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  • Bloody Full Moon

    Bloody Full Moon


    "What do you want from me?" he asks, staring at the woman who transforms from an exquisite, perplexing beauty into sexual temptation."I want you to kill me."“You’re already dead, strigoi.”As he clutches the doorknob, her voice caresses his ears —“I want true death.” Her tone softens, too alluring to refuse. “And only you can give it to me, WOLF.”When an outcast vampiress meets the most desired Alpha CEO in the city, there should have been bloodshed. Fate, on the other hand, has different plans for them. Wolves, vampires, and the entire supernatural underworld will come between them. But those are simple to overcome in comparison with their own prejudices.For Paul, she's a tainted soul. In normal circumstances, he would give her what she wants, death. But the rules he loves so much compel him to protect her.For Laura, he's just a means to an end, someone who holds the key to what she desires. Love is just a stumbling block in a life she doesn't want to live.Join Discord: https://discord.gg/QNZtVmVWc5All my social media accounts can be found on my website: https://helenbold.com# r18 # beauty # vampire # werewolf # ceo # powerfulcouple # immortal # alpha # enemiestolovers # fastpaced

  • The Cursed Prince's Untamed Desire

    The Cursed Prince's Untamed Desire


    Celeste Freespeare is the secret illegitimate daughter of Duke Richmond. Forcing her to assume the name of his legitimate daughter, he sends her off to marry the neighbouring country's Prince, Bastian Attinian. It might not be so bad, apart from the fact that Bastian is cursed to be a half-blood, possessing the blood of an animal within him. Rumours of his monstrous appearance and animalistic nature have reached the four corners of the Continent, and how he is a creature of seclusion, who doesn't like to be seen out of the palace. In Duke Richmond's eyes, a monster and an illegitimate daughter are perfect for each other. However, upon arrival, Celeste finds that the secluded 'creature' as they call him is just like any other man... until night falls. #contest #firstlove #loveatfirstsight #enemiestolovers #royalfamily #loveaftermarriage #fatedlove #mates

  • Love To Hate Me

    Love To Hate Me



    “Let go of the past but keep the lessons it taught you.” - Chara Gizzi A past is something everyone has. Some want to let it go, while some cherish it. This was the same for Soo Min and Ryan. They say that a mother is a daughter’s first best friend, but before Soo Min could embrace god’s greatest gift, it was cruelly snatched away. Losing her mother in an unexpected accident, Soo Min vowed to not let anyone else suffer and took up the world’s most noble profession. Now known as the world’s #1 cardiologist, Soo Min lived a life devoted to her career. Life in college was a bliss but turned into a misery just as quick. Ryan Song, a college playboy had lived an enviable life. Not ever serious and bothered, he lived a chill life, dating the beloved of the college. Just when life was going perfect, in a well planned murder that was made to look like a mere car accident, he lost the lives of his father and brother. Devastated by the sudden deaths, Ryan’s life was no more the same, his family’s company went bankrupt and to top that his girlfriend broke up with him. This was the birth of heart of stone Ryan Song. But life’s miseries didn’t stop him. Ryan Song, now the CEO of the well-renowned fashion company, Glamour and the most eligible bachelor, changed his miserable fate and brought his life back on track. Coincidence? or Fate? ____________________ This story is about an alliance between a cardio thoracic surgeon and a businessman, who are at odds with each other but are forced to comply to an arranged marriage brought by their parents. The two stubborn, rigid people collided constantly. But in the process of competing with each other, they grow, and at the same time, they find their own inner belonging in each other, and gradually fall in love. When I Hate You, Turns Into I Love You! When Enemies Became Lovers! ___________________ Updates: 2-3 Chapters per week **Cover does not belong to me. Credits to the artist! **This is an original novel by aria_dramafan. All rights are reserved to the author. Thank You! _____________ **Join My Discord **My discord username is aria_dramafan#1367. Just send me a quick text and I’ll add you to this novel’s server for updates and spoilers. Tags: #RichRomance #SweetLove #ArrangedMarriage #MaleChasesFemaleLead #EnemiesToLovers

  • I Am Machine

    I Am Machine


    It was said he was in a terrible accident that resulted in him being part machine… They said he was a robot that couldn’t feel— that he died in that accident and now “it” was walking around in his body. He wore a glove on his left hand always, but a black and white mask when he was doing Underworld business. Casimiro Machina inherited a lot from his parents, but furthered his fortune after becoming King of the Underworld and CEO of Machina Industries. Nova Thuse is trying very hard to take down the Underworld King. But after fighting for nearly a decade, the two have formed a special bond. The kind that doesn’t allow anyone else to come between their fights. Both waiting for the day to come when one surrenders or kills the other. However, circumstances change and Nova is forced to make decisions she wouldn’t have taken. Situations push the two together. Then, a dark force cone for Stardust. Agreeing on a truce and to collaborate on the force trying to take Nova and destroy Casimiro’s empire, the two must also face the electrifying tension when left alone in the same room… *** #fantasy #enemiestolovers #partmachine #comedyromance #sci-firomance

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