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  • Reincarnation Of A Loner.

    Reincarnation Of A Loner.


    My Supreme King, I beg your attention on an important question, please. "Enough with the 'supreme king' act !! I'm just a nobody. But yeah, ask me your question."My Supreme King, Polygamy or Monogamy ?"Ohh dear god !!! Where did I reincarnate to ?!!"...Welcome and Take place...The story is about to start....Peace(✯ᴗ✯)

  • Harem Queen System

    Harem Queen System

    A new generation have dawn upon the world , monogamy has become a thing of the past. Who wants to be the next Harem King/Queen?! Collect as many Beautiful Husband/Wife as you can and maximise the love index .

  • Having Her as My Waifu, WHO NEEDS A HAREM?!

    Having Her as My Waifu, WHO NEEDS A HAREM?!

    Eastern Fantasy R18 SYSTEM


    Synopsis: "What's wrong with the Protagonist in stories with crossing-over story trope?! It's like they are losing their brain cells in their upper head that forces them to think with their lower head instead! Tch, this is why men are looked down upon... because they cannot think without using their lower dick when they write a story? Don't joke around, damn it! "What's the need for harem?! Many women and a single woman are no different! In the end, their pussies are at the same place with the same structure! What's important is love between the couple! A man can't love many women equally, it's bullshit! Bullshit, I say! Then there are those protagonists who outright raped any pretty women he meets! They are nothing but scum! Trash! "If I got transferred, transmigrated, or reincarnated to another world, I will stick with only one devoted wife and swear I am going to love her with all my heart and will be always faithful to her! I'm going to spend my entire life being lovey-dovey with her till even the most shameless stupid couple will puke honey and vomit sugar then die from diabetes! Humph!"Such was the rant of Jason Vinson, the protagonist of this story.He was single and virgin, and a self-proclaimed, stubborn feminist who believed in monogamy and the concept of loving and sharing happiness and misery with only one wife. Therefore, he wanted to find his true soulmate and didn't want to try dating flighty girls in his college.However———He wasn't in his room anymore when he woke up.Furthermore———*Ting~♪* [Congratulation! Host has been randomly chosen to be the Successor of System's Creator.][System has successfully and safely fused into Host's Soul, Body, Karma, Samsara, Fate, and Destiny.][Host has been sent into a random Imaginary World until Host is strong enough to go to Boundless Immortal Realm.][System commences scanning the entire universe... Scanning in progress... Scanning completed. Location and time have been established. Host is currently in an alley of XXX Street, Fuyuki City, Japan. Time: Saturday, 1/1/2000 - 00:01 Japan's Time Zone.]*THUD!*...Thus, Jason Vinson's new life begins!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★• Copyright Disclaimer: Other than the Type-Moon's materials (Volume 1) and Caster/Medea, everything is mine!• Update Schedule: At least, 1 chapter/week!• Length: 750~1500 word count/chapter★ Support ★If you enjoy this story, please consider supporting what I do. 1) YOU FOR READING!

  • The Beat of His Drum

    The Beat of His Drum

    Dorian Seacrest owns a music store and performance venue with his friend and business partner, Evan Harper. When Evan rushes into the stockroom a week or so before Christmas to tell him Caesar's Flame is booked for New Year's Day, he goes into shock.<br><br>Many years have passed since Dorian has seen Laramie Treble, the drummer and leader of the now globally successful alternative rock band. Their erstwhile relationship -- mostly about sex -- deteriorated once Laramie became famous, mainly because he wanted to sleep with everything that moved. So Dorian left him to it. He wanted monogamy and forever, or nothing at all.<br><br>Now Laramie is back and in hot pursuit of Dorian once again. But Dorian is not making it easy. He can't, because his heart won't survive another round, especially if all Laramie wants is something casual like before. He's just not built that way.<br><br>It seems, though, that Laramie is determined to prove Dorian wrong, and there might be a little drummer boy in his future, after all. Dorian just has to decide whether to let his heart beat to Laramie's drum.

