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  • Chelsea


  • Chelsea Dan Brayen

    Chelsea Dan Brayen

  • Adventures in Swinging

    Adventures in Swinging

    They had each other, but now they wanted just about every one they saw. Chelsea Davenport threw the door open wide to sexual adventures as, with her husband, Darren, she rushes into the swingers lifestyle. At first timid, Chelsea soon finds her footing, as well as her favorite position, as together, they explore the steamy prospects in the bedroom - or in the pool, in the car, or on the side of a building. With each story, the heat level rises as partners become playmates and friends and adventure could happen with a casual wink in this collection of wife-swapping tales of exotic freedom. Adventures in Swinging is created by Avery Rowan, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Futanari System

    Futanari System



    Genius Made a mistake and pays for it. The gods bring her into their game for entertainment Join us in Watching the game of the gods.EDITING IN PROCESS!! Any errors are in line with the Editing Process. Thank you for your understanding.The image is the first-ever work I had done of Chelsea. EnjoySupport me and my works

  • Chelsea's journey

    Chelsea's journey

    a girl who learns the importance of self crush after she gets her heart broken and almoats commit suicide only to find out that everything she had been looking for was right in front of her

  • Chelsea football club history since the club began and their trophy fc

    Chelsea football club history since the club began and their trophy fc

    History of Chelsea Football ClubChelsea HistoryHistory of Chelsea Football club - IntroductionChelsea FC history can start on March 10th, 1905 as this is the date when this great club was founded at The Rising Sun pub, now known as The Butchers Hook.chelsea history,history of chelsea football club,chelsea fc history,chelsea football club historyChelsea history shows that they were first introduced as Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea and after being rejected to join the Southern League because of objections from Fulham and Tottenham (neighbor teams), Chelsea was accepted into the Football League (second division in England at the time).Chelsea FC history shows that the club played their first league match on September 2nd, 1905 against Stockport County which they lost 1-0.Their first home match was a friendly against Liverpool which ended in a 4-0 result in favor of Chelsea.Chelsea FC finished their first season 3th in the Second Division under John Robertson who was hired as player-manager and would also leave the club in 1907 because of board of directors not letting him lead the team the way he envisioned.After Robertson left, club secretary William Lewis took temporary charge of Chelsea FC and surprisingly led them to promotion at the end of the season.The promotion was largely due to the goals of Windridge and George "Gatling Gun" Hilsdon who would also become the first of many prolific goal scorers for the club scoring 5 goals in his first match debut and 27 goals in the promotion season according to history of Chelsea football club.George Hilsdon was also the first player to score 100 goals for the club.Club secretary turned club manager William Lewis was suceeded by David Calderhead after the promotion. Calderhead stayed the Chelsea FC manager for the next 26 years according to Chelsea football club history.Chelsea history shows that the club saw little to no success in the early seasons being relegated to Second Division in 1909-10 than promoted again in 1911-12 season and finished 19th in the 1914-15 season pending relegation.History of Chelsea football club shows that 1914-15 season was also the final competitive season before the league was suspended due to World War I.Important to mention in this Chelsea history is the fact that Chelsea FC reached their first FA Cup final in 1915 which they lost 3-0 to the strong side of Sheffield United.Once the season was resumed in 1919 and the league expended to 22 teams Chelsea FC escaped relegation and were re-elected to the First Division.Despite struggling to win any titles, history of Chelsea FC shows that the club became one of the best supported teams in the Country with the highest average attendance in English soccer league from 1907 to 1914 mostly because Chelsea played entertaining attacking football and signing star players such are half back Ben Warren and striker Bob Whittingham.chelsea history,history of chelsea football club,chelsea fc history,chelsea football club historyAfter the war had ended and the first full season was resumed following the war in 1919-20 Chelsea saw the most success since their establishment in 1905 finishing 3th in the league and reaching FA Cup semi finals and losing to Aston Villa who went on to win the FA Cup according to history of Chelsea football club.

