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  • The Hybrids

    The Hybrids

    this book is about Maya. at the start the book of Maya is 12 but what happens when the woman was special DNA turns 13? read the book and find out

  • the hybrids

    the hybrids


    a family of supernatural creatures have to find their way back and save the supernatural community

  • The hybrids master

    The hybrids master

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    Y/N a cold,rich, dominant and heartless girl... Until one day she goes to an auction with no intention to find anyway but ends up leaving with 7 hybrids that claim she's their mate?? Will she open up and start to care?will her life change?

  • Noblest Hybrids

    Noblest Hybrids

    Ketika Alam Semesta mulai tergoyahkan akan kekuasaan. Seluruh mahkluk hidup yang ada di Bumi Utara, Bumi Tengah, Bumi Selatan, Bumi Timur, dan Bumi Barat - merekapun mulai menunjukkan kekuasaan mereka di Lima Bumi yang ada. Para Mahkluk supernatural pun bermunculan di era modernisasi masa kini, yang konon ceritanya hanya dibaca dalam sebuah buku yang tebal oleh sebagian orang. dan digemari sosoknya karena kekuatan yang mereka miliki, dan keistimewaannya. Kini—kemunculan dan keberadaan mereka membuat resah para segelintir Manusia yang menjadi tokoh utama dalam kebangkitan para mahkluk yang hanya menjadi mitos bagi mereka. kelebihan mereka, kekuatan, dan keistimewaan mereka—hari demi hari... membuat mahkluk penyangga alam semesta, sekaligus manifestasi dari Tuhan yaitu Dewa dan Dewi, Murka akan Mereka yang semena-mena. sehingga Tuhan pun mendengar apa yang dikeluhkan oleh mahkluk ciptaannya, yang memiliki tugas berat dalam keabadian mereka.

  • Hybrids Realm

    Hybrids Realm

    In this world demons, angels and humans live in three different realms but on the same planet. There is a special species called hybrids and they are made up of half demon, half angel and half human. Hybrids are much stronger than the rest because they contain the powers of demons, angels and humans but are extremely rare. Angels are beings with holy power who are in charge of taking care of souls and spirits. Demons power comes from the underworld and they take care of sins that are committed. Humans have natural powers that come from the energy around them.Their power helps to keep balance between the three realms.

  • Hybrids world

    Hybrids world

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • The girl and the hybrids

    The girl and the hybrids

  • Hybrids vs Elements

    Hybrids vs Elements

  • Hybrid Aria

    Hybrid Aria

    When werewolf hybrid Aria escapes her abusive stepfater, the alpha of the Blackmoon Pack, she has no idea what kind of trouble she's gotten herself in to. With her little sister Lily by her side, she finds herself in the maw of an enemy's territory. An enemy that will surely bring about not only her demise, but that of the girl she's practically raised. Reid the Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack was known for being cruel and merciless and had driven Hybrid's into extinction, now Aria must find a way to keep her secret from coming to light which is easier said then done when he suddenly starts showing an interest in her. But Reid has a secret to Aria is his mate. Aria tries her best to avoid him at all cost, yet she can't help but feel drawn to him putting her life at risk. So what happens when he learns the truth and she finds out she is to be his mate, will he hand her back to her stepfather and refect her or will he fight to keep her safe from those who hunt her. A tantalizing werewolf erotica, Jessica Hall's "Hybrid Aria" is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a novel of intense romance, intriguing advanture, and feral lovemaking.

  • Hybrids: Trials For Freedom

    Hybrids: Trials For Freedom

  • Hybrids Book 1

    Hybrids Book 1

  • Not All Hybrids Are Trash

    Not All Hybrids Are Trash

  • The Spider Queen

    The Spider Queen



    In the Year 30XX...... Humans have long been discovering the wonders of the universe and exploring the great galaxies beyond the milky way. They are not alone. The universe is primal and untamed with civilisations pitted against one another in battles to decided life and death. Mankind is one of the weakest races but have discovered cultivation techniques that morph their bodies and grant them unimaginable power. Sui Meng was just an ordinary girl who woke up in the body of sixteen year old Sophie Peterlor. Sophie is the half human hybrid of a prestigious duke house but faces discrimination based on her racial heritage and apparent lack of cultivation talent. This changes when Sophie discovers a cultivation manual hidden in the necklace given by her late mother. 'Spider Whisper Art' Sometimes power comes with a price......

  • Queen of the Hybrids

    Queen of the Hybrids

    Fantasy Romance R18 MAGIC VAMPIRE PRINCESS

    A queen is born, While another suffers. Four bound with each other. *** A woman appeared, saying words she couldn’t decipher. “What are you saying? Who are you?” The woman smiled. “It’s time, survive, and take your throne.” “What do you mean?” “No more hiding. Only you can decide your fate.”

  • The Hybrids of Light and Darkness

    The Hybrids of Light and Darkness

    Fantasy Romance ANIME

    Le Yuki wanted to be free from this nightmare of being forced married, but before she was even wed a young servant girl helps her escape from the palace. Soon she meets Fenikkusu an assassin who will kill her if she doesn't be careful of what she says. Now Yuki must understand the cost of her freedom and create her own path or will she fall in love with her killer and discover some unique secrets... (Copyright)

  • Earth's Hybrids

    Earth's Hybrids

  • Code-Hybrids



    After the earth had been destroyed, humans had to evolve to live on different planets. Planet-1v30, a planet where several different species live.

  • Bound to the Twin Hybrids

    Bound to the Twin Hybrids

    A broken werewolf girl in a broken werewolf societyLearned at a young age life will try to break you down... but will you let is become your greatest weakness or strength?......After All Pressure makes DiamondsWhen some people see a dark or Carmel skin girl they look in disgust. Which is usually normal these days; now imagine a girl with these features:- Carmel Skin-Blue Eyes-Werewolf...now that's certainly a head turner.This is my story of how I changed so much to a weak little girl to a strong Woman....My name is Kiara Storm.She was born different-She knew thatShe was hated-She knew thatThey left her in piecesShe grabbed those pieces and made them her weaponFirst time writing a book very new to this but hoping to do more of it;thanks for reading might get slow updates in the beginning until I get the hang of this IM DONE WITH CAST YASSSSS (If you are an original member you would know i had like lots of chapters for the cast. So mad at myself.) STORY IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME YAYY I will edit the story when im done with it but until then enjoy(don't own any pictures or videos/ pics can be found on Pinterest)*my book is on Wattpad too. Any pictures or videos this book has is on Wattpad and I have more chapters on this story on Wattpad too, well until I’m done putting them on here. Also I’m not done with this story but I’ll let you know when.*

  • The Hybrids Of Two Nations

    The Hybrids Of Two Nations


  • Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    I was the illegitimate daughter of Alpha Kris of Dark Moon. He raped a human slave 18 years ago and that was my mom. I became a disgrace and a shame to my family. They punished me and locked me up in the basement all day except to let me out to complete my daily routine as a slave. Yes. I looked like any common slave of the pack house. No one would expect me as the Alphas's daughter. As a hybrid, I hadn't been able to shift, but I could hear their thoughts. It's not a good thing though, for me, it's a nightmare. Most of what I've heard were my half-sisters' curses and insults. "CLAUDIA! Hurry up and get in here!" I knew Elly was going to scream my name long before her shrill voice echoed out of her room and into the hallway where I waited. This was the daily ritual, every afternoon. She would call for me, and while she sat at her vanity table, I brushed her long hair like a servant to her satisfaction. No one would guess she was my half-sister, nor Maria in the other bedroom..