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  • Genesis Jones

    Genesis Jones


    A once sweet and innocent girl had to become a warrior overnight and learn how to survive. As a sixteen-year-old was forced to confront the world of conflict and cruelty with other kids her age. They have a mission in which they have to succeed so they could be free again.

  • Unspeakable Tragedy

    Unspeakable Tragedy


    Someone's watching me. I pick my pace up a little, but the sound of rolling tires are right beside me. I know I shouldn't, but stop and I look up at the tinted windows of a black car as I watch them slowly roll down. A young handsome face around my age is on the other side. He's wearing sunglasses that shield his eyes and has a toothpick jutting out from his mouth. His black hair is slicked back and he hangs a muscular arm out the window. "Excuse me, miss?" His deep voice calls out to me. "Could you tell me and my friends where the nearest hotel is? We're awfully lost." The stranger asks with a sarcastic tone. Every fiber in me tells me to keep walking, but I slow my pace down. I look around for a minute and see some people walking along the sidewalk across the street and decide it's safe. I point down the road I was headed knowing there was a motel not far down. I look back at him and he slides his sunglasses down his nose and gives me a wicked grin. His eyes are bright green and crisp like a reptile. They were an unnatural green color. They were venomous. Deadly. I've met death before. I've seen the grim reaper in person once a long time ago. This guy has that same sickly lethal look swirling around in his stare. I can see it plain as day. I could recognize that look anywhere. "Need a ride somewhere? It might not be safe for a pretty thang like you to be walking around all alone." The grim reaper asks me. ~ Taylen struggles with her feelings about love and hate. She's conflicted with her will to live and the longing for death as she holds on tight to her unspeakable tragedy. Cover done by @IrysGwendolyn on Wattpad. AUTHOR’S NOTE; This story mentions suicide, suicidal thoughts, and mental health issues. Sex and violence. Please take this into consideration when reading as I do not put up warnings before my chapters.

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