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  • His Hier

    His Hier

    Meet Ruby Wentworth. She's wild, confident and crazy. Let's not forget that she's the daughter of the town's ex gang member, Jake Melvin. When her parents are kidnapped, Ruby Wentworth has no other choice but to build forces with her dysfunctional family to try and rescue them. After all, it is a matter of life and death. Her parents blood can't be on her hands.

  • Een verhaal hier

    Een verhaal hier


  • The lost Hier

    The lost Hier


    Dark moon in the sky , Stormy wind, deadly silence but someone came running and he was followed by a weird monsters . "Queen as reborn and will destroy all this demons , will bring peace to this world , Long live the queen, " one shouted and fell from the cliff of mountain. After 22 years.........."Eva wake up, you are getting late for college ".

  • Hier Of The Dragons

    Hier Of The Dragons

  • Hier Of The Devil God

    Hier Of The Devil God


    I was menance to society i was called devil demon murder many people to achieve my goals i held no emotion but i liked many Animes Novel Mangas FanFics When i read those i can show some emotions but my life changed when I got murder by truck-kunYeah one and only Truck-Kun local god of reincarnationThen i met one of origin being the devil lord /demon god of Origin and become his hunter of reincarnators and his only successor.Mc wont be goody two shoes he will massacre whole race or planets to achieve his goal.Mc wont hide his abilities like Chinese mc.

  • Finally Found You [Omegaverse- BL]

    Finally Found You [Omegaverse- BL]


    "I searched for you everywhere.""But I don't trust you.""It's ok, now that I have finally found you I am ready to wait until you are ready."The Alpha Hier of a multinational company encounters the love of his life finally, a cute and charming Omega who is the most desired omega of all time.This short story is about their lovely encounter.NOTE- Omegaverse is a fictional world where three other genders reside other than normal humansThe Dominant ones(Alpha), The normal ones( Betas), and the recessive ones(Omegas). The omega men can get pregnant here and both Alpha and Omega release pheromones while they undergo a heat cycle.Also, I don't own any rights to the image

  • Dies Ist Nur Ein Test Roman Also Erwarte Hier Nichts!

    Dies Ist Nur Ein Test Roman Also Erwarte Hier Nichts!

    Es ist nur zum testen gedacht also nicht wirklich zum lesen.

  • Arranged Marriage(A journey of unknown to known soulmates )

    Arranged Marriage(A journey of unknown to known soulmates )



    A journey of unknown to known soulnates This story is about two people Rayansh and Ananya who are strangers . They don't know each other . But because of thier family they got married to each other . Rayansh who is singer and have his own band name Fab5 and also the only hier of Malhotra hieghts .Ananya is cute , shy, simple girl . She also loves music but stop playing from past two years . Reason why she stopped playing music will reveal later in story . If you guys want to know about them and thier marriage life and why Ananya stopped playing music . So , please read the book . Thank you LoveAimy❤

  • Raging Chaos

    Raging Chaos


    Leon is a hier of a billionaire,by a twist of fate and plot of his greedy aunt loses everything,first his parents,then his best friends and finally his beloved wife.And that was the last straw that broke the camel's back.Leon,consumed by rage finally avenges his loved ones....but he himself.loses his life in the process. Being dead and adrift in the unknown endless void Leon encounters the Chains that would alter even his afterlife's fate. Realizing that his encounter in that void was not a natural occurance,Leon accepts a new name and seeks answers. But,Leon..now named Ren,knows a cruel fact...'WEAKLINGS CAN'T HAVE THE ANSWERS THEY SEEK', which leads Ren to embark on a quest for power. But little did he know,even his quest for power and answers will change the fates of many,Including but not limited to HUMANS!

  • J'ai prétendu être la Mort, mais elle m'a tenu tête.

    J'ai prétendu être la Mort, mais elle m'a tenu tête.

