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  • My Miss Fortune System

    My Miss Fortune System


    Martial masters? Ability users? What did it mean if espers and skill holders were fundamental to the pillars of society despite their extremely small number? Mikelle Fortuna was a young man who attracted nothing but misfortune. It was like an occasional curse to him and the people around him. At the age of 16, he was expelled from the sect for his lack of talent. With nothing but himself, he went on an adventure to follow where the wind would guide him. On that fateful day of the unexpected miracle, he was granted a system after he paid homage to a Goddess statue. Then, a girl's voice came to his mind. [Find a Miss Fortune within a month or die.] "What!? How? What kind of girl do I need to find?" [Fortune Point is in the red zone, misfortune will befall you.] "I have to find a Miss Fortune, but misfortune comes to me instead!?" As luck would have it, Mike's odyssey was filled with the beauty of wonder and unpredictable outcomes.

  • Notebook of Fortune

    Notebook of Fortune


    (This book is another work of the author of Library of Heaven’s Path) Shen Zhe, a high school student whose grades are terrible, has transmigrated to an alternate world where everybody is a genius. He believes that he will be tortured for his lack of knowledge, but a notebook in his head that he was reborn with proves to be a lifesaver at the end of the day. He discovers that he can modify laws, truths and definitions with the notebook. With the notebook, Shen Zhe grows from a horrible student into an expert of all subjects, changing his fate and the fate of his loved ones.

  • Strange Fortune

    Strange Fortune

    Jake Nelson isn’t worried when he’s kidnapped for ransom. He’s a strong alpha and former military, so he’s able to rescue himself and his fellow prisoner, omega David Beecham. There’s only one problem: during their captivity, David bonded with him. Now Jake has to decide if he’s ready to make a lifelong commitment to a man he just met.<br><br>David was holding out for a progressive alpha, not that it matters anymore. Bonding with Jake means he’ll never respond to any other alpha. He isn’t sure which is worse -- being rejected by Jake, or discovering Jake is willing to claim him but wants a completely subservient omega.<br><br>It isn’t what either planned for and has the potential to be a disaster. And yet, could it be their kidnapper did them a favor by bringing them together?

  • I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

    I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator



    If you found out that you would be transmigrated to a fantasy world 10 days later, what would you do in these 10 days? [Activating the Cultivation Emulator.] [Your current cultivation talent options are: extraordinary writing skills, disabilities…] [Day 1. You transmigrated to a small village at the foot of Tianwu Mountain. You were determined to become a great cultivator who was immortal. On the same day, you left the village and headed into the mountains.] [Day 2. You were in the mountains and hadn’t found any food so far. Hungry and thirsty, you sought temporary shelter in a dilapidated temple at night. To your surprise, there were monsters in the temple. You had no means to defend yourself and you died.] [Ding! You completed the simulation. Every day, you can permanently retain a talent. You can also extract the talents into the real world.] 10 days later, Zhao Hao ventured into the cultivation world, along with 10 top cultivation talents.

  • His little fortune

    His little fortune


    [ it's over! ] His face was expressionless and cold. This was the evaluation of Xiao Jiuyan from the entire s nation. As for Guan Xi, other than the above points, this man was also a pervert who liked to bully others. Guan Xi felt that the most unlucky thing in her life was that she had a face that looked exactly like Gu Wenxi's and married Xiao Jiuyan for Gu Wenxi. She thought that she would be able to get a divorce in two years. Who knew that this man would spoil her so much! Guan Xi said, "Master Jiu, I... We should be able to get a divorce, right? " "Huh? " The man narrowed his eyes dangerously. Guan Xi was terrified. "9th Master, please let me be your wife forever. " This little wife of his was a fool! [1V1, Gao Tian Chong Wen ]

