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  • Dead End(ing)

    Dead End(ing)


    The stereotypical zombie rebirth novel, told through the eyes of somebody who is really, really confused.Firstly, who the hell is Sebastian Reid? Secondly, why the hell is he kidnapping Jordan Phillips? Thirdly, what the hell does he mean by zombies? Does he mean ZOMBIES zombies? Jordan would really like an explanation, preferably yesterday.[Read 5 chapters ahead on my Patrxon + support the novel!] (replace the "x" with an "e")

  • test ing platform

    test ing platform

    test for stuff



    Fantasy Romance TRANSMIGRATION

    Kim Eunha is a South Korean Student who had wanted to become a writer but her parents does not support her dream and wanted her to become a Doctor. Even tho she knows that she won't be able to achieve her dream due to her parents not wanting her to become a writer. She still made some novels online so she could at least do it as a hobby. But one day, she got into an accident and soon died after. She woke up in an unfamiliar place... It was not the hospital but somewhere else and quickly figured out that she had somehow transmigrated as a character in a novel she made, but the thing was, the character originally didn't exist in her novel but she knew that she was in the world of her novel once she confirmed a few things.But she's screwed real bad...

  • Lost Ing

    Lost Ing

    Saat ini banyak penjahat yg berusaha menjadi yg terkuat dan pemerintah yg ingin menegakkan keadilan dan bercampur dengan beberapa ras lainnya, ini adalah perjalanan dari Noru si rambut kuning yg ingin menjadi raja di dunia

  • ing牧民,,,


  • Grow-ing


    A collection of cliche poems illustrating the struggles of a dramatic teenager.

  • the last exodus ing version

    the last exodus ing version

    In the year 2400 the human race is very evolved, but the pollution wars and intrigues increased greatly leaving a great devastation causing a group of billionaires to create a project called exodus that intended to bring the richest and most important people to the eden (the old mars)With that, the richest and most important people gradually moved to eden, leaving the land virtually abandoned, possessing all the scum of humanity as murderous thieves and the poorAfter 90 years of the beginning of the project with a total of 9 ships already having transported people from one planet to the other was announced the last trip of transport of people to another planet titled of the last exodus that would cost about 1.000.000 of Dolores per person, and after this last voyage since the earth was totally broken economically and only caused damages to the edem, would be destroyed what is left of her killing all its inhabitantsWith this our protagonist Yuri intends to survive in this land without law and to save money with clandestine struggles to leave the planet or perhaps save the such

  • the end of the f***ing world

    the end of the f***ing world

  • Btari: Lelungan Ing Ati

    Btari: Lelungan Ing Ati


    "Keluarlah, tidak perlu untukmu bersembunyi dari Ndara," ujar Btari dengan nada yang monoton.Hanya angin yang berhembus pelan yang menjawab pesannya. Namun, Btari yakin mata itu masih mengawasinya dari dekat, dia tidak mungkin keliru.Btari menghela napas, kepalanya sedikit menunduk dengan tangan yang menyelipkan anak rambut ke belakang telinga."Raden Wijaya atau saya sekarang harus memanggilmu Senopati Nararya Sanggramawijaya?"Ada kekehan yang lolos dari Bibir Btari saat tak ada sahutan yang menjawabnya.Gadis itu menjilat bibirnya sekilas. "Keluarlah, mari kita bicarakan beberapa hal. Bukankah akan menyenangkan untuk berbincang bersama Ndara?"Ada senyum puas yang tak coba Btari sembunyikan. Pria itu berdiri di depannya dengan postur tegak. Jubahnya berkibar pelan tertiup angin."Ah, bagaimana saya harus memberi hormat?" Btari masih duduk di kursinya. Menatap pada pria itu tanpa rasa bersalah."Tak perlu repot."[]Btari Jayanti Kusuma, putri bungsu Paduka Bhattra i Andaru. Seperti namanya yang berarti seorang bunga yang indah dan cantik seperti bidadari, Btari memang merupakan gadis yang menawan dan berbakat. Sebagai putri dari seorang Bhre, tentu tidak ada yang berani membuatnya dalam kesulitan.Diusianya yang belum genap 14, dia menerima lamaran dari Sri Maharaja Kertanegara. Hanya 12 purnama kebebasan yang dimilikinya sebelum menjadi salah satu selir Raja Tumapel.Bersamaan dengan itu, dia memiliki seorang penguntit, yang selalu mengawasinya. Btari baru mengetahui kebenaran orang itu saat pesta perayaan usianya yang ke 14. Mungkinkah ia bisa melarikan diri dari Sri Maharaja dengan orang ini?Story by Biru, 2021Cover by google

  • Yet another MF-ing Isekai

    Yet another MF-ing Isekai

  • You gotta be kitty-ing me?!

