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  • My Isekai Life Is Seriously Messed Up

    My Isekai Life Is Seriously Messed Up

    Isekai, sounds like a magical word for Otakus. A land filled with many exciting adventures and Beautiful People. What happens when the isekai which you have pretty looking for turns out to be something out of your expectations. After all not everything can go as I described.This the adventure of an Otaku who has wasted his life and for some reason got a second chance in his favourite isekai. Now he plans to be an Isekai Mc Op Harem Protagonist who is surrounded by beauties and have a power to destroy the world.But Reality is not so simple,Huh? Why i can only be support in the moster outbreak?Why my Brother is the one who get to save and marry the damsel in distress huh? Even though I am rich, smart and handsome why I am treated as pervert in school?This is not right! Why my isekai life is seriously messed up? ??-------------First Novel, Hope you guys like itHave not much confidence in grammerHope You let it go and enjoy the read And It might contain some overused stuff. Warned you so no hard feelingsCover is not mine just a random pic from Gintama.



    I have been transfered to a new world, this world is crazy, they are not human (don't worry no high blood glory).Though there is yaoi and lesbianism, its not LGBT+ ( sorry fujoshis) so norms dont have to be disgusted by it. They are used for comedy.This novel is for comedy, entertainment and for R-18 fans... Though this is the first R-18 i will be trying to write.this novel is like Gintama with some R-18 scenes.

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