  • fortune baby

    fortune baby

  • Miss Fortune

    Miss Fortune

    Tong Mei has long known that she was uncommonly unlucky. When it was time for portraits to be drawn of the family members, she would get pimples all across her face or a weirdly painful skin rash on her body.When there were exams, she was always late to them, forgot to write her name on them, or ended up sitting for the wrong ones. When she wanted to confess her love to a boy she liked, she instead vomited all over him in her nervousness and never saw him again.And when there was a huge political purge in her peaceful country, she was the only who was executed because of false accusations that she was a spy. _______________________________________________“The Gods made a mistake when they separated your soul from your soulmate’s,” the voice from her ring told her. “Everything is to be split between the two of you and it’s a fine balance. Unfortunately, you received none of the luck that was supposed to given to you. In fact, your luck is so far in the negatives that you basically couldn’t even live to the time you were supposed to meet him. We’re here to fix that.” Once again, Miss Fortune is paying for other people's mistakes. "So... you want me to go looking for my other half and take back what belongs to me in the first place?" "Yes.""But why can't you do it yourself? It's your mistake in the first place and you're, I don't know, a GOD?" "..."

  • Empress Fortune

    Empress Fortune

    The 21st genetic modification was made for the people to traverse the vacuum of space. They could conserve air within their body for a year and far stronger than a common man. Millions of parents took their newborn for the test. However, it was a complete failure with 99% of the subjects were defected. Luckily, Alexa Fortune was one of the 21st generations to have a 100% compatibility before the project was terminated. 18 years later, Alexa Fortune was set on travelling the outer worlds until she unravel an ancient artifact that would changed her normal path into one of the most legendary figures in the multiple known galactic universe.Disclaimer: Cover photo not mine. ctto.




    About a man named Sonjee; who was a Fortune Teller in North Vietnam that everybody knows. had a wife and a son. The King in North Vietnam had two sons and married two wives. One day Sonjee went to the future and saw a secret; told the king. that secret was a big secret between the second Queen and the King; so they plan to kill Sonjee before telling the Kingdom and also before that day Sonjee had went to palace told everybody that there will be another FORTUNE TELLER after he had dead that the man will come to take revenge not to work everybody. RETURN OF A FORTUNE TELLER. REVENGE, ABUSE OF POWER AND BROUGHT UP. After the death of SeHoo and his mother; all the kingdom had realized thought that there was nothing to attack them again. It was once in a year that Fortune too used to go the future; all of them had realized including the armies. A lady in South Vietnam named Xugier; she was very powerful that killing of people mean nothing to her and her mother was the only Witches that survived when Fortune Teller exploded them, not really her mother but she was the one that brought her up. showed up to them with the princess sign, claiming to be the child of the formal king which they believed that it couldn't be because of what the witches and Wizards as said.

  • Fortune Cookies

    Fortune Cookies

    Bagi Derry, Ifa adalah segalanya. Apa pun akan dilakukan Derry demi kebahagiaan Ifa, termasuk menjadi malaikat pelindungnya. Sayangnya, apa yang dilakukan Derry, tak pernah diketahui Ifa. Selama ini Ifa mengira, hidupnya berjalan sesuai takdir, tanpa adanya intrik, tipu muslihat, ataupun trik-trik lainnya. Ketika Ifa jatuh cinta pada Indy, Derry pun berupaya sekuat tenaga untuk mempersatukan mereka, meski itu berarti harus kehilangan cintanya sendiri. Sementara itu, Derry tak tahu kalau ada orang lain yang selalu mengawasi gerak-geriknya. Anima, yang juga menjadi sahabat Derry, berupaya keras mencari tahu niat dibalik kebaikan Derry terhadap Ifa. Mampukah Anima menebak apa yang tengah terjadi antara Derry, Ifa, Indy, dan bahkan Kris—bintang idola yang ditaksir oleh Indy? Hal apakah yang pernah dilakukan Ifa sehingga Derry begitu berhutang budi dan merasa wajib menjadi malaikan pelindungnya? Novel ini berkisah tentang persahabatan penuh intrik yang ditentukan oleh Fortune Cookies. Apa kata fortune cookies-mu hari ini?



