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  • Global Awakening: My Clones Have Different Abilities

    Global Awakening: My Clones Have Different Abilities


    Sun Xin was a martial artist that was renown to the underground fighting. He dreamed of Awakening a good power to fight villains. Until one day, he awakened a power called "Cloning". In which he could clone himself. With him as a martial artist, he fought villains but he was still regarded as trash. In this age of Heroes, Dungeons, and, Villains. With others able to breathe fire and command other elements, he could only punch and kick. Up until one day, all his clones awakened and a mass Awakening happened. Awakening, Combat Class! Dragon knight! Necromancer! Berserker! Swordsman!Awakening, Production Class! Blacksmith! Mechanical Engineer! Hacker IT!Inventor!Now, with him as their trainer and leader, all of the villains would cower in his presence.

  • Global Awakening: I, The Necromancer,  Dark Lord of 7 Emperors

    Global Awakening: I, The Necromancer, Dark Lord of 7 Emperors


    Sun Lian was the Dark Lord that ended the age of Heroes. Until Demon God's appeared and planned to rule over humanity. He was forced to the edge in the fight. With it, Sun Lian was forced to defend Humanity. With only him, he resurrected the 7 Emperors to fight with him for help.He realized that it was a mistake to eradicate the heroes. In his mind, they would have better chance to survive with them. In the verge of defeat, he was given a chance to go back in the past and correct his mistakes. They would cower in his name and terror will be served to his enemies.

  • Left-Handed


    Fantasy MAGIC

    I took A Disabilities in Literature course when I was an undergraduate student. The purpose of the course was to redefine what disability is and what it isn't. Disability Studies has impacted and inspired me to write a collection of poetry that coincide with Magical Realism, and reveal how the issues that humans and society have created negatively affect others. The poetry relates to culture, stereotypes, gender roles, mental illnesses, family issues, age, and old tales. The collection, "Left-Handed," dives deep into how traditional and modern views and habits scapegoat others into following and believing what is practiced, and how the needs and issues of those affected are ignored. Tags: #MagicalRealism, #Goth, #Romanticism, and #Disability. Written: 2018-2019

  • Eyes: Earth Personality

    Eyes: Earth Personality

    Fantasy MAGIC

    Blurb: The novel contains allegories, symbolism, metaphors, imagery, and similes regarding how life is connected, and how the narrator's story tells the haunting yet beautiful tale of her life and how she fights. The narrator, Daisy, transforms and shares her story with her spiritual journey, and how she no longer recognizes the physical world. The collection "Eyes" explains how flawed humanity is and how because of the bad things people do, they face consequences unknown to the naked eye. The narrator's eyes are everywhere, even if she cannot physically see what is happening. The novel details the unusual phenomena that takes place when someone must be taught a lesson, and when their vices do not always work in their favor. Destruction takes place when people blame others for their actions, hurt others, and cannot stop the oddities thrown in the way. The narrator's eyes are always watching and may even hunt you. What will you do? Tags: #Goth, #Romanticism, #Spirituality, and #MagicalRealism. Written: 2020

  • Global Awakening: I, The Weakest Awakened, The Skill-Maker!

    Global Awakening: I, The Weakest Awakened, The Skill-Maker!


    Rain regressed in the past to where he was still a high school that joined Hunter Academy. As a kid, he was always on the sidelines and was just a support to the heroes in his past. But this time, he awakened a class and that was the class Skill maker! With his powers, he will support the heroes to become stronger than before. With his hobby of creating skills, he made one skill after another. In this world, dungeons were spawned and Hunters would kill the bosses inside to eradicate them entirely. If not, there would be dungeon breaks and monsters would break out to the surface. With Rain, he would eradicate all dungeons once and for all!

  • [Dropped] Mafia - Era of Supremacy

    [Dropped] Mafia - Era of Supremacy

    #Mafia, #Vampire, #Anti-heroProtagnist, #Reincarnation, #Fantasy+Eastern+MagicalRealism____________________In a World, where Martial Artists can easily destroy boulders and Top Powerhouses can even Split the mountains.But they are not the only being dangerous there, Countless mythical creatures also reside here.Steve, a cold blooded teenager and one of the most dangerous assassins reincarnated in this world from ordinary Earth.He has never heard of Fantasy in his whole Life.You will be thinking, how he survived here?Let's see his journey to Find the Answers and also He is Manipulative as Hell. He is a Villain, cold-hearted, some actions of him may not be likeable. SPOILER - He got an OP cheat and he worked hard to achieve Power, Nothing else..... Notice-_-_-_-________-_-_-_-1. This Novel is participating in Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021, Your Votes and Reviews will be helpful.2. This is a Fictional World, If there is any similarity then it is Pure Coincidence, Don't Mind it.3. Anti-hero Protagonist, Mafia-Leader...4. Cover Art is not Mine........

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