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  • Fraud


    Contemporary Romance TRAGEDY REVENGE

    A not so love story, this focus on loving yourself and fighting your rights not just a woman but also a human being, but... is this really the main point? People think as long as you express yourself and live the way you wanted make this world work, but what if I tell you it's not? "World is the dynamic of mystery, living is the curse to others, if you won't hunt you won't survive."How to apply the equality to society or is it how to survive this world?



    Historical Romance MYSTERY HISTORICAL

  • Devilish fraud

    Devilish fraud


    Kio who has no memory of what happened to his grandpa after his death has entered a gate with a childhood friend of his. With little of knowledge what will happen there. Author note:Hello everyone and thanks for reading the story I'am a beginner author who has not written so many stories before. I will try do my best in the story. If possible I would like to get critic just so I could learn from my mistakes. Also pic found form internet pinterest

  • Identity Fraud

    Identity Fraud

    Darius was having fun with his friends around the time of his 23 birthday when all of the sudden, everything changed. He starts having these weird dreams, real dreams. So real that he wakes up with marks across his body he gained from the very dream. What is it that is happening to him? Why is it happening to him? So many questions to be answered in this series.

  • The Deathly Fraud

    The Deathly Fraud

  • I Transmigrate as a Single Mother of the Three Antagonists

    I Transmigrate as a Single Mother of the Three Antagonists


    Qiu Tong transmigrated into a storyline about the poor family background of three major villains.. Her father was a financial fraud, and the three children she raised by herself would become super villains in the future. Their family would end up miserable. Qiu Tong wanted to leave, but the three children were so pitiful. Without her, they would die. In the end, she decided to change their fate! After that, Qiu Tong worked hard to earn a lot of money and became the richest person in City A. The three children also went from gloomy little devils to bright little angels. They even referred to her during their interview. The jaws of the executives dropped when they saw the interview. "These children look exactly like the President!" "President, bad news. Your children are looking for a stepfather for their mother!" Before long, Qiu Tong was brought to the magnificent palace where a handsome man was waiting. "You want to run away now after stealing my seeds?" "What do you want then?" "I want your heart in exchange." Qiu Tong: Charming looks and exceptional character. Off-the-charts martial arts skills and a minor expert at money-making. Eldest Child: Male, genius in chemistry. Second Child: Male, extreme martial arts skills. Third Child: Female, their mascot in her little cotton-padded jacket. A highly-intelligent and skilled hacker. Jin Yang: S Country's President. Handsome and cold-hearted. He was set up to have a one-night stand with Qiu Tong. He only found out later that she kept the children.

  • The Bona Fide Fraud

    The Bona Fide Fraud


    Willow is a runaway heiress, an orphan, a cook, and a cheat.Gemma is a fighter, a social chameleon, and an athlete.An intense friendship. A disappearance. A murder, or maybe two.A bad romance, or maybe three.Blunt objects, disguises, blood, and chocolate. The American dream, superheroes, spies, and villains.A girl who refuses to give people what they want from her.A girl who refuses to be the person she once was.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gemma Lust Wilder, a white 18-year-old without a family who's staying at a luxurious resort in Columbia, spending her days swimming and studying Spanish. She's strong-willed, secretive, and always on guard.

  • Frauding Royalty

    Frauding Royalty


    Three tasks, two hearts, one lieOn a cold Christmas Eve young Bryce Navado met his fate and got taken to Faeriehill, a magical world hidden from mortals, to be raised as a stableboy. Believing that he would spend eternity taking care of the various beasts in the Kingdom of Faerie, Bryce never expected to find himself battling for the hand of the beautiful Faerie princess, Soteira la Fayette, while disguised as his best friend. Bryce must conquer three deadly tasks but will he succeed when his lie seems to catch up with him?

  • The Sweetest Medicine

    The Sweetest Medicine


    Beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine, Yu Gangan woke up from a coma one day to a cold, mysterious man. "Excuse me, you are...?" A pair of profound eyes focused on her and replied, "Fang Zhihan, your husband." Did this man take her for a fool? He was obviously a fraud! A little while down the track, he pulled her into his arms and whispered beside her ear, "Who am I?" This time, Yu Gangan froze and replied, "Fang Zhihan, my husband." If he was a patient, then she was his sweetest medicine...

