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  • The Queen and Her Corgi Find Love

    The Queen and Her Corgi Find Love

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    This romantic story is about the Queen and her corgi Lilly, who run into a slight problem at a town bakery, that might change her life for the better or for the worst. Read this book to follow the Queens journey, to find out if what she will do with her situation at hand. In addition to if she will settle down with her mystery man or stay single with her corgi(s)?.

  • The Current life of Tiffany Mane

    The Current life of Tiffany Mane

    The (not so) comical adventures of a girl named Tiffany Mane as she struggles through the challenges of the real world when her parents kicked her out of their house. With nothing but her backpack and luggage that somehow has all her belongings, her corgi Alfy, and a small diary her parents gave her, she now has to face the challenges of corrupt professors, jobs, maintaining friendships and finding love?

  • Emperor Has Return

    Emperor Has Return


    Title: Emperor has returnAuthor: Corgi BearOriginally written in Korean LanguageGenre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mature ShounenDescription:Humanity’s savior. Vanquisher of gods. Empire’s first emperor, Juan Kalberk Kenosis. Ahead of his final battle, he is betrayed. The emperor eyes close as he meets his end…… so he should have.   “Which idiot brought me back alive-eee!!“   After dying and resurrecting, he looks behind the black curtain for the hidden truth and to stop the rift that’s dividing the world, in the name of heresy he begins his fight against the empire.   Now, the emperor has returned!

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