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  • Cynthia Robert

    Cynthia Robert

  • A Journey With Cynthia

    A Journey With Cynthia


    A Cynthia x Reader story. Will be updated often. Describes Cynthia and reader through their adventures. There will be warnings for when it is 18+ material within one of the chapters.

  • Cynthia mistake

    Cynthia mistake

    Cynthia amiliaRolandCynthia mum and dad Cynthia bad friendCynthia good friends principal

  • Cynthia Maua

    Cynthia Maua

    losing the love of your life could be heart-shattering, but rebuilding? That is impossible.

  • The Death of Cynthia Darlington

    The Death of Cynthia Darlington

    This is a compilation of short stories. I hope you like it! Also, I'd love to hear your opinions so feel free to comment your thoughts on the stories!

  • The Villainess with a Heroine Harem

    The Villainess with a Heroine Harem



    *Character illustrations in the auxiliary chapter.* Born and raised as a nameless shadow guard for his kingdom’s crown prince, his life’s purpose was to be used and discarded at the whims of his liege. And his meaningless life ended when the gaze of a princess lingered on him for too long. The crown prince had him beheaded without a second thought, as if throwing out trash. Transmigrating into the body of a baby girl, the nameless shadow finally had a name, a family, and a place to call her own. Throwing away his past, the shadow guard was now called ‘Emilia’, and walked on a new path to seek fulfillment. It was not meant to be, however, as the girl whom she had loved with all her heart and soul ended up mercilessly plunging a dagger through Emilia's love-struck heart at the highest point in her life. The crowd clamored at the ‘deserved death of the villainess’, and at that moment, the shadow could only wonder… why? Why am I always the one to dedicate myself fully to someone, only to be thrown away like trash in the end? And thus, as her soul floated away while cursing in resentment, ‘Emilia’ vowed to herself that in her next life she shall never be the one to fully dedicate herself. Whatever she likes shall be held in her palm, and shall never escape! The moment the vow was made, a self-proclaimed villainess system proposed to partner with her, to explore and conquer the worlds through their anchors—the heroes and heroines. And by cultivating this energy, she shall one day go back. Back to the world she was born as ‘Emilia’ in, and face the so-called heroine once more. The second time they meet, Emilia won’t be the one drowning in regret! ... The current cover is a fan art of Emilia and Cynthia, lovingly contributed by Maury. ...

  • Cynthia: A Cuddle some Girl

    Cynthia: A Cuddle some Girl


    Passions that lurk within us remain hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy get exposed under tempting situations.Everybody has a sexual fantasy. They never show it in public but in their private life they try to experiment it. This happens in a bedroom but when tried in any other form involving others becomes a part of animal world, where human emotions do not exit.Love is a pure feeling, can never be defined in words. Love has different colours and people in love always try to please their counterparts and keep them happy and amused. They play out their sexual fantasies in best ways but when they cross the limit in seeking such pleasure; they lose the very sheen of love forever and ruin their life.Older people always love the company of a young, beautiful woman. Because of their age and physical condition, they seldom satisfy their partner’s sexual urge and extramarital affairs comes into play.It is a story of such people who has gone through these traumas of life. Cynthia is a woman of a new generation; she never hides her sexual desires but never falls in a wrong trap. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, beautiful, who ignites the fire in every on lookers.

  • Maxwell, Sussie, Flora, Oasax, Felix, Wellington, Cynthia

    Maxwell, Sussie, Flora, Oasax, Felix, Wellington, Cynthia


    He captivates me with his looks and his silence manner. He won't talk to me or to anyone else. Not until I realise he is dating Flora, my worst nightmare

  • Cynthia's Cat

    Cynthia's Cat

    Contemporary Romance PRINCESS RICHFAMILY

    "She is the little princess of the Carlton family. Born with a silver spoon and adored by many, she finds it difficult to place her trust in people because she has survived countless assassination attempts since young. He has an exquisite face that is almost inhuman. In Corbhall, the devils' concentration camp, he is known as the Devil's Child. He becomes her bodyguard. She is his salvation and the only ray of light in his life."