    You gotta be kitty-ing me?!

    A girl gets sucked into a different dimension of three kingdoms. A Cat, a Dog, and a Mouse King?!

  • I Own a Brothel in Another World

    I Own a Brothel in Another World



    Alastair Carter is a 27-year-old marketing and management teacher like many others around the world. Well... maybe besides the fact that he teaches some of that world's prodigies, but it's just a small detail. Even though he loves fantasy novels, he has never expected getting sucked into a fantasy world himself. I mean, who does? Follow Alastair and find out how he will deal with this predicament. Will he be nominated as a hero? Will he save the world in crisis or focus on looking for a way back to Earth? Or perhaps, will he settle down and live peacefully? This is the beginning of a great tale... ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Chapter Ero-meter: [ * ] - A bit of explicit content [ * * ] - Around half a chapter of lewds [ * * * ] - WAIT?! IT'S ALL F***ING LEWDS?! Main release day: Monday. What to expect: Some light management, a status system in the background, some slavery, wholesome lewding centered around the MC, a slice of life story and loads of lovely monster girls. What NOT to expect: Depictions of rape, mindbreak or abusive mind control, NTR, heavy sexual abuse and other heavy stuff. The title is not a "bait", but please don't expect fully devoted "hot" chapters every other release. It all depends on the flow of the story (which is still a Slice of Life) and might come to a moment where stuff may happen often, but not all the time. Socials: Patreon: Discord Community:

  • I Got An SSS-Grade Unique Skill 'Extreme Luck' As My Starter Skill!

    I Got An SSS-Grade Unique Skill 'Extreme Luck' As My Starter Skill!



    On December 31, 2090 … at 11:59 pmA large meteor comes hurtling into earth. But, contrast to what was expected, it was destroyed even before it lands.At the same time… Over 1 million of humans obtained the 'log-in system', where they can access the game called " World of Luck", and have a chance to travel and explore a fantasy-like world! Soon, 4 years had passed, Adam, the protagonist of the story, was walking along the road and was soon dumbfounded by what appears before him…'Ding'[ You received an invitation to enter the 'World of Luck' ] [ Do you want to accept it or not? ] [ Yes/No ] ' ehh?! '-------Warning! MC is a 15 years old boy, so he's pretty dumb at first and will soon grow as novel progresses. AN: English is not my native language ,also, I initially wrote this book so I can work on my grammar and vocabulary. So, dont expect my grammar to be that flawless, hope you bear with it tho. Thanks! The story can be fast paced or slow paced at times. The protagonist is super duper OP, but will still experience hardships at times, specially when faced with others unique skill. Ps. The book cover does not belong to me, if the creator wants it gone. just message me…Btw, if you were to write a criticism/negative reviews or rate it two stars or three or one, just make sure that it make sense or at least make it constructive. I f***ing hate it when you rate it like that but with just only one sentence or it doesnt make sense at all. Btw, Im open for corrections. You can join our discord at:'ll be posting this story on

  • Reincarnated in another world with the Sans system

    Reincarnated in another world with the Sans system



    This is about a 19 year old boy who's a big undertalefan, when suddenly a f##ing plane hit his home.He suddenly woke up in a white room with a man who said he can make 3 wishes.*not my cover**I don't own undertale**I'll try to make more chapter's in my free time*