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FIRSTLOVE

    “Mon nom est Kobayashi Shinsuke, 42 ans. Je suis chef de la Section Finances du Département Catastrophes Naturelles de Marline Insurance. J’ai une nouvelle recrue sous mes ordres, et je ne supporte pas ses sourires, ses regards, et son attitude détachée. Elle ressemble exactement à la folle qui s’en est pris à moi hier, et elle travaille ici maintenant?!Cette fille… JE DOIS LA FAIRE DÉMISSIONNER!""Mon nom est Shinohara Hana, 21 ans, et je suis la nouvelle recrue! Je m’intéresse de près à Mr Kobayashi. Depuis un moment, même… Ce type… JE DOIS LE FAIRE TOMBER AMOUREUX DE MOI!"Ou la relation bizarre et basée sur un malentendu d’ennemis (mais pas vraiment) qui deviennent un couple, dans le monde des sociétés d’assurances!Hana le connaît depuis longtemps, et s'est faite embaucher dans la même entreprise pour le retrouver, et lui exprimer toute sa gratitude, malgré son mauvaix caractère. Mais Shinsuke ne se souvient pas d'elle. Pire, même, leur première rencontre, à ses yeux, était horrible! Et la jeune femme ne semble pas avoir de remords, ni même se souvenir des faits! Mais, elle compte bien lui tenir tête, quoi qu'il arrive. Car elle a une dette à régler... Et parce qu'une seule chose est importante, à ses yeux.__________________EXTRAIT:Yuuto grimaça, et se pencha alors en arrière pour apercevoir Mari.« Hé, Hasami-san ? » Dit-il pour attirer son attention.La femme plus âgée se pencha alors également en arrière sur son siège, elle et Yuuto se positionnant de chaque côté d'Hana comme deux gardes du corps un peu trop zélés.« Jette un œil à ça, » dit Yuuto en pointant du doigt l'écran d'ordinateur de la nouvelle interne.Interne qui, à présent, avait complètement arrêté de travailler, et se demandait pourquoi elle avait à présent deux adultes penchés sur chacune de ses épaules avec un regard concentré braqué sur son document.Et après quelques secondes, Mari grimaça.«Ouch...» Dit-elle, comme si ce qu'elle voyait était douloureux, rien qu'en regardant.Elle mit alors sa main gauche sur l'épaule d'Hana, et secoua la tête.«Le Chef Kobayashi t'as dans le collimateur...» Déduisit-elle avec une voix navrée. «Il t'a demandé de lui rendre ça pour quand ?»«Demain matin... ?» Répondit avec hésitation Hana.«Ouch...» Dit à son tour Yuuto. «Quelle espèce de...»Mais le jeune homme s'interrompit rapidement, regardant avec un regard suspicieux tout autour de lui et tournant la tête comme un chien de prairie sur ses gardes.Puis, voyant que l'objet de ses insultes n'était pas en train de marcher dans l'étage - comme un rapace planerait dans les airs pour chercher une nouvelle proie – il chuchota vivement pour compléter sa phrase.«Quel enfoiré !» Dit-il en un souffle, de façon presque inaudible._________________________________________________Illustration de couverture par Banae (Instagram: @ba.nae )BETA : Nayrroda.




    CHARACTERS INTRODUCTION FEMALE LEAD ______________Name: Thakur Shulvih Rana Pratap Singh ▪A school going girl▪ age 16 and the only daughter of the Senior Superintendent Of POLICE CITY MR. Rana Prayap Singh MALE LEAD ____________Name: Hridhay Vihan bundela▪age 16 and the hier to the Royal throne of bundelas. ▪4th son of bundelas▪Siblings:Akarsh Vihan Bundela▪Father: Vihan Shivay Bundela_______________________________________________Arman: Hridhay you are such a trash......you must have been picked up from the dustbin { laughing }Mr. Vihan: yaa you are right i picked him up from the dustbin { laughing }Mr. Veer: {Throws a pen in the dustbin} Vihan pickup that pen for me!?Mr. Vihan:{ arrogantly } seriously why would i do that!?Mr. Veer: you can't even pickup a pen out of dustbin & you are telling me that my son was picked up from dustbin by you { questions }Arman: { laughing }Akarsh: { laughing }Amaan: { laughing }

