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  • My Reverse Life

    My Reverse Life


    (DISCLAIMER!! : English is not my first language. I am still learning. I used Grammarly to fix it. But in the end is not perfect. Although this book content overly possessive brother and sister. Is not to the point of incest, just over the top family love. I say that because the story is somehow might lead you to believe it will go in that direction. You've been warned) My name is Ari, A rich second generation. My parents have spoiled me since when I was a baby. I live my life like I am a king. I am a winner in life. Until one day, my father offends someone he should not offend. My life suddenly turns 180 and life becomes miserable. Later, I died, killed by my own mother who loses her own reason. When I woke up and find myself becoming one of the twin daughters from an ordinary family. I swear to god that I will live my life to the fullest and not fooling around anymore. I will live my life as Miyazaki Aria. ~~~ExStory ~~~ Irana reincarnated into alternative world where Esper and monster exists. Even so, ordinary people didn't know the existence of Esper and Monster. She didn't remember who she was in her past life, but she have the knowledge clearly embedded in her head. She is an Esper with Ice element power system (cryokinesis). Having been into harsh training under her father since age 7. She is highly skilled in combat and easily overpowered her opponent in one v one. Not so much in group battle. Her Elder sister, Miyazaki Aria, is also an esper with a highly dangerous power that needs to stay unawakened. She gets instructed to never let her Elder sister ever found out about Esper and her power to avoid an awakening incident. Irana vow to herself to take her duty seriously, protect her elder sister, and make sure her power never gets awaken.

  • ENK: Mirai Notes

    ENK: Mirai Notes


    The following events take place in an alternative Earth, approximately 70 years after the apparition of the physical alterations scientifically called UMA (Unknown Morphic Anomalies). Changing the human body and reshaping the concept of mankind. Humans with tails, horns, wings, claws, etc. were the consequences of the phenomenon called UMA.Although not being the same world; Cities, Nations and Continents remain the same with some minimal changes. Due to these peculiarities, some countries took measures that affected their overall structure and even their political affiliation.The number of people with physical mutations was bearable and inoffensive, people accepted them with ease. But 20 years later, dangerous new peculiarities started to appear. An extra-sensorial alteration that allowed humans, either with or without UMA, to have abilities such as: pyrokinesis, telekinesis or cryokinesis... between other elemental awarenesses. Their average control, power and stamina were minimal compared to an average police brigade, but one individual was worth a hundred in a battlefield with the right equipment. Many countries around the world set their eyes towards them, either trying to obtain or make use of their power.These cases of extra-sensorial abilities remained unknown to the public eye. Their numbers were a few thousands and didn't caused much of a threat, but since they were used by various states in military maneuvers, short time passed until their existence became a reality to the rest of the world.Public opinion was rough towards them compared to the average UMA. Xenophobic groups were impactful in some Nations. Terms such as 'morph' became depictions of the UMA definition, but extra-sensorial ability users never received a name, their powers became being called peculiarities after a pro movement of their rights in 1968.Currently 2% of the world has UMA and approximately a 0.0005% have mild special abilities. But for 20 years a new class of power was kept a secret amongst human civilization. The people in possession of these new attained powers became the main focus for the ones that knew about their existence. In consequence, governmental oppression against the average 'quirks' users became almost non-existent and a new name appeared for them, 'gifted'. The name these new individuals received was non other than 'blessed'. They couldn't be compared to humans, 'blessed' abilities far exceeded the average of a small control over elements. It is said that an individual with such type of 'quirk' could shake entire nations at its maximum control. Unfortunately, due to its immense power, they result in self-harm against their own wielders and other people, consequentially being discovered and enclosed for further experimentation on their limits and origin.  This sets up the story in the year 200X:Real historic events have no relation to the current story timeline, the only similarities revolve around the existence of two Great World Wars, but not on how they happened.Fifteen years ago, the first official organization based around the perfection and mastery of those quirks was created. With the use of swordsmanship as a tool of meditation and self-defense, the users were able to differ themselves from their own destructive "blessing" and learn a much deeper understanding about them. This organization is called Entaku no KISHI (円卓の騎士), meaning, The Knights of the Round Table. Their members perform missions around the world with their main goal of rescuing and protecting enslaved 'blessed'. Once their job is done, they may grant people the opportunity to join them and become new members of the KISHI or help them return to the normal lives they once had.

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