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  • Scarblade Goddess

    Scarblade Goddess

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ISEKAI

    A MALL AND PRISON IN HEAVENS?!A COODERE(Cool and sweet) GODDESS MAIN CHARACTER AND NOT A USUAL HERO?!At the exalted CELESTIA HEAVENLY MALL above, there was a truly beautiful and popular yet, scarred female GODDESS named Otorine. For some reason, she was accused of releasing the GODSLAYER FALLENS from the FALLENS HEAVENLY PRISON and let them descend to the other worlds. Somehow, Nassus, a DESTRUCTIVE GODSLAYER CRIMINAL was the only FALLEN who didn't escape. Instead, he had TURNED INTO A LITTLE KID and lost all his memories. Now, Otorine has to transcend the unknown, break the odds, and use her Goddess powers. In order for her to clear her name AMONGST THE OTHER GODS AND GODDESSES UNDER CELESTIA HEAVENLY SYSTEM. What awaits her and her Goddess friends in this WILD JOURNEY accompanied by the LI'L NASSUS?

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