  • Just you

    Just you



    Julio, seorang siswa dari sekolah SMA 1. ia hanya tinggal berdua dengan adiknya, Chelsea. Karena, Ibu mereka telah tiada, dan ayah mereka meninggalkan mereka. Julio harus mencari pekerjaan sampingan untuk memenuhi keperluan sehari-hari mereka, namun terjadi begitu banyak masalah berat mendatanginya yang membuat keluarga kecilnya terancam, ia harus berusaha lebih keras demi adiknya dan kehidupannya. Namun, apakah Julio bisa mengatasi masalahnya itu?

  • Temporary Deja Vu

    Temporary Deja Vu

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE COMEDY


    Mature content 21++Romance, Action.Volume 1.Sejak tragedi malam berdarah yang membuat punggung seseorang disayat katana membuat kehidupan normal Rere di Jakarta berubah, ia tak menyangka beberapa bulan setelah malam itu berlalu mereka masih dipertemukan sampai akhirnya memulai kisah baru karena Jordan terus berlari ke arahnya, meminta Rere bersama meski banyak pisau Jordan siapkan di belakang punggung karena menyimpan sejuta rahasia yang tak ingin diungkapkannya pada Rere.Sekalipun Barra bisa menjadi keinginan yang sama, tapi Renita takut melangkah ke arah orang lain, ia tak bisa meninggalkan Jordan tanpa alasan kuat meski sikap posesif laki-laki itu membuatnya tertekan sampai perlahan Barra membuat keadaan berbalik, kebodohan Jordan adalah alasan utama Rere sampai berlari ke arah orang lain, dan Barra menikmati momen saat mereka akhirnya berpisah di tengah jalan.Volume 2.Tinggal di Bali adalah pilihan yang tepat saat Jakarta tak lagi ramah untuk Rere, setelah banyak konflik yang terjadi hingga ia meninggalkan seseorang, setahun menghilang dari kehidupan Jordan tetap tak membuat perasaan laki-laki itu berubah terhadapnya meski ia sudah menjalin bussines relationship dengan Chelsea.Barra-lah yang selalu bersama Rere, sikap Barra yang begitu tulus membuat Renita bertahan lama di dekatnya meski mereka tak menjalin hubungan istimewa karena jauh dalam hati Barra ia hanya bertekad menjaga Rere meski begitu mencintai, ia tak menginginkan Amanda kedua dalam kehidupannya, cukup Amanda di masa lalu yang pergi karena patah hati.Lantas, bagaimana jika Rere menekan agar mereka bersama? Apa Barra akan meruntuhkan keputusannya? Bagaimana dengan Jordan yang masih memiliki andil besar dalam kehidupan gadis itu?—by aprilwriters

  • The Substitute Villainess

    The Substitute Villainess


    " No ! No! ! I didn't; I didn't do it ! I wasn't the one who killed your child let me go , I'm not guilty Your highness !" The woman's fuchsia hair was dishevelled and her dark oceanic blue eyes glimmered with despair , without a month's bath, her entire body was covered in stink and dirt . With her trembling shoulders , she cut a sorry figure but none , not one person standing in front of her felt pity for her .The woman was Chelsea Kaisen who was currently being held responsible for the crime of killing the unborn child of the Emperor ; Rogue Kellington . " Chelsea Rosalie Kaisen ; I ; The Emperor on account of the various witnesses and proves ; claim you as the culprit for killing the child of the Empress ; Lilian Amelia Kaisen. With Your Criminal record, This Emperor penalizes you with death due dismemberment " " No ! No , I didn't, Your Majesty I didn't!" Once the sentence fell in her ears Chelsea plunged to the greatest despair . She struggled against her cuffs but her magic failed against them , the harder she struggled the tighter they became ." Father ; brothers! Tell his majesty I didn't do it " When her pleas remained unheard by the Emperor . Chelsea could only turn her plea to her family yet no one listened to her . Instead they were consoling a pretty looking woman with silvery blonde hair and bright blue eyes .When The woman saw Chelsea look her way she shrunk into the embrace of the the man who looked so diffrent yet similar to her . " What are you waiting for; drag that criminal away!" when Rubious Kaisen saw his sister trembling in fear he immediately yelled the guards to take Chelsea away . Even though both were his sister yet he only supported Lilian not her .Chelsea heard his enraged shout and her heart finally broke into pieces. Why? Didn't she was her sister too? Didn't Lilian stole Rogue from her yet what qualified her to receive everyone's love and pity ? while she was left to die? Chelsea screamed and screamed but non one came forward to help her .Her screams stopped only when her head was cruelly ripped off from her body along with her other body parts .With the Villainess Gone , Lilian and Rogue finally got rid off their curse and lived happily ever after " Xoxo I don't want this " " Why me ?" " I might be a substitute but who allowed you to treat me like a devil?" " Love? You love me ? You're at the wrong path ML go back to your original , This substitue don't have enough love for you "

