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  • My New Life as a Catgirl

    My New Life as a Catgirl



    Transmigrated into the body of a catgirl and forced into becoming the personal slave of the Demon Lord of Lust, our protagonist, 'Kitty', has found himself in a living nightmare as he struggles to accept his new identity. As he struggles to resist, he finds himself falling further and further into his new role. Can he escape the clutches of one of the most powerful mages on the continent? Read Advanced Chapters: Updates: 3x per week (Mon/Thurs/Sat)

  • Catgirl in the modern world?!

    Catgirl in the modern world?!


    I don't remember how it used to be, but maybe that was for the better? Just because I'm a little different doesn't make me a freak! Or?...-o-Don't mind the tragedy tag, I swear I'll pack this story with sweet cuddles and huggies too!Obviously cover art is from Waifulabs, I can't draw ;-;

  • Crazy Catgirl In The Other World

    Crazy Catgirl In The Other World


    Suffering a traumatic experience in their childhood Elliot barely escaped being labeled a sociopath by his psychologist while his neighbor Emily got out of it with retrograde amnesia. In their freshman year in high school an odd event occurs leading to the death of everyone on school grounds! This strange and tragic event, soon to be labeled in the history books and remembered, has sent the students and faculty to another world of magic and fantasy! Of course fitted with special powers! Well... not quite, not all powers are great powers and there is only a few that are fit to be heroes. Their souls fitted with new bodies of the weak and starved, some even being children... many are unable to resist the tyranny of their captor and abusers. Another one of Elliot's childhood friends, Alex, turns out to be a great hero, wielding the power of limit breaker. While both Elliot's and Emily's abilities couldn't be found out. Emily, now a cute cat-girl the age of eight can't possibly defend herself let alone Elliot. Elliot finds himself.. herself?.. as a impoverished young cat-girl too... Her past knowledge of taekwondo and self taught knife skills from the internet wont be much help with the body of an untrained eight year old. Wait... hey... who thought teaching a sociopath taekwondo and self defense with a knife was a good idea and for the best?.... Well I guess they didn't know. (Ok this sucks don't read it, well just yet I guess... I'll fix it up later?)

  • I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

    I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning



    Lin Fan acquired the Sign-in System that led him on the path of the life of a god-level nouveau riche. He was proficient in culinary arts, was a divine physician, a godly singer, a famous author and painter, an expert pianist, and even had a beautiful and cute catgirl as his girlfriend. He just wanted to quietly enjoy life, but he accidentally became the richest person in the world. [Slice of Life]

  • Living as a Catgirl in Another World

    Living as a Catgirl in Another World

    In an accident, both a schoolgirl and a stray cat are both killed by an oncoming truck. However, due to a certain meddlesome goddess, they are reincarnated as one.

  • I am Allergic to My Girlfriend Turned Catgirl

    I am Allergic to My Girlfriend Turned Catgirl


    side projectShiraishi Subaru is a socially awkward highschool boy who happened to have a soft spot for small animals--it was too bad he got the short end of the gene lottery and ended up allergic to half of them. This is the story of him navigating his life with his beautiful and popular girlfriend who happened to turn into a catgirl...?Inspired by ln/ jp oneshots/pixiv and twitter works*cringe warning lol*Cover does not belong to me. I only add text.Discord: @ryfulrifle#9612

  • After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor

    After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION


    "The useless daughter of the Su Family, Su Ye, had gone crazy after being rejected by the Bo Corporation's President! On the first day, she touched her father's head. "Nephew, I think this project I found is good. You can go auction for it tomorrow." The next day, she dug up the Su family's ancestral grave with a shovel and muttered, "I remember that it was buried here?" On the third day, she patted the shoulder of a certain clean freak CEO. "Little Bo, even if the marriage didn't work out, we still have feelings for each other. I'll give you a discount on this medicine, just give me six million." … Su Ye, the most ambitious woman in the business world who had died 40 years ago, had coincidentally been reborn into the body of his grandniece. Thus... In the department of inheritance notarization, a large inheritance that had been shelved for 40 years was claimed. The museum was surprised to see that a mysterious person had donated an astronomical antique that disappeared 40 years ago for free. Hacker Alliance. An account that no one had been able to identify who was behind it for more than 40 years suddenly came online. Mysterious Sister became popular online. K.O. Stone Gambling Master, Reincarnated God of Medicine, Big Sister Carrier, Taekwondo Grandmaster… Tens of thousands of people wanted to pamper her, and the Su family's doorstep was frequented by the seventy to eighty-year-old childhood friends of hers who were big shots of various fields. A certain ex-fiancé was filled with jealousy. "Make it hot. Don't affect my fiancée's college entrance examination." Zhen Xiang might be late, but he would never be absent. Bo Yunli never looked at her in his eye before marriage. After the divorce, Bo Yunli suddenly asked, "Which project do you like? I'll bid for it and give it to you." "These are the gold shovels and keys to the Bo family's cemetery. Dig whichever you like." "That's true. The prescription is priceless and six million RMB is too little. How about exchanging it for the position of the Bo Corporation's Young Madam?" [1v1. Double Virgins+ Fake Identity.]