  • After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

    After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World


    The first time they met, she said to him, “Mr. Song, I see that you’re I’ll-fates, and I’m afraid that you will die soon. The people around him accused her of being a fraud, and threatened to beat her. The second time she saw him, she said to him, “Mr. Song, you will die tomorrow.” She was nearly beaten. The third time they met, he was on the brink of death. ***Qiao Jin was a twenty year old with a meek disposition, but her personality changed drastically after her suicide attempt, and she became neurotic and pompous. She is labeled as a possessed lunatic. Song Yanqing is a blue-blooded 25 year old. He is ill-omened and so sickly that he can barely walk two steps without coughing. In Qiao Jin’s eyes, he is a phantom with a short life. This is a fictional story about the epic romance between a lunatic that is too big for her britches and a slick noble-born phantom with a short life.

  • Trash Techniques are Actually Pretty Efficient

    Trash Techniques are Actually Pretty Efficient



    An old man sold me a suspicious book on the streets... Of course I bought it!What! It was a fraud?! No matter, I have a system anyways...[System]: Upgrade Trash level book "How to Cultivate for Dummies" to God level?[Me]: Yes![System]: You have insufficient points. [Me]: Why'd you ask me then??[System]: ...

  • Signing In For 20 years In The Mysterious World, I Have Become god

    Signing In For 20 years In The Mysterious World, I Have Become god


    [Not a mystery fellow, but some settings are borrowed from mystery! 】Traveled to a different world with the background of the Middle Ages, where the evil gods are surrounded by secrets, the four kingdoms, the church of the six gods, and the secret organization!At the beginning, he was pulled into a secret organization and became a believer of the evil god.Azatos expressed panic.Fortunately, the check-in system appears at critical moments. As long as you check in every day, you can get rewards.Sign in in the secret room of the followers of the **Star Dominator, and reward [Old God Observation Secret Instrument]!Sign in at the Crimson Church and reward [The Secret Ring]!Sign in at the Erifa Royal Library and reward [Original Church].Sign in at the ancient sacred hall and reward [the authority of fraud]!Sign in in the Kingdom of the Sun God and reward [Symbol of Omniscience].Twenty years later, when the doomsday came and the outer gods came, the whole world was praying for the appearance of the Savior. Azatos came and looked at the distorted and abstract outer gods..[I am not the author or translator of the series.I just copied because it is good, It contain machine translations. i don't own title, summary or anything, I dont even know whether there is similar novel already posted] if you like it enjoy




    Excerpt: Prologue I became an evil Overlord of tyranny by a random chance, and now I have to maintain this pathetic facade to make everyone believe that I am the supreme Overlord to all. Honestly, I am just a lowly mage wishing to lead a normal life. This pretentious life is beginning to wear me down physically and emotionally. Living as fraud is tiring. One mistake, someone will find out that I have no true strength, and my position as an evil Overlord of immense power is just a sham. In truth, I am just a cowardly mage of low rank pretending to have supernatural powers that can destroy kingdoms to ashes within a blink of an eye. In truth, I want to quit pretending and live freely, but I have made more enemies than allies. If I can confess my true strength now and stop this misunderstanding, I will instantly be killed before I can conclude with my confession. I'm literally surrounded by powerful people who were tricked into submission by my lowly tricks. If they can realize that they are deceived, they will show no mercy. I was just a poor man seeking to avenge the death of my daughter and my parents, and I ended up being mistaken as a true dictator who has to be obeyed even by kings.

  • A wonder women in real life

    A wonder women in real life

    A lady doctor life time story. How she get fraud from a famous islamic astrologer and how by the support of her husband she complete her goals