  • Taboo love

    Taboo love

    Their love is to be forbiddenA story about love between two girls with a slight twist. It has to be kept secret but as everyone knows no secret can last forever.What happens when 16 year old player Carly meets someone she can't have? Will she give up? Or will she fight for her love?

  • Charming The Mafia Prince

    Charming The Mafia Prince


    At twenty-three, Chelsea Ashlynn White was the best stripper in Douala, she knew how to communicate with a pole, that was what lured men to her, not until the handsome Mafia Prince, Jaxtyn Adrian Watson wants to hire her for a night. She is against that, but then, discovering that he is the owner of the club she works for, she jumps into it. To Chelsea, she sells her body for money, she has a debt of Fifty million to pay, and the night she arrives at her home to return the money her dad borrowed to boom his company, she encounters five Mafia bosses, one looks like the man she is stripping for, Jaxtyn Adrian Watson. She watched how they pulled the trigger killing her father and Grandmother, the only family she has left.

  • Seductress System

    Seductress System


    For other people, a Seductress System is a trash but when it come to Chelsea it's simply a gift.Because a trash isn't a trash, it's about how you use it right and Chelsea has all that covered.She was a natural born Seductress after all.

  • Incendiary


    Jake Sweeney, back in town after a decade, is investigating the arsons he was accused of long ago. When they start again Chelsea James and Jake must join forces to defeat their mutual enemy. Jake would like to rekindle what they had before he left town, but his departure left Chelsea hurt and bewildered. To begin again, she must learn to trust him. Her life could depend on it. Incendiary is created by Chris Redding an eGlobal Publishing Creative Signed Author

  • The werewolf’s daughter

    The werewolf’s daughter



  • My Stepbrothers Baby

    My Stepbrothers Baby

    Chelsea a 16 year old finds out she's pregnant and her dad gets engage to her boyfriends mother so Chelsea has her stepbrothers baby whose of royal lineage...will she take up the rightful place on the throne

  • Crazy Witch

    Crazy Witch


    Chelsea Chiu struggles with poverty and suffers abuse from her biological parents, but don't worry this is not a cringy dramatic soap opera, the heroin is actually carefree and a survivor. Join her in discovering her inner potential and her hilarious love affair with that hot guy she saw underneath the classroom's window.

  • The Amber Witch

    The Amber Witch


    Audrey is a failed witch. And in Kalurin, that means you would not last a whole minute without a clan to protect you. But that is exactly what Audrey’s clan does not want to do. She is exiled with nothing after failing yet again and framed for an act she did not commit . Scorned, betrayed, exiled, she is forced to survive in a world against her with a ragtag group of misfits like just like her. A vampire with a drinking problem, a talking cat afraid of rats and mice, a demon who seriously wants to be a priest, a clumsy forest elf, a short giant, a fairy with a preference to walking and a not so beautiful nymph that refuses to see otherwise. Will she find her way and thrive or will she and her not so merry band of friends end up dead. ***The cover image does not belong to me. Copyright goes to Shikama on DeviantArt.***

  • Love Is Red

    Love Is Red


    chelsea was living with her mother and stepfather. She never dated anyone seriously and everyone knows that. She never regrets staying single until his stepbrother came to her home and they shared a time together. Vincent is different from others he is harsh , he is heartless but she still fell for him.

  • Messenger 

    Messenger of Death

    Kiara, the Princess of Serail has been kidnapped by a ruthless King who threatened her using her mom but her mom was later killed leaving hatred for the King and having vow to torture him the same way he did to her and her mom. later resuce by Claire her long last twin sister and a dark jinn.what will Kiara do as she is focused in to a marriage with Prince Dexter(a dark jinn). will Kiara accept her Marriage and will she love him or will she do anything to get out of the marriage,with the mystery to be uncover by Kiara. How will she cope with her new identity.