meet your colonists? Maybe they are natives who were exiled by their tribe. Or perhaps those who choose to wander alone and eventually tired. It could also be someone from space who landed on a rescue capsule. And there could be people running for safety. Besides those, there are many other backgrounds of life that you can find. Can you guess what kind of stories will unfold? It's all in your hands... Or rather in your whispers. Art by Kruup.

  • Reborn: Super God of War

    Reborn: Super God of War



    Battle Emperor Fu Sheng is the most popular player in the game, The New Age. Everyone believes that only he will become the champion in the final battle! His real name—Lin Jie. The reason for his participation in the battle is to win the Capsule of Revitalization for his injured mother and sister. With the Broken Blade, a Heritage weapon, in hand, he finally makes it to the final battle! Only then does he realize that his best friend had betrayed him! After his devastating defeat, Lin Jie is shocked to realize that he had time-travelled all the way back to a few years ago when the beta version of The New Age was just about to launch! With all my knowledge of the game... Pros on the leaderboard? All of them my underlings! First kill of a BOSS? Mine! First clear of the exclusive dungeon? Still mine! Whatever I lost in the past, I’ll get them all back! Whoever brought me trouble, you’re as good as dead! When I have the chance to do it all over again, I WILL BE EMPEROR! I am Fu Sheng, the STRONGEST warrior in The New Age. No one, absolutely no one, can stand before me!

  • Becoming God of a Dystopian World

    Becoming God of a Dystopian World



    'Welcome to the New Era'Waking up in an unfamiliar world, Zhao Luo realized the changes in his body.In this distorted world, the lands that Zhao Luo once knew of, have changed into mountain ranges and every range has a Sect while the sect leader has all the power and control over the surrounding mountains.Zhao Luo's simple life as a traveler had already ended the moment he was trapped in a sleeping capsule. Now his goal is to become the strongest and reign supreme in this new world to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a God.• Zhao Luo's potential attracts the attention of a mysterious old man. "Master, you are an Emperor, Emperor of Gods?"Becoming the Disciple of this old man turned out to be a blessing for him.• Receiving his master's most treasured books lets him meet even more incredible personalities."What? The egos of the Ancient Emperas are overseeing my growth?"• Continuing on the path to rise to the top in the Xin Sect, Zhao Luo finds a Fist Technique."Oh, he trained for 78 years to master this? But It only took me 4 days ^.^" Zhao Luo's journey will bring him to the top as he crushes down his enemies, and make friends with unusual characters, each with a background of his own."She is mine."Going against one of the three Royal families, just for the sake of his beloved, this journey is filled with everything you need. ------- -------- -------- ---------- -------Hazardous Gold Tier Winner of WFP#28Every type of comment/s or meme/s on the chapter will be welcomed with open arms anPepepepe gif, so I can interact with everyone while laughing at them later on!Even though the novel is dying down but I want to end it one day and take the mc to his rightful place.The art is not mine. In case you want to contact me regarding anything related to my novels, feel free to do so.A work of Fiction by a Fictional character.Discord: is The BEST discord Channel Ever ( bait ) For PM, Discord @The_Fake_God#9636Instagram: @webnovel_t_f_g

  • Desolate World

    Desolate World



    More than a hundred years after Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, the survivors finally began to adapt. Many Sanctuaries were built, and the technological developments let them live civilized lives again. Some of them migrated to the Moon or to Mars to avoid the nuclear pollution ravaging the Earth, but many more chose to stay on the now ruined planet they called home. In 131 A.R., a groundbreaking game startled humanity. A VR game launched by the Human Union changed the fragmented society. Alex, a former gambler, was gifted free game capsules by the government with no explanation. Together with his family, they started their journey in this new world filled with magic and adventure. They never could have imagined that the game was more than just a means for entertainment. It would decide their fate and the fate of every human-beings as well.

  • Trying to Make a Living in Another World with a Bottomless Appetite

    Trying to Make a Living in Another World with a Bottomless Appetite

    Fantasy MAGIC


    # great magician # game world The last thing George was expecting when he died was to wake up in another world. But that’s really the least of it. Somehow, every five years, a mysterious capsule-style lottery system would appear to grant him powers. Which sounds great, but really isn’t. When he was five, the system granted him a body that could evolve infinitely. But it also gave him a bottomless appetite, forcing him to face all-consuming hunger on daily basis. When he was ten, the system gave him a nameless sealed spear that had the power to destroy everything. But it could only do so by converting his stamina into light. When he was fifteen, the system bestowed upon him a dragon egg. Because, you know, he really needed to have another mouth to feed. It’s hard to tell if the system was trying to help him or make his life difficult. What are the systems intentions? Why was George transmigrated? No one, not even George, knows. Not that George spends much time thinking about these questions. He’s too busy worrying about what his next meal would be.

  • My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday

    My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday

    Magical Realism SYSTEM APOCALYPSE


    One cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be paid. The life saving system that Long Yu received supposedly follows this rule. Unfortunately, the price required some times can turn out to be somewhat strange. 'System, I want to exchange for something that can regrow an arm.' Searching.... Recommended option: Limb regeneration capsule Price required- 20kg of mutant lizard fertile semen '.....' P.S. This novel has nothing to do with F.M.A (Full Metal Alchemist) just in case you were wondering.

