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    Marik's Avatar


    knowledge!Grant me knowledge! there is nothing I can't do!Grant me knowledge! evermore a step ahead of you!Grant me knowledge! the concept of 'genius' will lose its significance!With Knowledge Everyone Is Equal!...Fellow 'Marik' throughout his journey in a new fantasy-like world.See how he abuses his mutated soul to reach the zenith of this world!

  • Someone Psychopath  Enters Another World

    Someone Psychopath Enters Another World

  • Monopolize: Only love you

    Monopolize: Only love you


    Unhappiness, pain, and unfairness are inevitable consequences of being a supporting character in any story. But no one said that the supporting character can't transform to become the main character. Marik: "You are the only light in my dark life. Please stay by my side, hold me in your arms. Let me feel the warmth you bring to me. " The man, stepping on the corpses of his enemies to get to his woman's side. The arrogance and wisdom of a lord had been put to the ground by him, he brought only a heart full of affection to her side. Lela's lips curled into a sweet smile as she reached out to kiss him. "My lord king, I'll be right there for you. I guarantee you that no matter what happens in this life, I won't let you..."

  • A Warrior's Love (BL)

    A Warrior's Love (BL)


    My name is Marik Valerius, but my people know me as God of War. What a fitting title for the General of Vales' Elite Army. Yes, I serve Vales with my iron fist and my frozen heart. My enemies call me the Devil, my opponents call me fearsome, and my boys call me Brother. What in the world could be so interesting about my life that it has become a legend? The legend told of my heart's painful awakening. My heart of frozen obsidian had thawed and eroded to become a passionate chamber for my only love. I thought I had married the battlefield. I wore my metal wedding clothes every day. Rings of fire and blood emulated my love for war. I believed I was destined to a lonesome life, devoid of any distraction from pesky things like love and affection. I thought I could handle dying in my pool of blood. Well, the Universe play tricks on us mortals all the time! Who was the poor soul to be tasked with the burden of proving I was wrong? First off, he was a slave caught from a city I conquered for Vales. Yes, you read it right. I fell in love with a beautiful man, and we shared a forbidden love. How could I resist his innocent face full of light and youth? Of course, he did everything to kill me and I let him.

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