  • Retired Mage

    Retired Mage


    Magical Energy has come to this world . The world could only watch and see as more and more ability users and powerhouse appear one after another. With time , the world could only accept the fact and go one with the fact . But along with power came great responsibility to save the world . Can they manage to save the world ? Or will Lin Fan , who was the strongest mage at the current time who has retired has to return ?Follow the adventure of retired mage along with his companions . .....Tags : Evolution , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Romance , Monogamy , Magic etcUpdate : 7 Chapters Per Week .

  • Return Back

    Return Back


    (Early Mention : MC is a bit of a Teacher (His points is obtained by teaching ) And It's not Polygamy . )I return to the past ? But what happened to my memories ? Still this time I will find my wife and make her happiest .But I don't remember anything about her . It's still no problem though , I have a System and it will help me regain my memories . This time I will reach the peak and explore the Dark World . I will never let my daughter have any pain .But .What is this strange situation ? Is this really past ? Why are there twins calling me father ? What the hell is going on ? Did this happen in my last life as well ? .....This is the story of Lin Fan who returns to his youth age after death but fortunately or unfortunately he gains a system which lets him reach the pinnacle of the world ..With points earned , he could regain his past memories, other world songs , stories , martial arts , skills , knowledge etc . He only wished to find his wife and marry her even in this life as well even though he forgot even her name . But he finds that his life wasn't as simple as it seemed in his past life . .....Tags : Jack Of All Trade (Main ) , Childcare (A bit later ) , Celebrities , Power Couple , Monogamy , Extremely Devoted Love Interest , Comedy , Action (Later after Entering Dark World ) , System , Hidden Identities , Teacher (MC is a Teacher ).

  • I Become Their Lover to Help Save the World?!

    I Become Their Lover to Help Save the World?!

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    Year 2071, when the world's population was in decline for more than fifty years. The government has since made efforts to raise people's sexual desires while protecting the most important part of reproduction, women.Orange was raised by her grandparents after her parents passed away and despite the laws regarding the efforts connected nto human reproduction, she was thought of old beliefs like monogamy and the old etiquettes of sex and the idea of love. Love which has probably been forgotten as it complicates the law.How can she deal with the current system? And how can she handle two gorgeous man who wants her to take them as her husbands?

  • Naruto: Rise of the Yuki clan

    Naruto: Rise of the Yuki clan


    Warning, for does who want perfect grammar and 0 errors in the story I would not recommend this book as this is my first time writing anything. Also, the Romance in this story will be monogamy if you are the type who likes Harem I'm sorry to say there won't be any. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Synopsis: Noah who was a faithful and kind person died due to being targeted by truck-Kun and his fellow brother trucks. What awaits him is a chance of a lifetime, as all things have their own karma. what awaits Noah? what is this chance of a lifetime? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Disclaimer: Most of the characters that will be mentioned in the story are not mine. All rights belong to 'Masashi Kishimoto' the author of the series 'Naruto'. Anime is available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and any other Anime sites. The photo is not mine but found on Pinterest through google search, if anyone knows the author please tell me I can take it down anytime.

  • Copy Me, Unrequited

    Copy Me, Unrequited

    Theodore Mennington has been best friends with Henry, the superintendent of the apartment building where they both live, since childhood. He's also been in love with the man for almost as long, knowing his feelings will never be returned, especially since Henry is happily anti-monogamy.<br><br>Sheldon Wickens is one of Theodore's copier service clients who's been asking him out on a date for years. Theodore thinks he's hot but always blows him off, thinking there's no way Sheldon would be interested in a blue-collar guy who's a little overweight. Plus, he's tired of one-night stands.<br><br>But things take an interesting turn when Sheldon signs a lease in the same apartment complex where Theodore lives. When Henry sees the simmering attraction between them, he decides to play Cupid at the end of summer lounge party.<br><br>Will Theodore take a chance on something new, despite the bumbling efforts of his best friend, or remain unrequited forever?