  • MARVEL:the 12 talisman

    MARVEL:the 12 talisman


    mc dies and got a change to get reincarnate into the world that we all know as the dcu.how will it play out no one,but only the one who writes his fates knows how his destiny will unfolds.i hope you enjoy this story. and what is his ability you might ask.than you are just someone that press thing without knowing what you press or maybe you dont know how to read and that is kinda sad and what are you doing hier in the first place,but if you wanna know he is going to have the ability of the 12 talisman of the adventure of Jackie Chan.he wont have the talisman only its ability,but the ability is change hier oke i just put my own spin on the ability.hier is a warning:i dont know the dceu that well so im just going to go of what i know and if it seems like im distancing myself from the original story of it,that means i dont know it so well oke,if you want you could help me and i will edit or something

  • Power of Throne

    Power of Throne


    This novel inspired by unordinary and my hero academia raj one of those cripple who want to be a peacefull life in his school and sanjeev want to be a hero but the school system control by hier tiers

  • Spare me Alpha, But I want your Beta

    Spare me Alpha, But I want your Beta

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CEO

    "Let's Break up." Kiarah said and the 20 years old guy blinked his eyes at her sudden outburst. "What?" Alden asked as he couldn't believe what he just heard."Don't you hear me? Let's break. Just let me go. You are just nothing but a poor guy who can't even pay your bills. You depend on your mother for everything. How do you think, you will look after me?" Kiarah asked with anger."How can you say that? What about the time we spent together since our Elementary school?" Alden asked. "They mean nothing to me anymore. So, Just Forget Me. Good Bye." Kiarah said and walked away from him leaving the him heartbroken.Alden and Kiarah's bond was once inseparable since their elementary school. They had a spark between them which everyone believed would last forever. Then, out of blue, Kiarah suddenly left him just because Alden isn't rich.With his utmost hardwork, Alden became the CEO of the Orion High Tech Companies and was one of the Top Billionaire in the world, But what he lost was his generous and lovable personality. His past memories made him too arrogant and rude for the world which also made him lose hope and faith in true love. He is still haunted by her and her memories. No matter however he tried, Kiarah's shadow looms large. Meanwhile, Kiarah's married Trevor Matthew. ~~ Ida Celeste, on the other hand was a freshly graduated student who lives with her brother, who was still in university. Unwillingly, they had to live with their father, knowing that he was the sole reason of their mother's death. It was like living with a dark past of her life. As she was so desparate to find a job, One incident made her brother to go to jail for a crime that he didn't commit. To save her brother, she will take any job to raise the money needed to free her brother. Soon, one incident made Ida and Alden to stumble upon each other through their close friends. Learning about how desparate Ida is in need of a job, he offers her a junior assistant job in his company and when he learnt about her brother, he sets him free from the jail which made Ida to fall head over heels for the arrogant guy for his gentle gesture. She's left wondering what made him so arrogant and rude.But, an incident made Alden and Kiarah to face themselves again in life, with some unknown emotions in their eyes, Kiarah realise that Alden didn't move on from her yet. Just to prove her wrong and what she had lost in her life, Alden lied to her that he has a girlfriend and she is his junior assistant. He decided to Hier her to love.•••Heart has its own choices and connects with its priorities. Ida wanted Alden but Alden Hearts beats for Kiarah. Can Alden break free from this? Can Alden make Ida move on from her dark past? Can Alden and Ida overcome all the entanglement in their lives and have happily ever after?

  • The ticking bomb inside my brain

    The ticking bomb inside my brain

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY HEALING

    Anna is a brilliant doctor belonging to traditional family who loves her proffession , everything works for her fine untill she is asked for arrange marriage.Harris is cheobol 3rd genaration hier comprising of hotel chains , he is bright and convicted untill , he learns his family secret.

  • 'I do'... 'YOU DO!?'

    'I do'... 'YOU DO!?'


