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  • Innocence


    Miles and miles away from the start, she tries to take another step forward towards the end just to keep Innocence stay pure.

  • The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent

    The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent



    In her previous life, Xiao Ying had grown up as the daughter of a wealthy family with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had thought that she would live out her days in peace. However, someone secretly told her that she was not the daughter of the Xiao family, and from then on, she had been living in fear—afraid that her secret would be exposed and her parents would abandon her. She was desperate not to lose her luxurious lifestyle, so she desperately tried to keep everything as it was! However, just before the moment of her death, she realized that this had all been part of the Xiao family's scheme. They were just trying to trick her out of her amulet! Their real daughter had been living a pampered life outside of the house all along! After being reborn, she returned to when she was ten years old. Her amulet had transformed into the most powerful learning system in existence, all stored within Xiao Ying's mind! She resolutely left the Xiao Family, abandoning that world of superficial hypocrisy. With a bit of manoeuvring, she was taken under a new wing! Xiao Ying: "Boss, do you need a weapon? I’ll be anything you need!" Cheng Yang: "I need to do a quality check first!" Harnessing the power of the learning system, she could execute all kinds of skills at a glance. Martial arts, dance, computing skills, and so on—everything had become a piece of cake to her! Cheng Yang was very satisfied with his new weapon! In no time at all, Xiao Ying began becoming more and more beautiful, and more and more suitors began taking note. A certain big boss could no longer remain calm. Cheng Yang wrapped his hands around Xiao Ying's slender waist. "You should've learned how to be my wife and given birth to a baby for me earlier!"

  • Her Innocence

    Her Innocence

    Her innocence was amusing to him but the dark secrets that hid behind it were scarier than anything.Her timid nature was very sweet and delicate, she had no idea of the world around her, but he helped her realize how it was.Janet had a haunting past and it clung to her even after she got married. She was so soft and innocent that Nathan couldn't help but get emotionally attached to her. He stood by her and walked alongside her, taking one step at a time to ensure he was always there for her, but what if she slipped and her past dragged her down into the black hole of her eventual doom? Will Nathan be able to catch her? Will he be strong enough to pull her out if she falls down?

  • His Innocence

    His Innocence

    Realistic Fiction TRAGEDY

    "I watch the tension melt from his shoulders with every second. Then I watch him go still. And just like that, hyung is fine. Like always. Like he always has been. I wonder why I've ever thought otherwise."

  • My Innocence

    My Innocence

  • Lethal Innocence

    Lethal Innocence

  • Innocence Erased

    Innocence Erased


    A Disturbing Coming of Age Tale. Marie is a young black woman in her late twenties, who travels to Florida for her grandmother's funeral. There, in her old childhood home, she begins to remember a traumatic experience that she lived as a teenager in the early 2000's and the boy who was tied to it.

  • Innocence lost

    Innocence lost

  • Beauty of Innocence

    Beauty of Innocence

    BEAUTY OF INNOCENCE Yasawathi gets pregnant unexpectedly as a teenager from Victor, the son of a co-owner of the estate where her father worked. Her appearance was disfigured due to a birth defect. She gives birth to a fatherless daughter who is socially stigmatized. Her disfigured mother was in constant conflict with Nandana Menike, who grew up inheriting the image of her father. She attends a mixed school and comes of age a little late. Samantha takes pity on her, who is constantly ridiculed by her school friends. Since Victor had emigrated to live abroad, control of the estate passed entirely to his uncle's son, Bernard. Bernard marries Victor's sister, Sandra. Nandana Menike, who is coming of age, is very similar to Sandra, proving that she is Victor's daughter Koinmenika, Nandana Menike's grandmother, cooks at the ‘Three-story stone bungalow’ where Bernard and Sandra live. Kapilasena, the son of Coin Menika's sister, and Yasawathi are secretly dating. Samantha Yasawathi who comes to meet Nandana Menike is chased away causing a lot of conflict. Yasawathi turns her head away as her daughter finds out about her relationship. Reservoir is being built along the Dumbara Hills with the assistance of the British Government for the development of the country. Bernard is under a lot of pressure as most of his property is supposed to belong to the reservoir. Sandra, who is attending a cousin's wedding in Australia, finds her first boyfriend back in the motherland in a precarious situation. Bernard becomes in charge of the care of Nandana Menike after Koinmanika died suddenly of a heart attack. Periyaware, the well-to-do servant of the three-story bungalow becomes the only savior of Nandana Menike, The book depicts the challenging life of Nandana Menike, who grew up in the company of Bernard, Sandra, Yasawathi and Periyavar. ‘Beauty of innocence’ is an in-depth study of human behavior.

  • His Innocent Bride

    His Innocent Bride


    A girl too innocent to be with him.A girl too innocent to be with them.A girl too innocent to be betrayed......A girl stong enough to live her life again happily with her loved ones.

  • stolen innocence

    stolen innocence

    Fantasy Romance SMUT

  • Presumption of Innocence

    Presumption of Innocence

  • Fall of innocence

    Fall of innocence


  • innocence with maturity

    innocence with maturity


    Child marriage can leave it's impact for whole life on girls mind and soul. But if she have a matured partner and supporting family can her innocence be maintain? Or this will leave more negative impact on her?

  • Innocence Distraught

    Innocence Distraught

    This is a romantic, eye opening story

  • Caged Innocence

    Caged Innocence

    Contemporary Romance ACTION R18

  • Cold Innocence

    Cold Innocence

  • Ghost Innocence

    Ghost Innocence

    Historical Romance ROMANCE REINCARNATION R18

    In Hua Continent, the word "innocence" has long left the minds of every humans. He who kills without blinking and treated lives like livestocks met her. He might have seen the materialization of innocence in her form, an innocence that will haunt him for the rest of his life."Why do you have to be born in this world full of filth?""I don't know the exact reason-" she looked into his eyes, "-and I don't really care if this world is filthy. As long as the world has you in it, I will always follow you."***UNEDITED.Expect typographical and grammatical errors.No. Of Words/Chapter: 700-900Started date: April 28, 2020End date:

  • Auguries Of Innocence

    Auguries Of Innocence

    Realistic Fiction R18 MYSTERY KILLER UNDEAD

    Murder is termed as a vague concept of brutality in the moment of death at the hands of someone else. In an unseeming fashion always with the intent of getting away with it. It’s the hows that everyone talks about. The process of solving it. What everyone fails to find is why something changed so fundamentally in a person to do something so cruel. To debase themselves to their most primal instinct. Let everything you think you know be questioned. Let the irony of the world play tricks on you. It’s not the brilliance of the murder. It’s not about getting away with it. It’s about what pushed them to the brink of despair...

  • Innocence Guard

    Innocence Guard

    Monica works for a task force charged with finding and arresting online predators. She creates an AI to use as a decoy to lure these monsters into incriminating themselves. What should Monica do when the AI suddenly decides to do things its way?