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  • The Black Cleric

    The Black Cleric

    Fantasy ACTION

    Gallus, a cleric who has been contracted by the local lord to investigate troubling events within the town of Elderveil. However he finds little help from the townsfolk. The mysterious crypt continues to worry Gallus, everything is not what it seems. Who is friend and who is foe? What lies in the deepest depths of the crypts? Will the Black Cleric save the town or be the source of their destruction?

  • The Reptilian Cleric

    The Reptilian Cleric

    After losing all his memories and finding himself in the middle of the wilderness Veezara will have to find a way to regain what he has lost. With the help of a little gecko he gains many abilities that will assist him in his travels.

  • I'm a Cleric?

    I'm a Cleric?

    Moonflower was playing her favorite VR, when suddenly she dies in game, but then she can't log out...

  • Potion Bar System

    Potion Bar System



    “Would you like to order the Fire-Breathing Potion or the Potion of Haste, sir? We mix them with Alcohol too!” In a world of Levels, Magic and Classes, being an Alcoholic wasn’t really a good choice. And yet this is a story of a Drinker-turned-Bartender-turned-Hero of his own. Please remember to avoid bar fights… unless the bartender starts them himself. This the tale of where it all began, along with other shenanigans! —-—- This can be a stand-alone book or be read with Races: Online (VR Smartphone App) “Owen Liddell... How do I begin to explain Owen Liddell?” Lyra the Thief: He is flawless. Cleric Jeanne: He has two magical wands and an invisibility potion. Han Jing: I hear that the man is worth more than 100,000 gold coins! Nire Summers: I hear he’s a Professor... in Kraelonia Academy. High Mage Ylena: His favorite drink is my pepper-blue tea. Wizard Lavelda: One time he met the King on a carriage... Swordsman Uriel: —And the King told him that he wanted to catch a drink sometime! Bleu the Shadow Elf: One time I punched him in the face... it was awesome.

  • Villainous Retribution

    Villainous Retribution


    "Now tell me," Siegren mouthed dangerously. "Where is the numen of the Fallen God?" ** After the Fallen War, all realms of Aeterna were destroyed, and what is left is a crumbling remnant of the mortal world. Scattered in the four continents of this remnant are fragments of the fallen god's power—the numen. A chosen few were known to harbor the knowledge about the numen, and one of them is Lumi, a priestess who was imprisoned in a temple as a catalyst for divine power. One night, a gruesome massacre occurred in the temple, freeing Lumi from imprisonment. The attacker was Siegren, a mysterious man who has the ability to render divine power worthless. With a sword on the throat of the head priest, he asked for the numen of the fallen god. Lumi, who wanted to escape her predestined fate as the catalyst for power, offered a deal to the one who killed more than half of the temple's clerics—the man named Siegren. In exchange for his assistance in her journey to reunite with her parents, she would guide him to find the twelve lost pieces of the fallen god's power. Without the fear of retribution, the two embark on a journey to attain each of their objectives... only to find out that nothing about Aeterna is what it seems. ———————— • Both OP and Weak-to-strong tag is applicable as MC’s strength may appear OP at first, but as he discovers more enemies, he realizes he is not strong enough • Since MC collects numen of power, he gradually grows stronger • Romance tag isn’t present due to uncertainty. May be subjected to change as the story progresses. • FMC and MC develops friendship as the story progresses • No harem • MC is an antihero but isn’t a psycho who randomly kills people. ———————— This is my entry for WSA 2022! Novel and Art is done by yours truly. Any form of support will be appreciated! • Chapters per day: 2-3 (daily updates) • NOVEL ART: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram (chainslock_) • Fantasy Music Theme:

  • Black Magic

    Black Magic

    When High Paladin Sorin discovers the brutally dismembered body of his cousin Alfrey, a much loved priest in the royal palace, he is left baffled as to who would do so terrible a thing to so good a man. But to find the answer to that question, he must cooperate with one of the highly despised necromancers, men who practice black magic, sleep in graveyards and feed upon souls … The necromancer Koray, however, is far from what he expected. He is beautiful, stubborn, and possessed of a tongue sharp enough to cut down even the High Paladin himself. Koray is also possessed of a strength like nothing Sorin has ever encountered, and the power of the Goddess herself. Sex scenes/explicit content, 18+, violence, gore Gay, mxm, Bisexual, Aloof, Independent, Powerful, mage, warrior, cleric, multicharacter, medieval, another world Black Magic is created by Megan Derr, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Lake Of My Heart

