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    A thai Actor , ShoneSib , genuinely living in Korea came back to his country to live with some peace around the acting industry hustles , hues etc , until he saw , When , a cute Story script writer popular with his fantasy fiction writing the second boy love story and his previous story casting for actors .His dedication made him remind , 'He was gay' , And he started his journey towards the casting industry. 'Cast in Gay'

  • Magic Casting

    Magic Casting


    A Book Created By A Great Mage Named Jiavue Xulna About What He Has Found About Magic And Casting Spells

  • Casting Ghost

    Casting Ghost

    Fantasy UNDEAD


  • Casting shadows

    Casting shadows


    Casting Shadows is a fantasy world full of beasts that rely on the moon’s light instead of the sun, but it also sees through the eyes of vampires and werewolves.

  • Out Casting Love

    Out Casting Love

    Sabi nila, friendship is the perfect foundation for relationships.But many are afraid to admit their feelings that might break their friendship towards to the person they love.Friendship is the perfect foundation for relationships, nga diba?Then why are they afraid to admit their feelings?Baka sabi-sabi lang iyon.Babalewalain na lang nila iyon, pero habang tumatagal ang panahon, hindi na kayang iwas-iwasan na lang ang damdamin na nagtatalbog-talbog at gustong-gustong sumabog.

  • The Love Casting Waterfall

    The Love Casting Waterfall

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Erica Jones, a human, falls in love with William Sage, an elf. Erica isn't the most loved human, in fact most people and elves don't like her. William is very popular and loved by a lot of people and elves. Despite what everyone thinks, they fall into a beautiful love and live happily with one another.

  • Pokémon: Casting Ghostly Comfort

    Pokémon: Casting Ghostly Comfort

    Fantasy POKEMON

    I'm new to this, so I can't really change this or delete this into a fanfic, even if I wanted to. That surprised me. I don't own anything else other than the fanfiction and the idea. Pokemon belongs to Game Freak and Nintendo.

  • My Dragon System

    My Dragon System



    Sen, the last and most powerful dragon left roaming the skies causing chaos and destruction across the land. When all hope is lost the human race call upon their last hope, a powerful witch. Unable to destroy the dragon the witch uses the last of her power to cast a spell. Sen has not been defeated but has now been reborn as a human. How will Sen live his life now as a human who he once despised and saw as weak? Completed Novel The first book in the Trilogy SYSTEM series Read My Vampire System next! P.A.T.R.E.O.N JKSmanga for more content and support. Discord link Post art work and more+

  • I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

    I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses


    After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl who is sent into a mental hospital by her biological elder brothers. Her biological elder brothers only dote on the fake young miss, the ‘younger sister’ who is switched at birth. She despises her in any possible way. So, Pei Yunge makes trouble and deals with the fake young miss, waiting for them to tell her to scram. However, the brothers’ attitudes are extremely strange. President Qin sneers. “My younger sister destroyed a shop? Buy the entire mall for my younger sister to trash!” Best Actor Qin raises an eyebrow. “She sent herself to the casting couch? What am I then, dead?” God Qin’s expression is dark. “You repeatedly played tricks and bullied Ge’er. Did you think I was blind?” Pei Yunge: “?” #Scum brothers have days when they’re abnormal too# … After returning to eight years ago, before the Qin family goes bankrupt, the brothers only cares about their biological younger sister that died so terribly because of them. So what if she is talentless and stupid? She remains the apple of their eye, one they swear to protect and love! Just as the brothers take determined steps and find Pei Yunge… “My Yunyun got first place in the world championship again. What a good girl.” The refined and dignified man smiles charmingly. After her real identity is exposed, she is seethes with rage. She grabs the man and bites him. “Don’t even think about humoring me home.” The three biological brothers: “?” #What is with this strange development and wild man# [Doted on by everyone + Identity Reveal] [An extremely cool and foxy boss and a President wolf in sheep’s clothing]

