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    As a rogue werewolf on the run, Esme tries to live her life in the present, wondering if she will have a future and hiding from her past. She moves from place to place, never staying for more than four months at a time, leaving before any attachments are formed, and she is nothing but a ghost, a girl they used to know. After surviving on her own for two years, keeping to the shadows and blending in for so long, she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight when the city she stumbled across is controlled by none other than the Vampire King, Gabriel, the ruthless. He is intrigued by the she-wolf who chooses to live among vampires and decides to keep his natural enemy close to his side. But the more Esme tries to hide her true self, the more Gabriel is drawn to her. For someone accustomed to being alone and not leaning on anyone for help, will Esme open up to the one person who can see through her attitude for what it really is.. a painful past covered in scars? ** DISCLAIMER ** Mature Content (R18+): Abuse, Graphic violence, References to suicide, Domestic violence, Sexual content, Strong language. This is part of HUNTED. Cover is mine and created by @if._art My instagram: @xkelly_starrzx

  • Loved By a Vampire King

    Loved By a Vampire King



    After getting banned from her own world at an young age for a greater purpose, Esme Watts was living happily in the human world. Disguising as a human girl, she was getting immense love from her human parents. Slowly, she was forgetting her own identity and was living her life well with some beautiful and loving people around her.One day her joyful world turned upside down when she was suddenly kidnapped.After getting kidnapped by the ruthless vampire king Aaron Richards, Esme Watts was forcefully locked up in a dark room waiting to be rescued by her dear ones.Even every breath she took was too painful for her numb body..As days passed, she kept searching a way to escape from this terrific vampire world. But after knowing Aaron personally and closely, will she try to escape or will she be trapped by his possessive love? Will Aaron love her after knowing her true identity?? Why did Aaron want her desperately? All is in the name of love or something else! || Silver-Tier WINNER Of Prompt Contest --133 ||Part 1 ~ LOVED BY A VAMPIRE KINGVolume Sequence ~ Volume 1 -- Volume 5Status: CompletedChapter Range -- 1- 263WARNING: Both Novel Contains Mature Contents but No Sexual Assault!_____________________________PART 2 ~ SPIN-OFF SEQUEL Title: LOVED BY A DEMON KING { Volume 6-. }Theme Line: When Curse Is The Beginning Of Her Love...!!Status: ONGOINGChapter Range: 264-SYNOPSIS: Being the first hybrid of two worlds was a blessing and curse for Ayra Chole, the controversial Princess from the world of Fairies. Possesing the immense power of two different creatures in the paranormal world, her journey towards living wasn't sweet like others anticipated more specifically after being a powerful princess who was treasured by her family like a gem. Dealing with everyone's hatred and jealousy since her birth, she constantly had to deal with her transparent emotions. She wasn't born to fear anyone except her own powers which goes uncontrollably wrong frequently.In this flicker of hope to find someone who could love and accept her trueself wholeheartedly, her mind was always restless in search of true love. One day,someone had finally picked up the courage to ask her hands boldly. But wait,who was he? The rumored Demon King, Cedric Arnaldo Dixon who was disdained by everyone same alike her coincidentally. The king of dragons whose hands were always filled with blood. Needless to say that he was rumoured to be hated by his own father ever since he born. A man who changed women more often like any ornaments. Rumours said that he had no heart to love others and killing was the only solution of his every arising problem.Very commonly, she was going to reject a rebellious man like him but the man had no other firm intention rather than claiming her as his own bride.How will their journey go around with so much hatred and evil powers? Can this two bloom the flower of love in their hearts? Or an untellable curse was going to destroy everything? ****SNEAK PEAK ****One night, he whispered beside her ears as she kept writhing underneath him," Darling, you can never fall out from a Demon's love. Once you have fallen in love with someone's evil side, you should know that he is your end game in this life time."Tags: #Demon #Hybrid #Fairy #dragon *** Cover is owned by me.Design credit all goes to @Art_By_Arpi on Instagram. Contact her on instagram to get your amazing cover done.***WARNING : Do not use the cover without permission. It is a copyrighted cover and solemnly belongs to me. For Donations and Support Author personally, Join me on Patreon: This is an unedited book! So you may come across grammatical errors or typing mistake! --------------------------------This Novel Belongs To W E B N O V E L. C O M Exclusively Only.**********************Instagram : anamika_author Discord : Anamika Ana #5922Email :

  • Ensnaring his Dark Moon

    Ensnaring his Dark Moon



    Once a princess, now a maid. By choice?! Esmeray Reis, once a princess, is now an ordinary person. She prefers to live like a bespectacled wallflower to stay far away from people's attention until one day she is compelled to enter the Royal Castle disguised as a maid under certain circumstances. Aleister Daven, a mysterious Prince. Dark, devious, and dangerous. The mention of his name is enough to make people tremble. Uninterested in most of the things until he comes across the stubborn woman who won't spare a glance in his way. When strange incidents happen around her, she finds herself waking up in the depths of the ageless sea. Mysterious powers awakening inside her body threatens to shred away her existence and her rationality. The involvement of merfolk makes everything more complicated. Staying far away from him was all she ever wished but what was she going to do when he becomes the sole ray of light in the darkness surrounding her? Will she take his hand? ... Excerpt:What do you think of this flower?" she asked, taking a step towards him. "Beautiful," he answered within a beat, well aware that she had planted this rose plant. "What do you think of the weather?" she took another step towards him, all the while looking at his face. He tilted his head to look at the sky covered in grey clouds, the color resembling her eyes, "Pretty."Esme took another step towards him and Aleister stepped back, ''There there, Princess. You seem quite different today. Quite aggressive. Quite passionate. Do you want to pin me somewhere and do things to me?'' he teased. Unexpectedly, she did not back away this time. She narrowed her eyes and continued smiling, ''Maybe,'' her voice barely above a whisper as she continued without giving him a chance to react, "I have decided what I want. Now, tell me...""Tell you what?" She closed the distance between them, leaving a few inches gap in their bodies, "What do you think of me?"