    Lake Of My Heart

    Reminiscences on those days when they dated! They were young and carefree. Trevor was on his way up the ladder in the challenging real estate portfolio. He had been fresh from high school when he had stumbled upon a clerical post with a real estate portfolio. He decided to date a collage of lectures. That meant he faced a battery of examinations, lessons, practical on the job training and hard work. These came between him and his favourite pursuits. The number of times the board allows rewrites is limited. Qualification opens avenues to better remuneration, commission, status and possible partnership. He likes his beer, sports and fraternizing with the gentry who watch live EPL/ESPN soccer, play boozers soccer, tee off at the greens and try their hand when silver at dicing with the basket or volleyball. Then he met Naomi by a freak accident. A day when everything was going wrong is the day he met her. A day he should have been bitterly embarrassed is the day she rescued him. She appeared so cute and innocent, like a moth approaching a flame. She has the temper of a wounded she-leopard and the looks of Jezebel. His spiritual knees buckle. His mouth stays agape. His eyes lose focus when he sees her. To him she is an open sesame password to marital bliss. He has never bothered chasing after the ladies. He could easily have married the girl next door or his parents' friends' daughters. Is it all that fast and easy? They both share being children of immigrants. He wants to break the yoke of working in the mines. He has watched retired mine workers survive on stipends. Society looks down upon immigrant labour from whose pool he was born. They both want to beat the status quo and sink prejudice. It is an uphill battle. Will they grab the limelight?

  • The Tribulations of Tobias

    The Tribulations of Tobias

    In the depths of the sleepy countryside in the South West of England in the summer of 1775, a young curate, the Reverend Tobias Whitmore, finds himself unwittingly seduced by the comely ladies of Lesser Witteringly.<br><br>Such a delicious experience seems to haunt him as he moves to Stratton-over-Wye to become vicar of St. Margaret’s. This canny career move, engineered by his redoubtable mother, only encourages her attempts to find him a wealthy and socially ambitious bride of her choice.<br><br>However, Tobias, while coming to terms with his ministry as best he can, finds to his surprise and delight that a number of less than respectable ladies seem to take a shine to him.<br><br>Will Tobias resist his mother’s iron will to marry him off to a terrifying highest bidder? Will the naughty ladies in his life continue to deliver sensory recompense? And will he, amongst all the clerical and family pressures and lubricious temptations, manage to find true love?

  • Cleri.


    Destruir a las mismas bestias que ellos crearon. Muy irónico. Mala suerte para ellos, ahora me toca.

  • The Epitome of Us

    The Epitome of Us


    A clerical error in the afterlife leads to Mallory's sudden death. To fix the mistake, she is given 100 days to start doing the things she always wanted but she must be watched over by the Grim Reaper.

  • Nobody wants to be the healer!

    Nobody wants to be the healer!


    The tale of an unconventional cleric trying to survive in a magic filled, unforgiving world. Will he be pushed to his limits or will the events following his reincarnation lead to his demise. Who knows.But something you shouldn't ever forget is that you should never underestimate the healer.Hi readers i hope you enjoy my book and leave me some feedback.This is my first book.If you have any ideas on how i can improve my writing or the story please message me on discord - Dyad#3394The cover isn't mine :)

  • Last Train to Clarkdale

    Last Train to Clarkdale

    For Clay, always a misfit and bullied at school, contact with the railroad and railroaders in the small town where he grew up was a lifeline. He has gone on to a career in the industry, though not out on the track. Now an odd compulsion draws him back to his long departed home despite the painful memories he has of the place.<br><br>A chance meeting with Jon, a famous world-traveling scenic and wildlife photographer, results from Clay’s impulse, and the men end up sharing an afternoon’s tourist rail trip. Clay develops an instant crush on the beefy man, but what can a geeky clerical-type rail-buff offer a hunk like Jon, a self-professed and footloose lone wolf? Can Clay be satisfied with a brief, hot vacation fling? Or can mutual interest in trains and photography provide enough common ground to form something more between them?

  • Guardian


    Where kings and clerics, inquisitors and sorcerers cannot cope with evil, the pupils of the Brotherhood of Guardians are called to help. People with the gift, able to see the invisible and stop the dark entities.Andrew Normayn is one of them. A free hunter for the creatures of darkness, he travels from a kingdom to a kingdom, ridding the world of evil souls. He is waited for work everywhere, where inexplicable events, cruel pestilence and strange, unexpected deaths occur.