  • My Kitty System

    My Kitty System


    [R18 NSFW Novel] Reincarnated into a fantasy world as the catgirl, Neeko, and with the help of the "P*SSY SYSTEM", our protagonist decides to conquer the world using magically enhanced scissoring techniques. "Ara, ara~ Let's rub our t*ts together, bestie~" "Ara, ara~ Beta men should bow down to me~" System: [... Ara, ara~ would you shut the F up you hoe??] Cover Art commissioned from YieR on Pixiv! Check them out & Say Nishi sent you if you commission them!!

  • Rebirth: An Assassin's Revenge

    Rebirth: An Assassin's Revenge

    She was the top assassin of Zenthia, but fate decided to put her on a different path. After her death, she found herself in the body of one Luna Brooke, the seemingly deranged elder daughter of Julius Brooke. With the former's memories intact, she broke up with her cheating fiancé who attempted to murder her and set her sights on another man who had... E-e-eight packs?! O.O "Alexander White, will you marry me?" Her stepmother, step-siblings, ex-fiancé... None of them were going to get away with what they had done to her!

  • Reborn In Another World, I Will Create a Harem with all Catgirls!

    Reborn In Another World, I Will Create a Harem with all Catgirls!


    You ever think think this world was lacking something? Because I certainly always did. What is that, you may ask? ...Isn't it obvious? The answer, of course, is catgirls! I mean, there's not even a single one among several billions of people. How is that supposed to be fair! So that's why, when I die a painful death and get sent to another world... ...I'm sad for a moment, but then I realise my new world has catgirls! Unfortunately it seems like there's only, like, then of them in the whole world though... Eh, whatever. That's good enough for me, and thus I set out to make my own catgirl harem! Whether it's a maid, a pair of twins living in a secluded village, my own sister, a fierce warrior, or a giant monster that tries to eat me every chance she gets... If she's a catgirl, I will make her mine! And things seem to go pretty well for a while, but eventually I start wondering if my love for catgirls maybe isn't strong enough yet...

  • Slave to Reality

    Slave to Reality


    A catgirl escapes from slavery in her fantasy world to the real world and must learn everything from scratch.Vivian is a catgirl, born in a world in which all beast-kin are considered as nothing more than intelligent animals and are kept as slaves. Her new owner horribly abuses her, but eventually with the help of a friend she manages to escape, and while running for her life she passes through a portal to the real world. There she finds herself trapped in the apartment of young man who must be a powerful mage, considering all the impressive artifacts he possesses, and who kindly teaches her his language and his world.Part 1 is tragic and abusive, though not graphic. From part 2 and on the story becomes lighter.Chapters 1-11 establish the characters and setting. Chapters 12-26 detail the abuse, until it comes to a permanent end. From chapter 27 and on she is free.———————————————"Please, master, don't do this. I'm your sister!""Animals and people can't be family! Besides, even if they could, we're not related by blood. Now take off you clothes and get on the bed!""No!""Fine, it's you who's asking for punishment.""AAARGH!"———————————————"Vivian, even if my world was filled with beautiful cat girls and bunny girls, and every other kind of beast-kin, you'd still be the only one for me. Will you marry me?""Yes!"———————————————"How much for the orange-haired beauty?""She's not for sale.""How about for rent, then? How much for a night?""She's not for rent, either.""Come on, you can't expect to walk in here with property like this and not share!""Vivian, this man is annoying me. Please get rid of him.""Yes master!""Hey, let go of me! How dare you lay a hand on a human! You can't just throw me out! Ouch!"CRASH.