  • Mages Are Too OP

    Mages Are Too OP


    As one of the first players to gain access to World of Falan—the first immersive game worldwide—Roland creates his character as a Mage. However, playing as a Mage is not as fun and easy as he thought. His head even explodes after he casts the very first spell in the game. Stubbornly sticking to his class when most Mages decide to create a new character, Roland gradually discovers tricks of the trade and his unusual talent. This allows him to change people's stereotypes on Mages and to explore the deeply-buried secrets of this game…

  • Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

    Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God



    Earth has undergone an odd change. Expanding by millions of times its original size, its population was suddenly split into two halves. On one side, there was a group of technologically advanced humans. But, on the other, a world of cultivation had grown and pospered. The secrets that led to this change have been hidden in the darkness for too long... Until there came a day where a boy born on the Mortal side of the world was found to have the talent to enter the Martial side. Having lost both of his parents to a hidden tide, he chose to leave all that he had known behind and enter this land of danger. What truths would he unveil? What would he learn about what separated the Mortals from the Cultivators? What hidden evils wanted to ensure that his people never rose up and gained power? And how would those evils... deal with him? ---- This list of things I hate is quite long. The first is that I hate to be tested the most. The second is that I hate to be tested the most. The third also happens to be that I hate to be tested the most. The ocean's depths are too shallow, the sun's light too dim, the ground too mundane and the skies too small. For those born of this colorless world to deem themselves worthy of casting judgement on me... I can only say that it's laughable. I am the Nameless Immortal God because even the Heavens themselves are unworthy to name me. Even while I am unaware of my own identity, I will dry the oceans until cracked land is all that is left, I will cast the sun into endless darkness, I will shatter the ground with my feet and sunder the skies with my blade. Am I too arrogant? What right do you have to think that? --- https:// www. /liushuo Chapter Reward System: (The baseline chapter total will be 2/day and 14/week) Every 100 Golden Tickets – 1 Extra Chapter 2000 Coin Gift (Dragon) – 1 Extra Chapter 5000 Coin Gift (Castle) – 3 Extra Chapters 10000 Coin Gift (Spaceship) – 6 Extra Chapters 15000 Coin Gift (Gachapon) – 10 Extra Chapters



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    When love is all you seek but all you got in return are insults and abuses, having being told all your life that you are nothing. At the end regrets is all you feel for chasing people that are not worth it, what will lilith do when she is given a second chance

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    Main cast



    Overpowered by the strong hands who grabbed her by the hair and pulled her along, dragging her into a dark room that recks of urine and cigarettes. Hurled her inside. His hands still gripping her hair and not doubt if he let go, some strands of hair would fall of. Undeniably, the pains were suffocating. When she stares at his dark eyes, the only thing she saw was darkness. “Let go, let go of me you bastard!” She spit out. That only made his mighty five fingers appear on her face. Which sent her head spinning on her neck. He made her kiss the earth. And slowly breathed in her face. “Your life ends here....” his voice was deep baritone and cruel and that was when she felt the shivers down her spine. How did the nerdy Elina find her way into the merciless billionaire’s court?

  • Cast system

    Cast system

    Love remian same even long distance

  • The Out-cast

    The Out-cast


    Lyric didn't plan to return to Alluxia and the more she stayed there the more she wanted to leave.But as she continues to unravel the layers of lies and secrets that have dominated the town that once left her on the streets to die, Lyric starts to realise that there are more pressing matters than her bruised ego and troubled pastThings escalate even more when the monster she is supposed to find starts chasing after her, Now she must not only protect the people and her growing affection for the prince, but herself too.

  • Cast Into Twilight

    Cast Into Twilight


    When Sammy gets attacked and dragged through his mirror, he is rescued by a quiet swordsman who claims Sammy is no longer in his world anymore. Rourke, as he introduces himself, claims that Sammy is now in a place simply called the darkness, and Rourke is traveling to a place called the Last City. Sammy is left no choice but to go with Rourke, and along the way Rourke begins to teach Sammy how to survive in his new home, and Sammy realizes he is attracted to the other man. With fear and hope, Sammy asks Rourke to go out with him, and to his utter surprise Rourke says yes! One thing still looms over Sammy and Rourke's new founded relationship, though, and that's the journey to the Last City.

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    Model casts

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    World Cast

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