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  • Manipulative


  • Manipulative Love

    Manipulative Love


  • Manipulative Destiny

    Manipulative Destiny

    Teen ROMANCE

    Shibata Nanako is a girl desperately looking for love through online dating sites in an attempt to cure her loneliness. But when she actually falls for a guy, he ends up manipulating her into thinking that he loves her back. She discovers that this guy is not only a liar but also a hacker!On the other hand, her step-sister Aki tries to avenge Nanako's heartbreak. But somehow she gets caught up with a dangerous criminal group.Will Nanako shield her heart forever? And how would Aki find a way out of this difficult situation?

  • The Manipulative Jerk

    The Manipulative Jerk

  • Manipulative: The Liar's Cave

    Manipulative: The Liar's Cave

  • My Adorably Manipulative King

    My Adorably Manipulative King


    "The Kingdom would find happiness once a Princess bears a daughter." A prophecy, laced with a curse, has been passed down for generations. After years of damnation, fate finally comes out to play. VOLUME ONE - CURSE AND MARRIAGE A royal announcement was made public that Princess Farah from the Kingdom of Taaffeite was to wed King Wystan of the Hawthorn Empire in a month's time. Unfortunately, that was also the day both the groom and the bride found out about their engagement. Despite all odds, the wedding pushed through. Farah, who married to fulfil a prophecy, is actually hiding a curse. Wystan the cursed Warrior King, who had been trying his best to evade his prophecy, ended up fulfilling it. As this cursed couple figure a way to live their confusing marriage life, they began to explore each other's temperaments and ended up falling in love for their companionship. Their marriage was put to a test when Farah's curse activated, putting her life at stake. VOLUME TWO - CURSE AND DAMNED DESTINY Throughout her life, Arina - the next Taaffeitian Princess in line, had been confined in the safety of her own home. She knew it was meant to protect her but snuck out regardless. Boredom and a never-changing environment compelled her, ignoring the peril that comes with it. Khalil, who shared a similar sentiment as Arina, clicked and bonded naturally with her. However, neither knew that they were from a different world. What's become of them when they learn about their ill-fated destiny? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER : The rights of the cover go to the original artist. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Adventures Of A Manipulative Magical Student

    Adventures Of A Manipulative Magical Student

    Arryn Black has been manipulating everyone in his year from behind the scenes since the start of high school. Arryn guided his year into becoming the most powerful and enduring group that has ever existed in their school, Hex Academy. Although he is aspiring to become and overlord, he has somehow become the ‘righteous’ leader of the first years, successfully guiding them to victory against other schools. Fearing that he is becoming little more than a ‘great figure’, Arryn fakes his own death. But that’s not the end for Arryn’s adventure. A few days later he manages to enrols in Maxim Academy, under the name ‘Erin’ White. This time, Arryn will become a true overlord. Or so he thought. “Hello there, you shall now be my servant. Now get me some tea.” And so his life goes from overlord to servant. ***

  • The Manipulated Villainess

    The Manipulated Villainess



    What was the nickname given by people to a woman who does many evil and bad deeds? A 'VILLAINESS'. But what if the villainess was never a villainous person, to begin with? What if she was a mere puppet controlled and manipulated by someone? What if she lives her whole life in fear of the real villainess? * * * Villainous, powerful, beautiful yet cruel were the words people use to describe the Chairwoman and CEO of Yang Group, Nicole Yang. At only 25 years old, she was the youngest and most powerful businesswoman in the country. She leads the Yang Group with an iron fist and her vicious methods. She was nicknamed the 'Iron Lady' and the 'Ice Queen.' She was feared by her employees and even her competitors! With a famous politician stepmother and a fiancé who was from a powerful family, no one dared to approach her. But maybe that's what everyone assumed! In reality, she was controlled, manipulated and used by someone! She was desperate to break free from the chains that bind her and tormented her each day! But no one saw her weakness or sufferings until he appeared in her life like a miracle... * * * Kind, handsome yet playful were what people labelled with Aston Kang, the famous top actor of the country. An orphan who hides his insecurities beneath his carefree smile, he worked his way from the bottom to the top on his efforts. Though he was only 27 years old, no one would understand the hardships of life more than him! He loves to flirt around to hide his loneliness. Maybe that's why people often mistook him as a playboy. He never treated any woman or relationship seriously until he met the so-called 'Villainess' who gave his once dull life a challenge to take on! * * * * * * * Note: All characters, places and institutions in this novel are fictional. Disclaimer: I don't own the cover photo. All rights credited to the real owner.....

  • Master's Untamed Wife

    Master's Untamed Wife



    Love is like a battle... A bloodless battle. And every battle has casualties. But this battle leaves even more torturous wounds. Because the wounds of love are left on one's soul. He might be covered in scars that this battle of feeling left behind, she was the cure he never even knew he was looking for. He hid his emotions in the maze of his heart, but what to do, the wife he brought home, fancies puzzles. ~~~~ Raelle Xiang likes to have everything under her control. Being a CEO, she has always been very calculative. All her life revolved around profits. She'd avoid anything and everything that she couldn't control or calculate; for instance, feelings! Something intangible like feelings were too bothersome for her. Shui Xian has turned cold and aloof after the divorce that left him devastated. With enormous wealth, exceptional family back, he was still considered the ideal man but even after years, he was still single. He chose to bury himself in work to forget the heartbreak and bitterness that someone left behind. But what happens when this cold President gets into an arranged marriage with the feisty CEO? One is broken by love and yet cherishes the pain it brought. The other has always considered love to be a manipulative emotion. One has a cold personality, the other is simply cold. One is all about facts and logic, the other still believe in emotions. With their similar personalities yet contradicting beliefs, what chaos this marriage is gone bring? Will love manage to ignite? **** ~~~~ Contact: Join Discord: Instagram: amaya_meehee




