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  • In the apocalypse as a chil

    In the apocalypse as a chil

    Sky turned red, meteors fell. Screams and explosions everywhere. For unknown reason, people started having magic powers.. Most were happy but it didn't last long. Soon came the undead. To survive, kill or be killed.

  • The Child's View

    The Child's View

    Magical Realism GENIUS

    The Chils's View is an engrossing thriller with a jaw-dropping twist from a creative story teller. A story that highlights one of the unspeakable happenings going on in the world today. Jideofor woke up and found himself in the body of a child, he is a Journalist that accidentally found a terrifying secret of a powerful political godfather. How will he expose him, who would buy such a sensitive information as that from a child?

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