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  • The Fanasty Affair

    The Fanasty Affair


    Finding the man of your dreams is hard sometimes impossible. What happens if you got that chance? Would you leave your life behind to go with him? Elizabeth is a bored housewife who starts writing a book. She falls in love with the Male character that she creates. Just when the book gets published, she meets him for real. Will she go with him? Or stay in her loveless marriage? Will her fantasy be everything she thought it would? Or will she regret leaving her life?

  • Underneath the Stars

    Underneath the Stars

    Genres: Romance, fiction, fanasty, magic, school life, adventureHave you ever wondered what the answer to many unsolved mysteries is? Or is there another world or time I'm not in? Join Raya on her adventure with new friends and foes through a magical path. After many bad incidents will faith finally find its way back to her heart? As she explore this new world of magic join her underneath the stars!By, Calistraya SterlingOriginal made by me personally I hope you guys enjoy because I love magic so much! I'm not going to have a regular release schedule but I will try to do at least once a month!

  • My Fantasy Lover and I

    My Fantasy Lover and I

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 SYSTEM KILLER

    This book is about a girl named Ting Lang who fell for a character named Yi Lang but, the thing is he's just her fanasty from her dream

  • Wickedly Betrothed

    Wickedly Betrothed


    Why do have to be so evil ?? I scream I wish I could answer that question ..Xavier said coldly as he walked away from the festivities toward the veranda . “Everything happens for a reason ..why it have to be you ?” I screamed as tears streamed down my face . “I’m sorry echo I just wanted to protect you from the harsh realities of this world.”Xavier clinched his fists at the thought her inevitable pain . If that’s the case ...Can you protect me from you ? I snapped as I furiously whipped away the tears shed I can’t do that your my destiny .. we were fated at birth . And you believe what you just said given the fact you lied to my face on a daily basis .i don’t know what to call you Xavier or Blake . Whatever you want to be called I hate you for ... making me care for you .. ———————————- End of excerpt: ——————————- Synopsis: At a young age Echo Delaney realized that life was not all sunshine and rainbows . . When she meets a mysterious man in her hospital lobby . Her analytical and routine life will be turned upside down .After discovering she is the "long-lost princess "of a war stricken land . The only way for the war to end is to marry .echo has to make the ultimate choice she will protect her land or her heart at any and all costs . Even if echo is betrothed at birth to rebellious fae prince Xavier. who wants nothing to do with her or the crown. Once Echo Delaney goes through the outer land portal. leaving her well- planned life and everything she has ever known in the mortal realm. She is thrust into xavier’s world of regal grand balls, sporting events and lavish dinners . cutthroat royal court where lies are abundant ,backstabbing is a norm ,and friendship is semi non existent . With every twist and turn she in this whirl wind if greed , lust, and power.First she has to help Xavier find his half brothers in the mortal realm .which will not be an easy feat due to their rebellious nature. Can she figure out a way to protect her people before her upcoming coronation? Will she live to see her coronation with the all the failed attempts upon her life.will her savior be the one who hurts her more in the end?

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