  • Taking Back My Time

    Taking Back My Time

    Magical Realism REINCARNATION

    Thanks to a clerical error Malcom is forced to hunt and slay another person. If he can't do it he forfeits his own life. Failure is not an option!

  • Immortal Skeleton

    Immortal Skeleton


    The arch lich Balthus has a secret, his humble beginnings saw him as a reincarnated human. Sent to the world as a simple skeleton, the God that accidentally killed him granted him a boon that in seven centuries saw him rise to power over a vast yet surprisingly benevolent necropolis. Decades later Balthus is schemed against and thrown down by the generals who guided him to power.Yet as death drew his soul away, he found himself before the God again who apparently didn't register his life as 'Balthus' with the Goddess of reincarnation. Her bi millennial inspection is coming up and she needs his name in her book, like last century.Whats a God to do?Give the lad a second chance of course, clerical error isn't his fault!Yet his time as an arch lich has made the lad proud and vying for more he offends both gods to reclaim his old power in his new life. Testing the patience of one God is bad enough but the goddess as well?Sure he gets a second 'rebirth but if he wants his powers he'll have to crawl through hell pits to reclaim it, such is the punishment the deities curse him with.note: Cover art isn't owned by me, should the owner require i take it down i shall gladly comply.note 2: When I finished the Immortal Kobold I decided to try a different take, originally called the Immortal Necromancer it evolved into this...



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Getting married at a young age has not been Ainin's priority, let alone marrying a man she has not wanted, since breaking up with her ex. However, the incident that afternoon made him have to give up his single life with a man he did not love.Ainin Pradipta is an employee at a developer in Jakarta. Since his parents died he has worked hard on his own to be able to graduate from college and work at the Susanto Group company which has now been replaced by Wijaya.Alvin has a cold attitude with everyone, except with his family. Having a handsome face and intelligent brain makes it easy to advance his family company, as well as compete with other young entrepreneurs.Until he had to be trapped in marriage. Married to a woman he doesn't love, because of a misunderstanding from residents when conducting a survey at the apartment construction site. Alvin and Ainin had to get married that same night in front of the RT, RW in the settlement and witnessed by several residents and the cleric who married them.Will the two be able to love each other?"

  • Rise of Solaris' Angel

    Rise of Solaris' Angel

    In a world controlled by the Mighty and Impartial System and the Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, everyone is bound to someone through the mysterious shackles of Laws and Karma. The Churches are bound to their respective gods, their followers and believers to them and vice-versa. In this system, everyone profits with the Gods and Goddesses giving special talents and skills to their followers and clerics in return for Favor and Faith whereas the people get power to fuel their respective desires.But in this world, a child is born who is bound to a god, like all other, but his God is dead. Therefore, with his half-broken shackles and a mysterious entity from the Abyss haunting him, the kid wanders the world trying to find answers on why he is so different that the others, to fulfill his destiny and in the midst of it, trying to find his real family.Tags – Magic, Kingdom-Building, Realism, Gore, Different Perspectives-Different Stories.

  • The Supreme Ring

    The Supreme Ring


    At the peak of Mount Iyaguris, in hell. There is a pool of Black Lava, rumored to be able to smelt every minerals in the world, stood 9 people. A cleric, giving the strongest divine power from the strongest god.A hunter, giving the toughest leather from toughest animal.A warrior, giving the hardest bone from the hardest animal.A mage, giving the strongest Mana from the strongest mana core.A necromancer, giving the best undead energy from the strongest undead.A miner, giving the best minerals from the deepest mine of the world.A herbalist, giving the best herb from the largest forest.A woodcutter, giving the hardest wood from the tallest tree.A demon, giving the most evil energy from the most evil being.And finally, there was a man collecting the best or strongest ingredients in the whole world while taking other ingredients out of empty air.While the Gods are watching with envy.While the Demon are watching with bloodlust.While the mortal are watching with awe.'It' was born. The Supreme,The Strongest,The Best.[*&^!&@*~&* iT iS bOrN- Player Datron- Has created the impossible-*&^!&@*~&*Status is elevated to Supreme GodStatus is elevated to God of BlacksmithStatus is elevated to God of HerbalistStatus is elevated to Demon GodStatus is elevated to God of WoodcutterStatus is elevated to War God Status is elevated to Mage GodStatus is elevated to God of MinerStatus is elevated to God of DeathStatus is elevated to God of LifeStatus is elevated to God of HunterStatus is elevated to God of EnvyStatus is elevated to God of AweStatus is elevated to God of KillingStatus is elevated to God of PeaceStatus is elevated to...+?Your body cannot endure all those title and has exploded.Your status 'Supreme God' has transformed your spirit into a wandering 'God Soul.']*For you achievement, one wish has been granted*-Good, DeStRoYe ThE WoRlD !*Wish granted, The world will be destroyed and Morpheus shall auto-destroy*-Finally...-You have regrets, don't you ?-...?! Who ?!-I am the true Supreme God. I, Gaia will allow you to become the strongest without regret. As for the method, it is your choice to decide. A path of blood filled with regrets once again. Or will you finally appreciate life to it's fullest with a companion to share your burden with ? Fate awaits you, young god.In Paris, Datron or Lucas by it's true name, was smashed into ash by an extremely powerful lighting.He was dead, he, who finally got his revenge on this game has finally died. Or so he though.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________If you didn't notice, yes he will be extremely powerful but don't worry. He will have a lot of enemy who are powerful and numerous.** = Morpheus talking or World Announcement.[] = >System Alert- = Character Talking

