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  • The Seal of Salmon

    The Seal of Salmon

    Seal of Solomon Earth Mysterious Powerful Ring - The prison of demons is located three kilometers west of Takht-e Sulemayr in West Azerbaijan. According to ancient proverbs, this place was used by King Suleiman or Prophet Suleiman to hold the demons captive. He held a terrible monster captive; When he tried to steal Solomon's special ring. This special ring was given to him by God which enabled him to possess all the magical powers that were beyond the imagination of the common man. This ring is known as the 'Seal of Salmon'With the help of which he managed the jinn. The ring received by Turkish authorities in early 2017 was considered by most media to be Solomon's ring, but it was later revealed that it was only a 500-year-old imitation of the ring. However, there is no denying that this ring of history's maze is a source of curiosity not only for ordinary people, but also for the governments of different countries. Because domination of this object means the power of both natural and abnormal forcesTo be Throughout the history of both the East and the West, the ring has left a special mark as a symbol of power; Especially from art to literature and film, law, race and magic. But at least in Islamic and Jewish doctrines the 'Seal of Solomon' is still the most powerful object known. Suleiman was very revered and because of his power many of the ruins and objects associated with him are still followed thousands of years later, one of which is his magical ring. Of the ‘Seal of Solomon’ storiesThe source is difficult to find, but many historians believe that the hexagram design from which the pentagram is derived is based on the myths narrated by medieval Arab writers. Since the use of hexagrams was frequently used in Jewish cryptography, according to most experts, the symbol has moved from Arabic literature to Kabbalistic literature. The story of Solomon's power over the demonsNot found in magic books. Takht e Sulemayar As found in the book The Magical Treaties of Solomon, Salman's chief caretaker is tortured by a genie and he takes half his salary and food, even sucking his thumb on the thumb of his right hand. Knowing this, Solomon did not understand what to do and kept praying to God and then Archangel Michael gave him the ring. This ring had a pentagram-shaped god symbol that gave Salmon dominance over the demons. According to Judeo Christian, heSeized the monster that was torturing its chief caretaker and summoned the monster chief. Using his ring, he then ordered the monster chief to gather a large number of monsters in front of him one by one. King Solomon then interrogated them one by one, finding out their names, addresses, sources, and what words dominated them. This priceless magical ring is believed to be buried just like Suleiman's body, and according to legend, whoever finds this ring will find it here.E will reign in the world. As is often seen in movies, storybooks, and television shows, various people and organizations, from the Vatican to the German government in the 1940's, have reportedly shown great interest in such powerful objects. In March 2017, the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague found a collection of 13,000 books on witchcraft and witchcraft, written by SS Chief Henrik Himmler. 1800From the rise of the Modern Liberation Standpoint in Europe, historian Nicholas Goodrich Clarke claims that German interest in intelligence was part of the reaction. The reason for their interest in Middle Eastern occultism and mystery was to prove that the modern world stands on false and satanic ideals.

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