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  • Life of a Graduated System Welder

    Life of a Graduated System Welder


    LinYu was just a mere mortal when he got slapped in the ass by a flying truck-kun. After a hundred years accompanied only by his System, he’s looking forward to seeing another living creature. Any living creature be it human or otherwise. This day, his System said sayonara and set LinYu free. LinYu goes down the hill to the nearby town where other people exists as he cries internally: “Finally! Living, breathing people!” While everyone he meets swears up and down that he is a deity sent from the realms above, LinYu still thinks that he is a mere mortal. Join LinYu on his freedom journey as he meets with other mortals, cultivators, creatures and beings from all over the realms. … 1. LinYu is already invincible throughout the realms. There is no levelling up for him anymore. Imagine a professor being thrown into kindergarten… and you have LinYu VS the others that he will meet along the way. 2. LinYu thinks he is a mortal. But after everything that he has gone through… you would think that he could be a master villain. But just remember that even if he thinks he is one… he ain't. Please take everything you read with a pinch of salt. 3. Straightly no romance even if all arrows are being pointed towards him, no arrows will return from his end. 4. Anything goes in this novel. There will be multiple ‘holes’ that will only be filled up later on in the story. From systems to other potential main characters that can have an entire novel dedicated to themselves. This novel is full of roasts for cliché scenarios and stuff like that. Basically, just treat it as a tumblr post and you shouldn't have issues I guess. 5. A fun hearted story. Please do not take everything to heart. And always remember, morals are for mortals. If you are above sixteen and still require parental guidance on values, view of life and world view… Well best of luck. … - [Calling all grammar and spelling nazis… I NEED YOU.] As I normally write in Chinese… I foresee grammar errors in this novel. If any kind readers can point them out to me, I will greatly appreciate it. Although I promise to do my best to edit and correct any mistakes… I still got this feeling that there will still be mistakes I missed out. - [ We are mere mortals. Keep it civil.] Look I know that some of my characters have issues. (AKA I wanna wipe out the world) But as mere Earthlings… know your morals and do not be swayed by any books you read. While comments and criticisms are always welcomed… lets not get personal. PS: Don’t explode on me as if you just ate a dynamite for lunch… Like my creations, most of the time I would have this urge to shove the dynamite into your beloved family’s parts where the sun don't shine on when triggered and I’m still trying to get it fixed with therapy so don’t make me slip back into the darkness. Thank you.

  • Gentleman's way

    Gentleman's way


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