    System with a system ones really really fucked up but the other one just fucked up Mc Andrew just lives a life that pleases him

  • The National Goddess Reborn

    The National Goddess Reborn



    After her rebirth, she went from the Commander of the Apocalyptic World to the useless second daughter of the Nian family from the upper-class society! 'Trash', 'stupid, and 'useless' were the typical labels the rich daughters of other families stuck on her. In the past, the Host was often framed by her manipulative sister. While her stepmother tried to seize her inheritance rights, her scumbag of a father wanted her dead more than anything in the world. Since her rebirth, Nian Yue has been settling old scores one by one. “Don't be anxious, everyone! I will slay you one by one!” From then on, she became the top scorer, the champion racer and even the god of investment! He was the Fu family's Ninth Young Master. He was handsome, violent, moody, and had an androgynous face. Many women flocked to him, but everyone knew that under that countenance was a devil that killed people like they were flies. Initially, it was thought that this devil would be arrogant and aloof all his life and would never have eyes for anyone. However, everyone’s jaw dropped when they witnessed the devil trailing behind the Nian family's Second Miss, wheedling and asking for hugs!



  • A manipulative Angel (Naruto Fan-Fic)

    A manipulative Angel (Naruto Fan-Fic)

  • The Manipulators

    The Manipulators


    SERIOUS WARNING: If you are under 18, DO NOT click open this fiction; If you are in a state of mental stress recently, DO NOT click any chapters; If you are suffering emotional instability in the recent period, DO NOT browse this story. Considering some bloody, violent, abnormal, even repelling scenes inside could probably cause uneasiness mentally or physically, please take this warning seriously. Plenty of light-hearted comedy on this platform, which I highly recommend, would serve you better than this dark story. This warning is not a trick, only because this fiction is not for everyone and all. What are you going to choose: to desert, or to fight to the big end of all your troops and die, if you are the general leading an army of three hundred thousand soldiers? What did the General see, do, and collect among the mountains for three years because of lost? How an impoverished boy who could barely feed himself had anything to do with the crown prince thousands of kilometers away? How did it feel—when you want to give your heart to someone as a gift, he just cracked your chest with a dagger and took it by himself before you presented it? What would make you happier—to revenge your family, people, and country, or to dominate an empire or even a continent? Which horror is harder to take: the darkness of the night or the one inside people's hearts, the beasts close enough to snorting to your face or the venom of killing from your brother?

  • Perverted Daddy System

    Perverted Daddy System

    Realistic Fiction R18 SYSTEM HAREM


    “What the fuck? What is going on? Have I completely lost it?” As I stare panicky at the dot unable to decide what to do, the white dot disappears and a line of text appears in its place. [Installing files. 1% done…] As I watch the text in shock, the percentage gradually increases. […2%...3%...4%...] I move to the living room in a zombie-like manner, too shocked to think clearly and lie down on the couch. “Something is wrong with me; I think I finally lost my sanity…” […12%...13%...14%...] Unable to affect the situation in the least, I stare dejectedly at the percentage increase, while my mind starts exploring the possible explanations. In the end, as the percentage hits 90%, I narrow it down to three possibilities. The first possibility is that I am in fact still unconscious and this is all a product of my mind. I pinch myself and whimper at the pain, as in my nervousness I used almost all my strength. Nope, the first is out. The second possibility is that I have completely lost my mind and am suffering from delusions. Hmm, I cannot exclude this, but while possible, I don’t think that this is it. The only thing out of the ordinary is that fucking line of text. The third possibility … [Installation successful!] The text disappears and a new message appears in my eyes… The third possibility … is that I gained a system. I read the message with my mouth agape at the implications. [Welcome user, to the Perverted Daddy System!] Fuck… TAGS: Mind control, manipulation, corruption, sleep sex, rape, blackmail, oyakodon

  • danmachi manipulator

    danmachi manipulator


    I don't own the cover.This is a story about a man who failed as a student, as a son,as a brother and finally in his life.He got reincarnated into danmachi world by a god due to unknown destiny.He is weak, but he has wit,knowledge and a cheat.He will manipulate people,their powers , their future into his profit.Money, power, Beauty he will have everything.He will climb up to the top.Note:mc is not antihero or villain.

  • manipulation


  • Manipulators


  • The Manipulator

    The Manipulator

  • The Magician of Sound

    The Magician of Sound



    After the strange phenomenon in the 21st century where animals became Magical Beasts and overturned civilization, humanity was graced by another power called Magic. Controlling Fire? Summoning lightning? Or even manipulating the air?—Children of the next generation started having the ability to control elements. Thus, people called them Magicians. However, how about the sound? Enhancing Broadcast System? Hearing Aids Magic? Humanity has yet to find a good usage of Sound Magician until Kai Carter is born. He, who was born with Extraordinary Hearing, only wants to have a peaceful life. However, the world does not let him so as troubles keep coming into his life. Follow Kai as he uses his extraordinary hearing to give birth to many unique Sound Magics to protect his family and have a peaceful life. -------- Other Works: 1. Reincarnated to Bonk in Another World 2. God of Tricksters 3. Gacha Sovereign (Completed) -------- Discord:

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