  • She's The Liar CEO: Her Honesty Within

    She's The Liar CEO: Her Honesty Within



    Lies. Deceit. Fraud. She is Desiree Guillermo. No one would believe her if she said her true name wasn't Desiree. All her life... has been imprisoned with lies. No one had ever showed the truth in her. No one tried to shed the light on her honesty within. She's a Liar and a CEO, too. Would you believe she's a CEO hidden in a soft face like an angel? Or would you search for the truth hidden in the sea of lies? ------ EXCERPT: Desiree Guillermo. The Chief Executive Officer of Aqueous Treat. The company who supplied the cleanest of the waters to its citizens. But one wrong move, and every trust she gained from the government will drain down. It all washed up with one go when one detective stood up from his chair and shouted an obscenity she never wished she heard. "One wrong move and you're dead. Everyone of you." Desiree needed to abandon her name now. She's not Desiree in her birth certificate. Dylan chuckled, raising his hands, giving up. Desiree clenched her jaw, observing how Dylan turned around. They both stare into each other's eyes. People around the area got mystified by the persons who wore black masks, rifles in hand, and the difference they have with the police. "You're Heather Santos..." Dylan spoke up. "I'm not Desiree nor Heather. Don't call me with those names. I'm not them," she snorted. ---- NEW CHAPTERS every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, GMT+8 ---- The cover is not credited as author's. The text is created by the dear author through Canva.

  • Change in Desire

    Change in Desire

    Contemporary Romance MYSTERY

    Do you think I'm evil...?This story swivels in 4 distinct intervals of time, which co-relate to one another through the repercussions of a single fraud, residing profoundly in the following years:(Year 10, Year 11, Year 21, and the present.) This story follows a non-linear narrative writing pattern; with flashbacks which incorporate discrete and implicit viewpoints. Hope you enjoy!

  • I Have a Game System in Another World

    I Have a Game System in Another World


    Suddenly i transport into a vicious world where all gods always war to increased their divinity.I have a system so i'm invisible!!Eh... wait a minute..why it's so hard to level up!?this is not a cheat but a fraud!?

  • Twenty first century vampire and I

    Twenty first century vampire and I


    What happens when this normal girl, Mia Ethan meets a twenty first century vampire accidently ( destiny)? Will Aiden, the vampire, be able to convince Mia for something adventurous or will Mia take him as a fraud? Is it really an accident that they met? No one knows, until they knows!

  • Fantasy of Vampier

    Fantasy of Vampier

    It's not a story of a vampier's fantasy. It's a story of me fantasizing about being a vampier.What if vampier was real like in the stories. What happens after death of a vampier.Are the witches real thing? Or it's just the frauds to make money?I don't know But I want to know And mainly I want to be a vampier Will I be a vampier or not ??

  • Sapa Nation: The Genesis Of Chaos

    Sapa Nation: The Genesis Of Chaos


    After the world-wide blackout that took place thousands of years ago, the earth was fractured and was divided into seven Continents divided by seas ( a large sea seperated each Continent ) the sea is full of all kinds of strange creatures and monsters and some humanoid mythical creatures like the mermaids and the mermen.Empires rise and fall, people rise up to form kingdoms and empires and other people greedy for power wants to be the overlord of the continents or the world in its entirety.That is where our story comes in. In all of the myriads of empires and nations of this blue planet, there's this lone Nation ruled by some set of greedy people who likes taking from the poor to enrich their own pockets.Sapa Nation, a kingdom filled with honey and milk, a kingdom filled with treasures and all kinds of resources.The treasures in this kingdom is a giant cake that would go round for thousands of years if shared fairly amongst the people and citizens of this great nation.The kingdom was colonized by the great blarf Lord, giving them a unique system of cultivation but thousands of years after their curse was broken and the great god lord moon...( I don't remember his name ) broke their curse and led them to prosperity, Sapa people can now keep their wealth.Greed is hidden deep within the bones of people, and they soon digress to their old and sinful ways, heretics rose from within the people, killing people for rituals, practicing demonic cultivation and cheating the people of their rights.The government created a set of royal guards to deal with robbery and fraud but unfortunately the guards chosen for this job are fraudulent and evil, they're ruthless in performing their duties ( they do not value human lives, they've sold their human feelings for bribes ) When the people couldn't take it anymore, they protested, hoping for other nations who wished to become world overlord to interfere...but they were brutally murdered by the people they entrusted with their lives.And that's where the heroes of this country comes in ( greenwood ) the leader of an assassin guild rise up to fight for the Dead ( his stubborn son, Daniel was part of the people murdered on this fateful day ) he started by killing the state governor and all the small fries involved in this case.He wrote a letter to the president, stating his intentions to kill and overthrow him.There's unrest in the cabinet, people die everyday ( killed by this cold blooded killer )Let's follow our dear protagonist on his journey of getting revenge and putting things in Daniel really Dead? who's our main character for this story? only time will tell.

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