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  • Elsword Online

    Elsword Online


    James, Mew, Troll, Kurloz, Jose (DKM), Brandon, FalkonLink, and TJ all love playing MMORPG games together. Now theres this new game called Elsword Online that the gang soon buy and play. But now everyone whose logged in cant log out. Join Mew and her friends as they fight to survive the online gaming world to stay alive and get home safely.

  • High School Girl's Adventure in Another World? [Hiatus]

    High School Girl's Adventure in Another World? [Hiatus]


    Update: Story is on indefinite hiatus since I've been busy. Haven't been able to juggle between this, work, and my hobbies. Might come back if another lockdown happens or I get the motivation to. Apologies.------------What is a normal high school girl who likes to read novels and play video games supposed to do when she finds herself in another world?Ruby was just an average high school girl living her daily life until she finds herself in a strange situation."Have I become the protagonist of a novel with a transported to another world plot?"Suddenly finding herself in an unknown environment with creatures straight out of the games and novels she reads, follow her on her adventure as she journeys across the new world making friends and gathering allies to defeat the demon king!"What demon king? No way am I fighting something with a scary title like that!"...Follow her on her journey as she tries to find a way back home!"Meh. If I feel like it. It might be fun to stay here."...As she becomes the strongest in this world?"Being average is fine for me as long as I can protect myself."...How this girl will end up after all this... Who knows? Author's note:Hello. I am a newbie author who decided to make a story instead of just reading the works of others. Since I have a lot of free time thanks to the quarantine I thought why not?Expect some cliches, many grammatical errors, plot holes and erratic updates.Also I got the image from:https://hdqwalls.com/wallpaper/750x1334/elesis-elsword-anime-character-4kI don't know who made it but if someone does, please tell me so that I can give proper credit.

  • The Creator: Chasing Beauty

    The Creator: Chasing Beauty


    I am the creator, My only job is to create things. I don't know who am I. My only reason is to create, Create worlds, Create livings and etc. But then I got another reason and objective......Genre: Romance, Action, Xianxia, Harem, FantasyTags: East and West fantasy, OP MC, R18, Mini or Semi Fanfic, Calm protagonist, Enthusiast protagonist, Average protagonist, Incest, Beautiful Female lead, Gods, Face-slapping.Cover is not mine, The girl on the cover is Ara Haan Devi from elsword.Update 20 chapters a month. If you want to support me https://www.patreon.com/ScarletBMhttps://ko-fi.com/scarletbloodmoon

  • Universal explorer

    Universal explorer

    A teenager died in our world. He woke up in an other world where every fictionnal things that humans created is real.

  • Spirit Realm: The Devil's Path

    Spirit Realm: The Devil's Path


    Spirit Realm, the world full of mystical energy. That is the name of this strange world which is home to many, many creatures. It is also a new home for one young man from Earth, who forged a contract with fate and reincarnated here. The world where various races reside—be it Dragons, Demons, Angels, Monsters... Nothing should be strange or unexpected in this world. Asura, a curious fella from Earth, came to this world with the help of fate—to the world from his dreams. Ever since he read the first fantasy book, it was his wish to come in a world like that. However, he is no mere visitor in this world—for in his new life, he is a being that represents disorder. He is a Devil - the only one of his kind. His soul was summoned by occultists while they were tinkering with the forbidden knowledge, giving him a chance to meet his lifelong partner - a little girl by the name of Xia. Their journey will be long, hard at times and fun at others, but as long as they are with each other, nothing is impossible. The new Demon King has been born, bearing the mysterious power nobody came in contact with before him. Just for possessing this power, a bunch of deities had cast their curse on him—that is how terrifying this power is. Let us witness the legend these two will make - their journey on The Devil's Path. /— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —\ The cover image doesn't belong to me, Character: Lu - Elsword \— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —/

  • 5 Kesatria Bersaudara

    5 Kesatria Bersaudara

    Author:Narafa KunJudul:Elsther KnightGenre:Fantasi/Kingdom/Petualangan/Time Travel/Kesatria/AksiSinopsis:Di Sebuah Kerajaan Romawi kuno Yang Bernama ELVADOR,Terdapat 5 Kesatria Yang Bersaudara, Di Antarnya Anak Pertama Kaisar (Sang Keabadian). Anak Kedua Kaisar (Sang Keberanian). Anak Ketiga Kaisar (Sang Kesunyian). Anak Ke Empat Kaisar (Sang Kedamaian). Anak Kelima Kaisar (Sang Kesucian). 5 Kesatria Bersaudara Tersebut Bertugas Menjaga Pedang Suci Yang Bernama ELSWORD Peninggalan Kakek Buyutnya,Pedang Tersebut Telah Menancap Beribu-Ribu Taun Di Tengah-Tengah Kerajaan ELVADOR Tidak Ada Seorang Pun Yang Bisa Mencabut Pedang Suci Tersebut. Namun Kerajaan Iblis Yang Bernama EVALOR Mengincar Pedang Tersebut,Dan Berusaha Mencabut Pedang Tersebut Dan Menghancurkan Kerajaan ELVADOR Namun 5 Kesatria Yang Bersaudara Ini Tidak Tinggal Diam Mereka Pun Mulai Menjaga Dengan Ketat,dan mencari-cari kerajaan iblis tersebut ,Namun Ternyata Masih ada 2 saudara lagi yang tidak diketahui identitasnya,karena yang satu berkhianat dan yang satunya di culik oleh raja iblis. Dan Inilah Kisah Petualang 5 Kesatria Yang Bersaudara Melindungi Kerajaan Dan Melindungi Bumi. Season 1 : Chapter 1-250********Menghindari distorsi sejarah,maka meski berlatar belakang kerajaan romawi,cerita ini adalah murni fiksi.Nama tempat dan tokoh dalam cerita ini murni karangan belaka.Jika ada kesamaan murni kebetulan semata.Tulisan ini menjadi sebuah "dokumentasi"dari fantasi yang mengendap lama di otak kecil penulis,terinspirasi dari kisah seorang kesatria yang menyelamatkan kerajaan nya dari iblis.Kisah ini terinspirasi dari kisah-kisah tersebutDan Nantikan Season-Season Selanjutnya Dari ELSTHER KNIGHT

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