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  • Ireland's Beauty

    Ireland's Beauty

    Zeraya born in Ireland, sent to America the day she was born, 19 years later travels back to Ireland wanting to learn about her background. Instead finds love, mystery, and danger.

  • The Turning Moon

    The Turning Moon

    Julie Embleton was born and raised in Ireland in a suburb at the foot of the Dublin Mountains. Her writing journey began in her mid-teens when the fantasy worlds in her head proved far more interesting than the drudgery of maths and Irish homework. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, Julie lived in London before returning to Ireland where she now works part-time in human resources. With fantasy continuing to be an escape from today’s adulting, Julie writes for the New Adult Fantasy genre. She lives by the shores of the Irish Sea with her amazing daughter and ridiculously cute cats and is happily buried in the creation of her current book. The new Alpha of Nyah Morgan’s pack has aligned with dark forces and his plans for Nyah break the most absolute of Lycan Laws. With her entire pack under his thrall and her own wolf maimed by his magic, she turns rogue, her incapacity landing her in unfamiliar Lycan territory where she catches the unwanted attention of Dean Carson, an Alpha who is determined to learn the truth she hides. With her Alpha closing in and the safety of another pack at stake, Nyah is forced into making a choice. Her bound wolf is killing her, both Alphas can save her, but which one, and at what cost?

  • The United Kingdom of Great  Britain and Northern Ireland

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • The Rituals Trilogy

    The Rituals Trilogy

    Catherine Green, haunted by a sudden tragedy on her beloved Ireland, falls into the clutches of vengeance as she is swept away with a handsome stranger on an unexpected journey to rid the world of the evil madman who wants to kill her. Entwining her fate with peril, she’ll do whatever it takes. Are you ready for a Faerie civil war? To connect Catherine and Bowen to their ancestors and the sacred place where they marry, a key item must be chosen for the ritual. The oathing stone. But soon, strange and sudden events unfold. Blood mingles with fire, and Catherine’s magic becomes unstable. The mysterious Faerie Kings send a Fae spy to witness Catherine’s magic which disrupts all and her best friend Bella when she becomes his sudden obsession. Just after Bella goes missing, it is only the beginning of problems as Catherine finds they’re embroiled in the middle of a Faerie civil war. The Rituals Trilogy is created by J.Z.N. McCauley, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Her Irish Soul

    Her Irish Soul



    A young American girl follows her heart to Ireland where she discovers deeply hidden and unique connections to the island that she had never dreamed of. Upon arriving in Ireland to study, Erin feels something awaken in her she never imagined could be real.

  • Reincarnated As A Dragon Shifter

    Reincarnated As A Dragon Shifter


    Yuki Nightfall was your ordinary girl growing up besides the fact that her parents disowned her. She was 17 now and went to school or as she called hell due to the fact that she was bullied for being a loner. She could somehow stay calm when being bullied. It all ended her she went home and got killedWhen she opened her eyes she realized she wasn’t in her house or her world for that matter. And her body felt different then it used to be....Join Yuki Nightfall as she finds out what she is capable of and adventures the world. Update frequently. Sorry for any grammar issues and isn’t really gonna bother with , so sorry.First time making a book so any help will be amazing. Have a lovely day people ❤️Picture isn’t mine got it off of google because I’m broke.

  • Dear diary.

    Dear diary.

  • No longer published.

    No longer published.

  • Tick-tock


  • A Pack Is More Than Family

    A Pack Is More Than Family

    Rory Sullivan and his younger sister Molly are on the run, hiding from their parents' killer. When they're almost captured, shifter Deke Haggard intervenes to save them and then shelters them at his home, erroneously believing Rory is unaware he and his sister are also shifters. Deke offers to find out who killed their parents and why, calling on his ex Conall Taggart for assistance.<br><br>Conall is a shifter diplomat with extensive contacts within their world. What he discovers about why the Sullivans emigrated from Ireland may give a clue to who wanted them and their children dead. Then new information is uncovered that changes everything.<br><br>Will Conall and Deke be able to set a trap to catch the killer with Rory and Molly's help? And can they survive Molly's matchmaking in the process as she tries to make them see they still care for each other? Only time will tell.

  • Terror On The St. Lawrence

    Terror On The St. Lawrence

    Historical Romance TRAGEDY HISTORICAL

    “Canada’s Forgotten Titanic” 106 years ago, in the early hours of May 29, the Empress of Ireland and S.S Storstad collided, sealing the Empress of Ireland's fate. Only 14 minutes later, the Empress vanished beneath the waves of the St. Lawrence River mouth. Travel back in time to those eerie final hours aboard the R.M.S Empress of Ireland and see just for yourself the chaos and panic that occurred among all whom were onboard.