    Fantasy VILLAIN TEEN

    Jayden Williams a nerd who often gets bullied in school . She's a sweet, small, bubbly girl who tries her best to stay out of trouble. She's happy with her life believing it would turn out to be better someday . With absolutely no friends she still tries to live her life happily putting aside everyday bullies. She's got loving parents and her best and only friend Jason her elder brother on her priority list . Adding a few more wont be a big deal right ? Marcus Carson a cold hearted adopted son of Carson family . He's rude , feisty , got anger issues and makes the rules . Except for family he doesn't give a flying fuck to anyone . And family for him includes his friends too, roman , tyler, chase. He's got a perfect family , perfect parents , lot of money, beautiful sister though she's a pain in the ass at times . But ... there is this special someone who he's looking for , who got a place in his heart way before his present family. You think this cold rock can find his warmth ? wanna find out ?

  • Fortune of Lifetimes

    Fortune of Lifetimes

    While sneaking out off the city the young orphan Renato stumbled into a hidden cave discovering a strange stone tablet, after touching it multiple lives flashed through his mind. Follow him on his journey to travel unhindered through this world.

  • Fortune world

    Fortune world


  • Ill Fortune

    Ill Fortune

    Elite mercenary Connor Rattakul can't escape his past. After choosing the wrong side in a war against the Directorate, he becomes a fugitive, hiding in the ranks of the thousands of mercenaries always desperate for the next job. But a series of mishaps force his team deep into the Talon Sector, where the Directorate holds power. Only his former girlfriend's intervention can save him. With Directorate assassins on his trail, Connor is forced to take on a job that his team might not survive from a client his boss says can't be trusted. But that boss seems ready to crack, and the client is hiding deadly secrets from the mercenaries. Will Connor be able to lead his teammates through the dark world he's led them to, or will they all die in the alien gloom?

  • Fortune Cookie

    Fortune Cookie


    Indifferent about the thought of having any emotional attachments to anything aside from her family, Naomi Ruth Sandoval is near completing her high-school life just as she wants it to be — no friends, no happy memories to cry over and no one to remember her. If it won't benefit her, why bother? But things changed when she was accidentally hit with a soccer ball owned by the friendliest guy in school – Hunter Lin.His happy aura contradicts to everything she believes in and the more she pushes him away, the more his presence blossoms into her rather passive school life.Who to blame though? Oh, herself. If she only didn’t stop in that spot to eat her fortune cookie, he wouldn’t end up winding into her life.A story of youth and chasing one’s own dreams, how will she handle the first love beat of her young heart?

  • Poor to fortune

    Poor to fortune

  • Man of Fortune

    Man of Fortune


    At the dawn of humanity, there were those among the children of man who were born with the gift of fate. Shaman as they were known to some, heralds of fortune and the light of hope. They knew no fear until the beings of the warp came to be known. As they fell one by one, the future of man seemed bleak. The council has now called for their last meeting to determine the destiny of man. From the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the mountains, the children of fate gathered . On this day, only one walked away. On this day, the Emperor was born.

  • Tower of Fortune

    Tower of Fortune

  • Fortune of The Gods

    Fortune of The Gods


    A young boy, gifted with strange and powerful magiks has a thirst for revenge. What allies will he make, and what enemies will he face?(Warning this'll have kinda graphic descriptions of violence)

  • The Abyss of Fortune

    The Abyss of Fortune

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE TWISTED

    Every single person living in close proximity to the one and only Eighth Sea is well aware of the fantasy city, The Abyss of Fortune. However, none has the knowledge of where this city exists. According to legend, the city is home to millions of exotic treasures and riches, along with foods fit for ten thousand kings.All that attempt to find The Abyss of Fortune is never seen again. Probably engulfed by the raging sea or driven with hunger and madness. Only when the secretive stars align and the moon is at its very peak can people find this city, legend claims. When the time is right, a crew of all-female pirates, led by the infamous Captain Vixen, journey across the Eighth Sea, searching for the city. Their journey is long and dreary, but effortless, too. But the city has one, untold catch. The same catch that was responsible for all the mystifying disappearances...