  • my name is Cynthia and I love going to the club every night

    my name is Cynthia and I love going to the club every night

  • How The Princess Rewrote Her Tragic Ending

    How The Princess Rewrote Her Tragic Ending



    [ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDED: Chapters with illustrations are marked with the '*' symbol!]>Short Excerpt:She brought her face up close to mine, only leaving an inch or two to spare.My eyes widened as I got an up close view of her iced ones. My, they were absolutely gorgeous.Your Highness, you know, don't you?I furrowed my eyebrows, suddenly uncomfortable in her presence."You know, right?" she repeated, holding my gaze. "You are aware of the tragedy that is yet to befall you, aren't you?In a year's time, you'll be dead. You'll die, do you get that? You'll be sacrificed to your ancestors’ so-called 'God'."———–⬇SYNOPSIS⬇——————–When average highschooler, Seonhee Lim gets thrown into the world of her best (and only) friend's favorite novel, "The Blessing Of Wisteria", she finds herself in a very threatening situation.She doesn't recall a thing about the contents of the novel, but what she does remember is that the role she possessed right now, the one which belonged to Crown Princess, Cynthia Amaryll Klaern, won’t stay around for long.Filled with thrill, mystery and drama, will Seonhee find a way to prevent her imminent death or will she find a way out of it with the help of someone special?________________________________________Discord: Suoshi#8929CHECK OUT MY SECOND NOVEL: GHOST DETECTIVE: Li Xiajun(Cover taken from Pinterest!)

  • My First MILF

    My First MILF

    What is a lonely college girl supposed to do when the novelty of house-sitting has worn off and the same old lesbian porno magazines have lost their excitement? Find a new hobby, of course.<br><br>An opportunity presents itself in the form of Cynthia, an older single mom who moves in next door. While Cynthia’s working sons are away, it’s time to play. But what begins with a simple fascination quickly turns to obsession. Days spent watching Cynthia sunbathing in the backyard, evenings peeping through her bedroom window, hoping to get a glimpse of something, anything, to break the tedium.<br><br>There’s just one problem: so far, there’s no confirmation Cynthia is even gay.<br><br>But this doesn’t dissuade such a young and infatuated woman; it only makes her want Cynthia more. It isn’t until she spies a chance encounter with Cynthia and one of her son’s friends alone together that she gets her answers, and a little something unexpected.

  • Poisonous Lips

    Poisonous Lips

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    The company we keep can either contribute to our success or destroy us at the very end, so they say. This was the case of Shade whose friend, Cynthia became a wolf in sheep clothing. For the love Shade had and Cynthia could not get, Cynthia did everything and anything she could to make sure everything ends bitterly for Shade. Day after day as she continued to dwell in her evil mindset she found confidence among the children of the night and from there, her true colour revealed. Be warned that this story contains strong words, immoralities and not decent for children. 18+ _______________________________________________________ If you enjoy my story and you want to connect with me. You can have a chat with me on: Discord: @sam-crowned00#2457 Instagram: @sam_crowned1 Facebook: @samcrowned Twitter: @sam_crowned Do not forget to always Vote, Comment, Review and send gift.

  • My Ruthless Love (Dark Romance)

    My Ruthless Love (Dark Romance)

    They say prince charming comes on a white horse; they lie.... Because mine came in a black SUV, lodded with machine guns and men who killed people for even touching a hair on my head. He had done so before and he will do it again now that i'm back. The only difference is....i'm not sure whether he will let me go away this time. And i'm not sure if i want to....