  • The Muse

    The Muse

    What if the truth about a famous painting was not what it’s been told to be? What if it was not even the original work and a different painting had inspired its creation? The story of a painting... The motivation behind the work, Flaming June - Romanticist painter, Lord Frederic Leighton’s magnum opus - a woman sleeping in a chair. Hauntingly beautiful, but with its inspiration locked away in the mystery of times past. 1812... Burdened with family skeletons and agonizing guilt, an unwilling Lord Rothvale, one Graham Everley, returns from a long sojourn in Ireland to attend to the obligations awaiting him in England. The last thing he imagines to find is his destiny, but find her he does. Imogene Byron-Cole, a girl as lovely as her past is tragic. Graham can’t walk away from her, and so he marries her instead, in spite of an increasingly tangled web of troubles that threaten to destroy the very foundation of his entire existence. As Graham and Imogene start out on their journey together, they express their love through a series of portraits. The art ensnares them completely, and in the end, becomes their salvation, bearing them through their deepest pain of loss, and inspiring a masterwork. *This book is intended for readers 18+ years due to adult content and situations. THE MUSE is created by RAINE MILLER, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Rise of Great Britian

    Rise of Great Britian


    Boy from eastern world found himself in future incompetent king Joan of England who signed Magna Carta.Which led constitutional monarchy in England.His brothers will revolt against his father for more power and more land and they are not content with their father distribution of land. Only young John was content who will develop himself quitly in Ireland and become king of Ireland later becomes Emperor of Great Brition ruling over British isles,France and Hispiania.Not only that he will start era of colonialism.

  • Umi's Melody

    Umi's Melody


    Umi tries her best to live a normal life after moving to Ireland with her father. Until one day, she stumbles upon a living creature stuck in a net. She frees it only to realize it's a merman. Now with the government after her family for information, can she still find a way to be normal? Or is she doomed to be on the run for the rest of her life?

  • Rank F Legend

    Rank F Legend


    In a hidden society, there is a school in Ireland for those with magic in thier veins. A school that houses a tournement on its grounds between its students. where only A rank or above have ever come out on top until one specific F rank starts school at the Altier Acadamy if Arts.

  • The Blood Of Thor

    The Blood Of Thor

    Year 1445, A teenager by the name of Eli North lives in Dundalk, Ireland and was chose by the God Of Thunder to wield his very hammer Mjölnir. For these unfortunate times, he and everyone he knows has not a single clue of how or why.

  • A Vampire Hunter's Tale

    A Vampire Hunter's Tale

    ID Johnson creates characters you'll want to have as your best friends with antagonists you'll love to hate. Her love for all things princess-y compelled her to write her first medieval romance at fifteen, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Now, her plots are a little more complex, her topics a little more mature, and her romances often more intense, but she's never lost the love she felt the first moment she breathed life into a character over twenty years ago. If you love feisty paranormal heroines, damsels who cause distress, or historical ladies who know how to light up a room, then pull up a seat, get out your eReader, and meet ID Johnson's friends. Soon enough, they'll be your friends, too. Check out her author website at Three men, three hunters, three lives transformed through encounters with vampires.... Aaron never wanted to be a vampire hunter, but when he’s faced with protecting his family in an Ireland affected by the potato famine, he’ll do what he has to in order to keep them safe. Follow his journey from a simple farmer, to learning to control his powers, hunting Jack the Ripper, sinking with the Titanic, and witnessing the bombing at Pearl Harbor. Jamie wants to be a surgeon and nothing more, but when he is forced to save his sister’s life, he’ll transform into the greatest healer the vampire hunters have ever known. Unlucky in love, he feels like he’ll always be alone until he meets a beautiful blonde. Can he save her from the undead? Elliott knows he’s got special powers long before he sees his first bloodsucker. When tragedy strikes his life yet again, he’ll be faced with a choice. Give up everything he’s ever known to fight the paranormal forces influencing his life—or do his best to hide. A Vampire Hunter’s Tale follows three of our favorite characters from The Clandestine Saga and takes a closer look at how they got their starts. Perfect for lovers of the paranormal and alternate history. If you like the kind of characters you can cheer for and the sort of story that will keep you up late into the night, then this is the journey for you.

  • The Darkside of Heaven

    The Darkside of Heaven

    Having traveled from Ireland to the mythical land of Geall, The six memebers of a magical circle-a sorcerer, a witch, a shape-shifter, scholar, a warrior and a vampire - find themselves uniting with the local in order to defeat an ancient vampire queen and her army.Brooke finds herself playing the roles of warrior and royal, as she follows the tradition of her people and prepares to take the crown before leading with them into battle.But she must also deal with her growing feelings for Lucas, the vampire.

  • Different Breed of Witch

    Different Breed of Witch


    After escaping the abusive confines of the New Jersey foster care system, Saraid Williams finds herself on the busy streets of New Orleans where she is befriended by local Faerie Wendy. Through Wendy, Saraid finds out the truth of her heritage. She is a witch, but not just any witch. She's a Siphoner Witch to be exact. Liam Maddox is an Ex-Guardian who was cast out of the ranks when an attack on his life left him with what the Witches deemed to be impure blood. He was hired in private to leave Ireland in search of the heir to the throne of the Celtic Coven and bring her back to take her rightful place on the throne. When the two meet, Liam and Saraid find themselves bound together, sporting strange and new powers, that neither were historically capable of having. An attempt on Saraid's life leads her to Ireland in search of retribution, but when she is faced with the choice of her magic or the life of the man she unwillingly fell in love with, will she sacrifice love for the good of the coven or is she strong enough to have both?

  • Proyecto 016 Alpha

    Proyecto 016 Alpha


    In 2106 scientists in Ireland created an experimental subject who could see into the future; however, the terrible creatures that plague the world make the military base an unstable place. Caleb Jansen will be forced to give his all to fulfill his mission: protect the subject and bring him to the city healthy.