  • Farm Owner: Having a Space Dragon from the Start

    Farm Owner: Having a Space Dragon from the Start



    As Earth’s resources dried up, every adult had to enter a lively mythical world and become the owner of a farm. If one could put all their hearts into tending their crops and livestock and protect their own farms, they would be greatly rewarded with power and money. As a new farm owner, Li Yang was surprised by the fact that the first animal he got was a Space Dragon, an animal that could produce the most expensive item, the space gem, to create space rings. Not only that, all the crops he planted would all turn into expensive ingredients. When he tried to hire a gardener to help him, he got a reply from a beautiful magician applying for the job. When he tried to develop the ocean next to him, gorgeous mermaids decided to move there. Dragons, elves, titans, griffins, catgirls… A few years had passed since Li Yang inherited the farm. He was now munching on a piece of fresh wholemeal bread with a glass of fresh milk in his hand. He looked at the captured gods that tried to take over his farm and ordered, “Throw them into the mine!”

  • Redo: Youth

    Redo: Youth

  • The cat and the wolf

    The cat and the wolf

  • Waking Up As a Spaceship!? What’s a Ship Girl Supposed To Do Now?!

    Waking Up As a Spaceship!? What’s a Ship Girl Supposed To Do Now?!

    Sci-fi COMEDY


    ‘A ship is a female after all!’ The man, now known as Abyssal thought to herself.This is the story of a man who woke up one day and realised that he became a ship. A broken ship that's stranded in space with a skeleton as a captain, but nevertheless a ship!Now, S.A.S Abyssal (Self Aware Ship Abyssal) roamed space freely, wanting to find her purpose in this endless void. Along the way, she upgraded herself, found other Living Cores such as herself, got herself a maid, got into a dogfight, went space mining, upgraded herself further, steered through a minefield, encountered a supernova and even found genetically engineered catgirls!Also, it turned out that there was some sort of crazed bounty hunter out for her blood! But wait there was more! She also somehow got herself involved in an intergalactic space war! ‘Wait wait wait! What the hell is this?! What am I supposed to do now!?’

  • Goddamn, I love Cat Girls! ^ↀᴥↀ^

    Goddamn, I love Cat Girls! ^ↀᴥↀ^


    Keith is a man on a mission. Every since his early adolescence, he has desired to spread the joy of cat-girls throughout the world. At this moment in time however, he can only be called a dreamer.Follow along with Keith's journey to create perfect the genetically engineered catgirl, and spread his love across the world! With the help of his 'special' friends, he might just be able to do it.Alice, his wife, is the main support keeping him afloat. With her by his side, he will never never go discouraged.Watch out world! Keith and his cat girl fetish is coming for you!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This story will have a lot of explicit content, and will focus around Keith and his wife, Alice. Enjoy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tags: R-18, Mature, sex, hentai, Romance, cat-girls, neko, aliens, mad scientists, sci-fi, comedy

  • Big Junk

    Big Junk

    A story about a dude from Central Europe, meeting his faith-truck head on. Then he becomes a dwarf. Yes, this is the story about a handsome dwarf fighting together with exploding unicorns against an empire of nazi catgirls. Join Big Junk and Boomer in an epic adventure against the nazi empress Awfur Kittler. Will they be able to prevail? Or will the races be trampled and crushed underneath the nazi catgirl's boot? *first posted on scribblehub by me*

  • Not a hunter

    Not a hunter


    Twitter:@Plafu24 The Story is about a Young Man how is can go through a Portal to a nother dimension and in the other dimension he has to do Missions. But one Mission he will found a very young catgirl and can not leave her alone.

  • Hihiihhihih



    Twitter:@Plafu24 The Story is about a Young Man how is can go through a Portal to a nother dimension and in the other dimension he has to do Missions. But one Mission he will found a very young catgirl and can not leave her alone.

  • Reincarnated: The Enslaver

    Reincarnated: The Enslaver


    There's enough heroes in the world, right? But there's plenty of space for a new villain. Do you want your own catgirl slave? Take it. Do you want your own elf maid? Again, take it. As long as you're prepared to kill for it, then there isn't a thing that you can't get. I suck at summaries, so i do hope that you give at least the first chapter a try. This is a story that will be full of kinky content, so except BDSM at quite a few points in the story. If you're not comfortable with any of this, then please, do yourself a favor and leave.