  • I Have A Cheat System In The Apocalypse

    I Have A Cheat System In The Apocalypse



    Hero? Villain? I don't care! I just want to survive in this cruel world... I want to stand at the apex and look down on those who dare to oppose me! Humans? Mutants? Variants? Deviants? As long as they're not on my side, I'll destroy them all! Being too ruthless? Being too merciless? I dare you to say that again! Felix, a special mutant with the telepathic ability wished to become the strongest mutant in existence. He was blessed with three extraordinary abilities, unconventional good luck, and a cheat system that will help him grow stronger. Felix treads the path of darkness with no other help other than his amazing pistol, Thundra and awe inspiring luck. He will climb over the heads of countless powerhouses and successfully root himself at the top of the world as the one and only... Psychic! –Heroism Online– –You Have Levelled Up!– –You are asleep...– –Heroic Experience +50– 'I get stronger by just logging in to my capsule, I can even get stronger by just falling asleep!' 'This is too much! Who said mind readers are frail and weak? Who said we're just a glass tank? I'll become the strongest mutant!' So Felix continues on his path as the tyrannical Ruler Of Heroism. Cheating the laws of nature and becoming even stronger than the pathetic gods... The Strongest Mutant!****** [Chapter Updates Shall Be Steadily 14Chaps Per Week, Depending On Reader Support And Motivation!]****** Cover designed by Elixer_Yuu Discord Server:

  • The World After 9000 Years

    The World After 9000 Years


    In the year 2088 world was at its end.In order to save the last human who was not infected by radiation a scientist used his knowledge to make a Time capsule for the human to hibernate and make him stay hidden.Until the world is safe from any danger or the fuel in the Time capsule is run out at least he hopes for the first option to come true.find out what the world will be like after 9000 years of apocalypse will it be peaceful or will it be deadly whatever it will be it's going to be a grand adventure.

  • Ael Vel Online

    Ael Vel Online


    The Ael Vel Company, known for its advanced inventions, technologies and machines has successfully created a VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) game, The 'Ael Vel Online'. The console of the game is inside of capsules called 'The Ael Dreamer', it resemble MRI scanner, which is specifically engineered. It is capable of accessing the user's brain to aid the thought amplification/transmission as well as the customized nanotech receiver/transmitter programmed inside also of the capsules.

  • The greatest strategist in the world!

    The greatest strategist in the world!


    A capsule containing a young man crashed into a Kingdom in the age of space exploration. He became the General-in-Chief of the Kingdom's Army, bringing him to unprecedented glory. But how did he land in a capsule? Why is he so gifted as his?A futanari story so for those who do not like, thank you not to read.The characters in the story are all fictional and each of the characters who will have sex are major.

  • Sword Of Sacrifice

    Sword Of Sacrifice


    Five years ago in the year 2050 the fabled tech giant known as Chronos successfully released an item that rapidly forever changed the world. The Chronosphere. A capsule like pod which allowed for a full dive experience into the world of SOS. Many players fight and quest in this brutally difficult game for a chance at glory and what awaits them beyond yet they all fail. Illio, a talentless nobody finally gains an opportunity that becomes much more than he’d ever bargain for. “Can you save us….” “You are the only hope….” Armed with the Chronosphere he becomes a player in Sword Of Sacrifice. Like many others he too dreams of becoming the pinnacle however unlike the shared dream of the masses, his possesses the means to make that a reality.*Cover Art is not mine. I do not claim it, it is simply a place holder until I can commission a piece or if someone wishes to make one for me. If the original artist wants me to take it down please reach me on discord. Username : OEmilio#0843

  • My Cartoonist Guide

    My Cartoonist Guide


    A third-rate novelist lost his life because of Death’s mistake. In order to make up for his negligence, the god of death gave him a comic capsule and had him reborn in a college student who had drawn a fanzine. In this world, comics are very popular, and the protagonist has started his strategy to become a top comic artist from a fancier. if you would like to make a donation-----PayPal:

  • I'm the last male in this universe

    I'm the last male in this universe


    I woke up in a cryonics capsule on a deserted waste land without any memories, I see posters of a tyrant in a language I don't know and there are no signs of life of any kind. I have to make a plan before I die of starvation.

  • the glitched

    the glitched


    after the server wars incident, the developers have finally made VR capsules. but actually, just Evan bought it.halfway through the tutorial Evan saw a weird message(u̶̬̟̔ŝ̵͇̕ͅẻ̴̞̑r̷̮̽ ̷̩͊̄p̵̠͈͗l̶͕͓̆e̵͔͖̋ä̶͔͕́͝s̴̜̈́ȩ̶̉ ̸̗̓͗g̴̲͓̃̕o̴̠̽͝ ̸̹͇̇̓b̷̟̆̇a̷͈͐́c̸̰͋k̵͎̬̎̑ ̵̹̄̓t̴̞͐͌h̸͔̾̉ḯ̵̢̹́s̴͎͎̒̌ ̷͔͗̑p̸̫̈l̷̢͗a̸̙̝̋c̸̢͝e̶̖͈͑ ̵̦̄̚ͅi̶͎̖͋̀s̸̝͛ ̸̖̙̆̀d̷̪̩̑̾a̶̧͑n̷͓͚͐g̴̱̘̀e̴͙͙̓͆r̵̛̯̃o̵̰͓̽͝u̸̡̳̽͑s̸̟̳̔)

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