  • Love Lust sex

    Love Lust sex


    [Mature content—Read at your own risk, be careful. It's highly recommend] Meet Lena Candice Marshall, the most innocent girl in this world from Russian descent. Beautiful. Doctor. With delicious ass. Her life was so simple and decided. She was locked inside her dad's rules, regulations, and policies. Like a bird inside a cage. Always following her dad what's her dad wanted. She was at school and at home all the time. Had a babysitter with her until college. When she had her school's free time, she read educational books like daddy wants to learn more-not even let her read magazines. Only educational books. When she was in college, daddy was coming to pick her up. And she listened-as she believed that's what good daughters do, right? Listen to their parents. And as expected, she didn't deal with these words-Love...Feelings...Jealousy... Emotion...Lust...Desire. In a word, she didn't know anything about the opposite sex. Meet Ace Jordan Steele, the most handsome CEO in Downtown in New York. All the woman and even his secretory lusting over his body. Hell yeah! He didn't f***ing care. But he could any woman in his bed he f****ing wants. He always wanted to be alone and didn't want to be disturbed. Wanted to be getting rich instead of stalking play around. And the top of this, he won't shoot Spaniard and Russian girls because of the death of his mother-sister-that he will never forget in his life. He can't tolerate any girl from Spanish and Russian descent. Lena Candice Marshall. Ace Jordan Steele. What will happen when their paths cross? Lusting over Lena Candice will not good for Jordan Steele's health. Can Jordan Steele stop his erection from every time Lena's near? If he can't control his massive erection, disaster will strike in the name of desire and lust. And how will she accept these new feelings? And what about betrayed?




    (Kowe ra iso mlayu saka kesalahan, ajining diri ana ing lathi) "Kamu tidak bisa berlari meninggalkan sebuah kesalahan, harga diri seseorang terletak pada lidahnya."Beberapa peristiwa yang telah menjadikan segala sesuatunya membuat Randu Wisanggeni harus menelan mentah-mentah, ucapan-ucapan itu pun mampu merubah semuanya hingga masuk kedalam lebih dalam lagi. Semua yang dilakukannya itu semata hanya kekayaan, kewibawaan, kesejahteraan maupun lainnya. Apakah dirinya mampu menahan segala sesuatunya? Apa yang dilakukannya? Dan bagaimana kisahnya?

  • Cultivator from the Modern World

    Cultivator from the Modern World


    (Editing in Progress) This novel is about an ordinary man, just like me and you, embarking on the journey of cultivation. He had always dreamed of using Qi, travelling across universes, comprehending the different Daos in the universe. But it is no longer a dream for him.Shen Long, the MC, is a big fan of light novels who reads on a daily basis. (Relatable, right?) Out of boredom, he attempted to follow the manual, "Wildland Magic of the Suns", in the novel and found out... nothing f***ing happened. But he did not give up as he believed he was destined to become a cultivator who would rule the world.One day, after reading his 90th Xianxia novel, he followed the Qi Exercise Manual and unexpectedly felt his blood moving faster than it ever had. No. He was not getting a heart attack, but the manual he followed was actually legitimate! Excitedly, he rushed out of his room and delivered this "good news" to his parents. His parents almost took him to the doctor...This story is about Shen Long, the first cultivator of his Era. He rises to prominence and becomes the best in the world. (He is the only cultivator in his world...) However, in the whole universe, he is nothing but an ant. Although he started cultivation only at the age of 16, he has his own advantages - knowledge from the Modern World. Even items and characters from light novels appears seldomly in this cultivation world. Facing the harsh reality, Shen Long's childish personality slowly changes. Step by step, gradually turning into a proper MC, a cultivator. Follow Shen Long as he slowly climbs his way to the top! Join my discord channel. I'm extremely active on Discord. Stones Milestones + RewardsTop 100 - Reached (2 Bonus Chap RELEASED)Top 75 - Reached (2 Bonus Chap RELEASED) Top 50 - LOCKED (5 bonus chapters!)Top 25 - LOCKED (5 bonus chapters!)Top 10 - LOCKED (2 Weekly Bonus Chapters)**Top 10 "Rewards" can be done weekly! For the rest, it's a one-time-bonus!*Bonus Chaps will be posted at the end of the week/month!***New cover by @Cobyboy! Thank you!!

  • 凤舞九歌人



  • 陌上人家有娇娃



  • 我想拯救的不是世界