  • G-ystery



    Cilia gave it all to protect her sister and other women and their child from her so called friend but in the end, she was doomed to die in her friend and her fiancé hands and what worse, all the blame of the illegal experiment on pregnant woman came over her after her death while the real culprit continued to have a good life. A famous scientist was now a dead criminal with no one to pity her. Later after one month she was reincarnated in one of the child bodies with all her previous memories who was a test subject under her friend, Zina, who was crazy about creating children with amazing genes to rule the world. Fortunately, because her past self saved many pregnant women, she also saved her reincarnated self from Zina hands. Cilia was now Cynthia, the first successful experiment subject of Zina. Her appearance differed from normal person. Unique appearance and an IQ that left her previous IQ far behind. And also, a great physical strength. She was the perfect human, no… a puppet created by Lina, who was now her own boss. Her aim in this life was to defeat the crazy humans experimenting over innocent children even before their birth and let everyone know that Cilia, who died miserably and was wronged was not the real criminal. She wanted to get rid of the criminal tag from her previous life and later live a simple and peaceful life but things didn’t go her way. It started to go wrong when her dear big brother Jess disappeared suddenly and lustful eyes of her relatives started to aim for her parent’s business. It become hard to sit by and just care about her business as she has been doing while putting an introvert tag over herself. So, she got involved in her family business matter and there was another goal, that appeared before her – it was to find her brother. Trouble came knocking her always closed doors when a really rude, self-centred guy met her coincidently. He was similar to her as he has been experimented over which left a big flaw over his body and disabled him from having physical contact with any person. But that egoistic man started to cling on her when he found her touch comfortable and later it began with him forcing a kiss on her with a pretty boy look. It would have been good if not for that guy. She gained a lot of attention and a lot of haters mostly jealous woman. While trying to eliminate those thirsty people who were crazy over human body, Cynthia who was more like a robot with no emotions came to fell in love with a guy and they both got entangled in each other journey. Previously, she used to beg for others life and after dying she realized that begging won’t help. She needs to kill all the obstacles in her path and reach her goal. Can Cynthia still be able to achieve her aim when the crazy scientists will come to know that she is their first successful experiment with no flaw?                                  

  • Heroes of Hummingheart

    Heroes of Hummingheart

    The magical world of Hummingheart was once a whole heart, and the human world and magic world lived in peace. Until evil came and caused chaos through magic. The only way to save the two worlds was to lock all magic in the magic world at the point it connected to the human world, and this is what happens 1000 years later.

  • DNA Valkyrie: A Hentai Neo-Noir Detective Novel

    DNA Valkyrie: A Hentai Neo-Noir Detective Novel

    Magical Realism R18 MYSTERY HENTAI

    Cynthia Widdowfield is a strip dancer half the time and a private investigator during the rest of the day. She lives in the world of Ecstasy, a dense haven where Humanoid Dinosaur people known as Saurius co-exist with Humans. Hybrids of the two species also exist and are called Urzax. Despite the thrills of being a detective and the excitement of performing on stage, naked, Cynthia is a poor, down on her luck, young lady that is desperately trying make ends meet. Follow her into her adventures as she is getting undressed for money and attempting to solve new cases as misfortune appears to be stalking her every day.

  • Villainess Becomes A Merchant Of Death

    Villainess Becomes A Merchant Of Death


    Cynthia was scorned by her family as an illegitimate child. She didn't care as she had her sick mother to worry about. Her half-brothers told her to stay away from the family business. She cared more about her mother's hospital bills. Cynthia fell in love with a man but her half-sister ended up with him instead. She did whatever she could to retain that man but failed. In the process, she gained deepened hatred from her siblings. She wiped her regrets and left the family after graduation with her now healthy mother and started her own successful business. Cynthia even found someone who she could call her true love. Unfortunately, her father gave her a large part of his company's shares as an inheritance. She was dead the next day. Fate wasn't having it with the poor girl not getting any breaks so it decides to let her be rebirthed 20 years in the past. Our story takes place on the Planet Gaia, alternate earth with superpowers and monsters pouring out from mysterious gates. -------- This is my first novel and I'm still learning. Give me a chance and feedback in the comments or reviews when we are well in will be appreciated.

  • Eternally Yours

    Eternally Yours

    Grad student Andrea is mostly self-assured and quite open to whatever the world might bring her way. She's sensible, but she's got a quiet belief in the supernatural and a daytime interest in studying history, and finds herself surprised to be falling head over heels for the older woman she just met.<br><br>Liz is thrilled to have made a new best friend. Overjoyed with how well they click, how well her son likes Andrea, how much fun they have together, and how easily she can open up, Liz finally considers it might be more.<br><br>Blissfully in love, Liz relishes in how all this makes her feel, and how it's almost made her forget that high school boyfriend she's been grieving over for a couple decades.<br><br>But maybe things are too good to be true? A family dinner brings up questions for Liz. Questions that prove difficult to answer, and possible answers that defy logic and reason.

  • The Fox Prince

    The Fox Prince


    Hello My name Is Lucia. My story happens 10 years after my sister Neve's called the Fox Princess. Her Story is more interesting than mine. Once you read mine read hers or the other way around. Thank you.