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  • Moon Emperor

    Moon Emperor

    Sci-fi NARUTO

    Awakened from his two century long slumber, Naruto hadn't anticipated the world to go through such drastic transformation. A world where lawbreakers run around triggering destruction and disorder, where the Heroes refuse to kill, instead let the Villains to the judgment of the Law. 

  • Fairy Tale Lie

    Fairy Tale Lie


    The fog is our doom. The fog is the only way to survive. The world isn't how you know it. A mysterious mist has swept over the world, consuming most of the population as monsters born from our nightmares haunt the survivors. Snow Nightingale is one survivor who dreams of becoming a Lawbreaker, an individual who is accepted by the Fog and granted powers. She hopes to explore the world and bring an end to the fog once and for all.But when unknown strangers destroy her village, she is given a chance to start training at the most respected and last Law breaker Academy, Fairy Tale. Joining with her brother she starts her new life to become the greatest Lawbreaker of all time and seek justice for her village.

  • The Mark of Love: Mickayla and Jabari: (BL)

    The Mark of Love: Mickayla and Jabari: (BL)


    In the human world, there exists a secret society known as supernaturals. Many of these creatures can take on human form. However, there are many omens, superstitions, entitlements, prophecies, and dominant rules in the supernatural communities. For example, the #1 dominant rule forbids all supernaturals from engaging in interspecies sexual relationships between males and females and some same-sex supernatural species. To break this rule set by the genesis vampires and an alien race named ajudants means death to any lawbreakers. To assist with this law separatism is forced upon the supernatural races.The lives of everyone that comes into contact with Unique and her twin brother Rarely Waters gets turned upside down when the fraternal twins nearing sexual maturity belonging to a rare supernatural race known as uniques sends out a mate signal that attracts dominant supernatural males Alpha Kieran Black, a pureblood werewolf, Alpha Serafino Maximus, a pureblood Lycan, and Prince Angelus Cain, a genesis vampire, as well as other's to them and their high school. Supernatural races who normally don't mix will be forced to mix while they pursue mates that are illegal for them to pursue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This story has multiple leads and multiple relationships. *Story contains sex between males and sex between males & females.**DIVERSE ETHNICITIES* MATURE CONTENT* MULTICULTURAL.*~Vulgar Language.~~Violence~~Danmei~"I DO NOT GIVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO USE ANY PARTS OR ALL PARTS OF ANY OF MY WRITTEN WORK THAT INCLUDES THIS." "ALL THE CHARACTERS, CHARACTERS' NAMES, PLOTS, BACKSTORIES, AND SO ON AND SO FORTH BELONG TO ME EXCLUSIVELY!"Author, Mei Xing Profit

  • 7th Octave : Freshmen

    7th Octave : Freshmen


    Ang Octave academy ay isa pinakakilalang iskwelahan,  With its high quality facility and unique rules and regulations, prodigies and intellectuals gather here for every student who graduated here guarantees the best future for students...             Ang Octaves, ito ang nagsisilbing grupo ng mga students dito, 1st Octave,considered as the highest section.. dito napapaloob ang mga pinakamatatalino't athletic na mga istudyante, sa 2nd Octave ang mga matatalino lamang ngunit naglalack sa physical ability, sa 3rd Octave ang mga athletes who lacks to brain to be a member  of the 1st Octave, the 4th Octave contains the students who are talented in studies of music and dance, while the 5th Octave have the students who are merely surviving the standards of the academy, the 6th Octave contains the lawbreakers or rebels, those who doesn't lack the brain nor physical capability but broke a lot rule in the academy, and last but not the least the 7th Octave, nobody knows what happens in this group, but it is known that only a few is chosen to attend this class...             Wanna know? Join in, I welcome you dear harps. Enjoy❤️

  • Relar: Age of the Wind

    Relar: Age of the Wind


    Why do we fight? For freedom? For love? For honour? In 2178, a century after the United Nations disbanded and each country received the right to govern its own affairs, Canada has borrowed from it's past; its government no longer allows women to own property or open bank accounts. Meanwhile, men are raised to be fearless warriors, protectors, and providers for their families. But they are pressured to be perfect, strong, and successful. Both genders carry a heavy burden. Luckily, Canada's youth have something to thirst for. Something most would find a little daunting. And a little scary. Relar. Here they fight and complete dangerous quests to earn wealth and fame. 24/7, the entire thing is broadcasted for the whole world to see. Adonis Sarris is a fourteen-year-old girl, stuck crossdressing as a boy to provide for her mother after a recent divorce. She falls for her best friend. Su media naranja. The only problem is he's a boy, and she's a girl pretending to be a boy. Once they turn sixteen, they can be jailed for partaking in homosexual acts. Their love is best kept secret, but they are not good at burying their feelings. The two end up upsetting Fidel, the president of Relar, and as punishment, they are forced to participate in Relar as the lawbreakers everyone wants to kill.

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