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  • Ddlg imagines

    Ddlg imagines

  • ~Lucy~ DDLG

    ~Lucy~ DDLG

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

  • my life went Ddlg

    my life went Ddlg

    Taylor summer takes a how different turn....

  • Daddy's Love

    Daddy's Love

    Ana's world is turned upside down when she is kidnapped by a person who innocuously offers her to drop her at her destination while she's running late somewhere. She is introduced to the DDLG lifestyle by her daddy- Christian, which is not a smooth ride for the innocent Ana. She feels more at home when she meets Daddy's best friend/partner uncle Jay and his little Carol and everything is going fine until it's not..

  • Dark Side Of Daddy

    Dark Side Of Daddy

    A sexy stranger takes interest in Kendra at her best friend, Kimmy's birthday party. He kidnaps her and forces her to participate in a DDLG relationship, promising to let her go in two weeks if it doesn't work out. As Kendra begins to accept the new lifestyle she learns her kidnapper is a wolf.

  • Daddy's Baby

    Daddy's Baby

    This is a DDLG story about a little girl who is kidnapped by someone and forced to be his little. What's more f****d up is that they don't speak the same language!

  • A BabyGirl’s Fantasies

    A BabyGirl’s Fantasies


    A BabyGirl’s Fantasies ~ With the brattiest of Littles and the punishments of Mommy and Daddy Doms - here you'll have your deepest of fantasies explored. Hot, Heated, and the Sexiest Kinks, just a few clicks away. What are you waiting for? Don't you want to know what Daddy will do if you misbehave? Aren't you curious about the toys Mommy has waiting for you as punishment? ! Contains Categories under the CGL Umbrella: DDLG/MDLG !

  • A Little Love

    A Little Love

    Contemporary Romance R18

    Ariana, shy and pushed around is invited for a night out at a local bar where she soon discovers that she has been brought to a DDlg Munch. Left to her own devices when Ariana is left alone, she indulges in her curiosity inside the bar to understand why adults are in strollers, diapers and cribs. Soon discovering a new world, she wonders if she would ever fit in. Unfortunately, Ariana is greeted by an unsavoury group of men and clearly in danger when Alec steps in to save the day.Alec, involved in the DDlg lifestyle has also been invited to the Munch, coerced into trying to find a new little of his own. He's drawn to Ariana right away, wanting to get to know her more. With an unexpected turn of events, Alec takes Ariana under his wing to care for her, creating an inseparable bond and introduces Ariana into the world of age play. Follow Ariana and Alec with cuteness overload, love, heartache and just a little bit of suspense.

  • Sovereign Blood

    Sovereign Blood


    A ddlg story, if you aren't comfortable don't read it!Olivia Morris was a young woman attending Cambridge University who has been wanting time to spend with her friends and learn to be herself. College work has been holding her down and constraining her to stay inside her dorm. Many of her close friends invite her to frat parties and hangouts but she never gets the time to indulge in herself. Jason Richards had been attending Cambridge for his fourth year. Many have thought they have seen him there for longer but his record proves otherwise. They suppose because of how popular he is, many generations remember his handsome face. He had been showing interest and fondness toward Olivia but since her nose is always stuck in a book, she never gets a chance to notice herself. Many of the other seniors at Cambridge had developed jealousy and irritation toward Olivia but she never could put her finger on why. They wanted Jason to themselves but he had his sights somewhere else. Deep down they have secrets of their own but will they be uncovered between the two of them or even at all?

  • LOONA, University Of Heroes

    LOONA, University Of Heroes

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    "Did you just lie to me?"He asked in his lowly yet furious voice. She felt shivers running down her spine, as her heartfelt sinking.She tried to speak but couldn't find her lost voice, but she knew if she keeps him waiting, it could be dangerous for her, so she shook her head in a 'no'.But unfortunately, it was not convincing enough as he approached her, making her take a step back. Smiling sadistically at her whimpering body, he towered her.He licked his dried lip, sensing her fear, and lowered to her level, purring in her ear, "On my lap, baby doll."Super Power|Dark Humor|Denied LoveLOONA, University of Heros was established by dark Queen herself, in order to protect the super-powered kids, until and unless they are capable enough to protect themselves but others as well.The school was known for its powerful attire and not only providing students with high-quality facilities or topmost security but also helped them use their powers as the elementals.Saving herself she, recognized as a psychopath, dominated the whole super-powered school, alone. But what if she gets someone from her competition? Will she be able to save herself from the darkness of the universe? Especially when he himself is interested in getting the girl?Warning: This story not only contain sex scenes but also has BDSM and DDLG elements. So VANILLA readers QUIT the story RIGHT NOW!

  • Idolatry •• Bumblebee ••

    Idolatry •• Bumblebee ••

    Teen ROMANCE

    ••••SOFT DDLG TRANSFORMERS© Idolatry copyright to angelicmundane ©••••Idolatry - extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone.••••"I love you. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop this feeling of euphoria when you touch me. When I'm with you I can see blue, I can touch it. When I look at you I don't see you as a autobot, a solider or a fucking alien. I see you as Bumblebee. My daddy. And Christ knows I fall in love with him with each second that passes" "Because when I'm laying here, your head on my chest and your heartbeat a comforting sound that settles my raging mind- I feel at peace. Here I'm not who everyone wants me to be. Or needs me to be. I'm who I'm meant to be. Just bumblebee. You understand me, you complete me. Being with you Sky, is absolutely heavenly" ••••Bumblebee x OCBumblebee dominant x submissive ocContains: Transformers I Revenge of the Fallen Dark of the Moon Age of extinction Last Knight

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