  • Loving the Enemy

    Loving the Enemy


  • The Relic

    The Relic

    Life can take truly amazing turns, many times it can be to give us laughter or sadness, she decides.You normally live your life but from one moment to the next you have to flee. Who will survive the game that life presents to you? Only the brave end it. Saga Pursued

  • A girl and a evil family. A handsome guy whose trying to protect her.

    A girl and a evil family. A handsome guy whose trying to protect her.


    A girl whose life was not as simple as it seem. A father who hates her for the death of his beloved wife. An evil sister that’s always scheming against her. A hadsome guy whose path cross with her, and now his goal is to protect her and love her. Will the girl get her happy ever after or will she shut him out of her heart and life.?

  • syd


  • Constellations


    There is always a sad ending...

  • The girl of fire

    The girl of fire

  • Right Feeling, Wrong Moment

    Right Feeling, Wrong Moment

  • Hola...


  • underground grave

    underground grave


  • Don't hate me, Sweetheart!

    Don't hate me, Sweetheart!

  • The Melody of Youth

    The Melody of Youth

    Sarah Gilbert, seorang gadis cantik nan pintar yang berhasil menggapai impiannya untuk menjadi bagian dari Layden University. Ia adalah kebanggan orang tua dan keluarga. Yang Sarah tahu selama ini hanyalah belajar dan belajar. Sampai akhirnya, ia dipertemukan seseorang yang mampu mengubah jalan hidupnya dan menggoyahkan prinsip dalam dirinya. Sarah dihadapkan dengan pilihan-pilihan sulit, kebahagiaannya mendapat tentangan dari keluarga. Lalu, apakah yang harus dipilih oleh Sarah? Ego ataukah prinsip hidupnya?

  • The Mafia Billionaire

    The Mafia Billionaire


    Esme Lawrence Smith is an orphan and cared for by a famous mafia couple in Brazil, but when she is 21 years old without her parents knowing, Esme becomes a CIA agent and does not expect to be on a mission to find information about the leader of a mafia gang. And that turned out to be Austin Richards Hernandez, dashing, handsome, rich, sadistic, and without a conscience. He will kill anyone who interferes with his life. Then what will happen if a CIA agent and the same high-class Mafia meet? The two sides are opposite each other, Esme who has to be the only mistress of a mafia leader, without Austin knowing Esme's real identity. The more time he spent with Austin, the more he got into big trouble...that was, falling for him. But there is someone who always saves her when Esme is in danger, can Esme find that person? Will enmity be eternal love? Will they survive in the midst of all this trouble? Can Austin fall in love with a CIA agent who interferes with his life? Is there an opponent to win Esme's heart? ----- Will Esme be able to seduce her target and complete her project even though Esme is in a love triangle circle between the mafia boss and the same life savior fighting over the heart of Esme Lawrence Smith?

  • Haikal Dan Saya

    Haikal Dan Saya

    bertemu dengan mu sangat menyenangkan Haikal, bagaimana kabarmu sekarang?kita masih bisa bertemu lagi kan? aku merindukanmu sunggu!----esme kau baik-baik saja kan, kau benar jatuh cinta itu menyakitkan. seharunya aku mempercayaimu!kita harus bertemu lagi! ajak teman mu juga, kau masih bersama Eun Soo?aku disini baik-baik saja, jangan khawatirkan aku. tapi khawatirkan saja dirimu!sampai jumpa lagi Esme:)

  • Love you thousand years

    Love you thousand years

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    A man and woman got married with love. Gave birth to an angelic girl named Esme. The man turned to be a vampire. Esme's mother couldn't tolerate it. The man requested his love to go to another country. she accepted it from the heart.Esme fell for a handsome vampire. There were a lot of issues on their wedding anniversary...... finally, spend their life with joy after a lot of troubles.

  • You’re the One: Take Two!

    You’re the One: Take Two!


    R-18 Mature ..... Esme is in love with the book “You're the One." It's a charmingly tragic love story between two wolves. On the day of her death, Esme is transported to the world of "You're the One" and she discovers she's the villainess! As Esme assumes her new role as Nyx, the daughter of a witch and wolf, and her fate as the left behind mate, she decides to utilize this chance for redemption. Join her as she debates whether to stay a villainess or to become the heroine in disguise. ..... Coming soon!

  • My Girlfriend Is A Mafia Queen

    My Girlfriend Is A Mafia Queen


    Esme Arnauld, the daughter of the most terrifying Mafia. No one knows her ability, except her father who's set on making her his future heiress. In a recent event, she wiped out the whole Thorn Organisation, the reason? they tried to touch her friend... After she did that deed, she did not expect to become the next target of the monotonous people in her father's organization. To hide from them, she changed her place... However, she did not expect to meet Joseph Auclair there, the person who is known for his dad...the criminal detective. Their both lives entangled, how will they survive? or sink even further. ( The cover is not mine, it belongs to the respective owner )

  • Blood doesn’t make you family

    Blood doesn’t make you family

    Esme is a princess from August Village. She is the outcast in her family, both her parents pay no attention to her. Her sister Kya is the favorite child and in her parent's eyes can do no wrong. One night Esme sees a blue light in the sky and after that, her life was never the same