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  • Deathmarch in Final Fantasy [Dropped]

    Deathmarch in Final Fantasy [Dropped]

    I am not a hero. I am not a villain. I just want to survive and thrive. How will i do this? No flipping clue... I was born into my original world fighting for my life from the beginning. I continued fighting but i finally lost the battle at 25. Most of my life i spent in a hospital room so almost all my free time was spent playing games or reading. My favorite games were the Final Fantasys. My life got more intriguing when I was told by The FF God Bahamut that I was to be reborn in the world where every FF game takes its inspirations from. The Uni-Inverse Realm of Fantasy Zero. Before Being Reborn though... I had a few Gifts from the different gods. This is where I will Thrive.I dont own ANY FF characters that might show up. They belong to Square Enix and the other Various Devlopers.

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