    A strong will and kind heartA misunderstood and rejectful heartA understanding and confused heartWhere will each go, where will each relationship form and where will each break...The story of a hard worker, a rich hier and a modelWill she move on from her past or will it destroy herWill he listen to his heart and hold on or listen to his mind and let goWill he allow himself to understand his heart or will he deny what he can't understandI guess you'll have to read to find out

  • The Adventures of Dot McGarry

    The Adventures of Dot McGarry

    Dot Mcgarry married young At the tender age of 14, she was known as the wife of the Earl of Winscott, she gave birth to the first born and Hier to the Winscott fortune Elmer, and not long after she gave birth to three triplet boys her husband meets a tragic demise at sea Slowly the pain of her husband's death and the loneliness of her empty castle Dot leaves the estate and goes to explore the world outside, something she'd always dreamed of doing and almost by fate she finds herself waking up in a town plagued by the story of a beast in the forestsAlways the meddler Dot decides to stay in the strange and unwelcoming town to try and solve the mystery of the beast and of the strange but handsome man who looks like the Vikings in the stories she read to her children and as she get's closer to the truth she starts discovering things about herself that she didn't think were possible... supernatural things

  • Prestige Crescent High

    Prestige Crescent High

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE DRAMATIC

    Khushi- simple minded middle class girl gets an opportunity to fulfill her dreams of becoming manager by studying in best management schools THE CRESCENT PRESTIGE HIGH falls into wholly different world filled with power, prestige but all these have to bow down to her determination & stubbornness. Aarav- Future hier of A & G Conglomerate one of world's richest companies. Possessive Multitalented & spoiled, arrogant but kind man with I'M THE KING attitude gets entangled with a sweet but straightforward girl Khushi who changes his whole personality. Karan- The so called frienenemy of Mr. Aarav he is also is the second son of the GL group of Hotels. His hobby is BULLYING THE WEAK, Being Playboy. But is kind to our lead because of a favour. later becomes good friend of Khushi (his all time crush).

  • Love By Any Other Name

    Love By Any Other Name


    Ran is playing outside his family farm in Kansas, when he finds a circle of trees. Not knowing what will happen, he reads the graphics on a stone and switches places with James, Hier Prince of Aphrodain. Unknown to Ran, James' father the Crown Prince has betrothed him to Queen Celeste of Ebycan to ensure peace between the two nations. Even though James understands the importance of this alliance, Ran does not, and he can't deny his feelings for Kim. Even though they are still seeing each other at every turn, turmoil is still on the cusp. James finds himself in Kansas with Ran's family, something that he never had. Where he meet Thom. As he learns how to love, he is set to try and get back through the stone by solving the riddle that only he can read.Can Ran save the love of these two crossed lovers? or will he send the nations to war?Will James know what true love is? Can he solve the riddle in time to save him kingdom?

  • Guerra das Raças

    Guerra das Raças


    uma grande guerra começou.Diversas raças estão batalhando contra outras raças em busca de poder em uma guerra interminável. E em uma dessas raças conhecidas como humanos, existe alguém chamado Akira Fuyuki. Akira e so mais um entre os milhares de órfãos de guerra. Nunca conheceu seus pais, nunca ouviu falar deles, única coisa que ele sabe sobre seus pais e que eles morreram durante a guerra. Akira morra em um velho prédio onde o governo lhe deu um como moradia, e mensalmente ganhava uma grana que mal dava para pagar as dispensas do mês, entao quem dira para comer.Akira tem apenas 15 anos, tendo acabado de terminar o ensino fundamental, Akira fara aniversário em 22 de fevereiro um dia antes de começar o ensino médio, onde será enviado para uma escola militar. Akira, um menino extremamente fraco, que nunca em sua vida conseguiu usar magia, que nunca fez treinamento físico, que esta preste a ir em uma académia militar onde existe uma hierárquia entre os estudantes, onde os fracos são subjugados pelos fortes, e onde os fortes devoram os fracos, Akira sera capas de sair vivo em seus proxinos tres anos?. Akira Fuyuki, um jovem cujo nome Akira significa talentoso, e enquanto Fuyuki significa esperança sera capas de sobreviver?. Akira tera talento para sobreviver em um mundo onde os fortes pisam nos fracos?. Fuyuki sera capas de trazer esperança para os fracos?

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