  • Legends of Adora: This Halfryta's, Garden

    Legends of Adora: This Halfryta's, Garden


    For six long generations war, waged in the lands of Adora Halfryta. It all began during the reign of 2nd Cleric. With the passing of the Temple's edict - The colonies across the continents of Halfryta, fought. In order to establish their own power, dominion, territories & place in history, for six generations honourable battle raged across these holy lands. In the face of the Holy Temple, and its' counter part Halfryta's Scions, it would be after the fighting that the lords of Halfryta fully emerged a third ruling faction. This happened when the fighting was brought to an end by 6th generation Scion, bearer of fire, Azure King Aohd Egan. Few non-human settlements remain in open sight near civilization after experiencing much indiscriminate torment. Peace came at a cost. Eight years since the end of The Lords' War: the divide between the Adora Temple, The Lords, and The Scions is clearer than ever. Now, King Aohd's son Marise Egan, the soon to be crowned, 7th generation scion of fire and his friends must find for themselves destiny is choice as is truth. The stench of chaos lingers still, and it is why the scions exist. Has a new age of order truly begun? Or will chaos tip the scales yet? Only The Goddess Halfryta knows.Follow the journey of 7th generation scions Marise Egan, Eurus Clover, Maralah Clover, and Fenris Benebarakk in their early youth as they learn and grow together at Adora Templum, the temple monastery and a home and school to believers and followers the Goddess Adora and her teachings, following their coronation as bearers of the scions’ duty learning live with their new-found powers.Journey with young Fenris as he settles the deep inner conflicts between his conscience and his obligation to his family and nation. Torn by the actions of his father, a powerful and violent king in support of seceding from the holy teachings – siding with the lords seeking to militarize the whole continental world on the heels of the Lord’s War. Fenris, a boy far too mature for his age tasked too early with drawing the line between personal duty, and destiny – while participating both in campaigns of war, and teachings of peace.

  • This Time When I Was a Witch

    This Time When I Was a Witch


    “If I’m going to die a witch; I’ll first live as one.” The empire of Aventine was made up of six kingdoms each represented by a class of magic users. Rogues, paladins, bards, beasts, alchemists, and druids. They lived in harmony under the influence of the temple of clerics, who honor the great saintess that granted them this power. Laemise was raised by her grandmother who made her believe she was no different from the rest. It wasn’t until she was sentenced to death at the stake did she realize that wasn’t the case. For they claimed her to be a witch, and she would die not knowing what that meant. However, death does not come so restfully for those who lie in regret. What would she do if she miraculously got another chance. Revenge? Survival? Solitude? Whatever it may be, she is first going to have to figure what it means to be a witch while evading the authority of the temple. Even if she has to submit to the King of Chaos himself, who mysteriously draws strength from her with every intimate encounter. “So how did I somehow end up in his highness’ bed?!” ~ First work, thank you to any and all readers! This is a fantasy/romance novel w/ smut, serious topics, and LGBTQ+ themes. Warnings will be given at the start of chapters as needed. I also love suggestions on how to make the story better so feel free to leave comments! Update every Sunday (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS) Cover belongs to me, commission done by the amazing artist @quinkemilky on Instagram (^^)