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  • The Demonsong Epic By the Brandon Gould who wrote Chossen Heros of Tylingariea

    The Demonsong Epic By the Brandon Gould who wrote Chossen Heros of Tylingariea



    It had been six hundred years since King Alazar Dra'ghoul lead his men into the forests of the icy realm of Dyi'vora and lead wast to the cultist that reside there following there leader. Lupine Riddle who stood over the firey alter of the Nightmare King, King Alazar gasped as next to Lupine was recently killed El'taree girl who looked to be eighteen her chest was pealed open and her heart removed from her body King Alazar could see the darkness in Lupines eyes as he held the still beating heart of the girl , his faith in the return of the Nightmare King drove his every action with in turn made him hellbent on completing this one goal. No one knows what happened to King Alazar and Lupine beyond that night. from then on a period of peace that lasted over two hundred years the Dra'ghoul bloodline faded into myth as did the sword that was used by all who were on the Dra'ghoul thorne the Chaos blade Demonsong.

  • The Last welder of the Blade Demonsong

    The Last welder of the Blade Demonsong


    This is a prequel book to the Tylingariea Epic that is set before the King Eljis death and focus on the last welder of the blade Demonsong Ryi'june Nine Hundred and sixty-seven years ago before the time of the Chosen of Tylingariea and the Death of King Elji. there was a period when King Elron Dra'ghoul the father of Elji ruled over the land of Tylingariea in the city of Nevermore. Somewhere in the Forest of Kings, the hevay breathing of a young El'taree woman fleeing for her life carrrying a small bundle wrapped in a tight blanket.She stopped as the trees closed in around her and ahead of her was a tall figure he wore a dark red jacket and black dragon skin pants his hair pulled back, he looked at her with a dark and mencing glare " Give it back to me, Child!" He cried out black fire arching from his fingers the girl clutched the bundle close " no, it does not belong to the likes of you." the Figure fuming with anger cried out " Give me the Al'leka or i swear you will die!" the girl did not respond but only placed her hand on the bundle and channeling a massive amounts of Kyi into it. she created a golden arch around the bundle covering it in a gold light in a instet the bundle was gone from her handsshe fell to the ground gasping for breath " it took a large portion of my Kyi as well as my Life Force to cast that teleportion spell but it was worth it."The Figure sreamed in anger as black fire flowed from his fingertips engulfing the girl "You foolish girl do you not understand what he is and what power he has!the girl stood up weakly and said " yes but it does not belong to you." the girl smiled sure in her victory and fell to the ground and died.

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