  • The Sir

    The Sir

    Twenty-year-old Jacques fantasizes about being with much older men. All the guys he's been with around his own age just didn't cut it, and the one man he's been with who was older wasn't old enough. He wants a true silver fox, and he's more than willing to seek out one who attracts him the right way.<br><br>That's when he meets Sir Nicholas, who might as well be a reimagined Santa stud. After an awkward encounter at the gym where Jacques works, Nicholas offers him a job that pays far more than his janitor position. He’s to be a kept sex slave to serve Nicholas -- and whomever else the sexy Sir wants him to serve. Jacques eagerly accepts. After all, Nicholas is exactly the man he's waited so long to find.<br><br>But the more he spends time with Nicholas, the more Jacques wants exclusivity. He’s determined to win his sexy silver fox over to monogamy. Will he manage to get what Nicholas doesn’t seem willing to give? Or will he be just another temporary toy?

  • Mimpi Menjadi Selir Sang Marquis

    Mimpi Menjadi Selir Sang Marquis

    Romansa Historis ROMANCE R18 COMEDY HAREM

    Ji Man hanya iseng membaca sebuah Novel. Tapi siapa sangka ia malah tanpa sengaja terseret masuk menjadi karakter dalam novel tersebut.Sialnya, karakter yang ia mainkan adalah umpan pakan meriam. Ia menjadi Nie Sangyu, seorang selir pencemburu yang diabaikan dan dibenci oleh suaminya. Pada akhirnya, ia mati ditangan suaminya sendiri. Reputasi Nie Sangyu juga terlampau buruk, ia sering membuat ulah dengan selir-selir suaminya yang lain.Haaiiihhh.... bagaimana bisa seorang wanita modern seperti Ji Man yang sangat menegakkan hukum monogami menjadi salah satu peserta harem seorang laki-laki Playboy??? Pria itu adalah Marquis rubah pengkolektor wanita. Sangat licik dan berbahaya. Lebih gilanya lagi, misi utamanya adalah membuat Marquis jatuh cinta padanya. MUSTAHIL !!!Cuiihhh....Ji Man lebih memilih menjadi penonton sambil terus menghindari kewajibannya menghangatkan ranjang, daripada harus merayu Marquis bajingan itu.

  • Stallions and Studs Box Set

    Stallions and Studs Box Set

    Two hours outside of Boise, Idaho, is a sign that reads, “Welcome to Stallions and Studs.”<br><br>In the four stories corralled together in this collection, read about the cowboys who work the ranch and the men who come there to live out their cowboy fantasies. Riding, herding cattle, rodeoing along with moonlit trail rides, snuggling by a camp fire, and rolling around in the hay are just some of the activities available to the guests seeking to lasso themselves some cowboy fun. And for a few, if they’re lucky, a whole lot more.<br><br>Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>Shoulda Been a Cowboy</strong>: Charlie Bradley, enthralled with cowboys, chooses a dude ranch for his summer vacation. There he meets Wade Connors who, in addition to being his riding instructor, romances Charlie as his playmate of the week. What happens when Charlie’s week ends and he has to return home?<br><br><strong>Back in the Saddle Again</strong>: Mack MacIntyre has left his life as a cowboy behind. For 35 years he’s been a devoted husband, father, and businessman far from his roots in the west. One day that old life, in the form of Seth Buchanan, comes knocking on his door. Seth has a dream. Does Mack have the courage to share in it?<br><br><strong>Rodeo Cowboy</strong>: Lex Cunningham and Trent Boxwood ride rodeo together. Lex hopes Trent’s friendship can be turned to something more, but when he acts on signs that Trent is interested, Trent rebuffs him. Why? Will Trent overcome what stands between them?<br><br><strong>Reining In Rio</strong>: The single life is just fine for Rio Cody. His motto is monogamy is monotony. However, at a local horse show he meets someone who may turn that notion inside out. But Mark Wembly is not at all Rio’s type and is a pain in the butt to boot. Will Rio continue to ride alone, or will Mark rein him in?

  • The Best Match

    The Best Match

    Shree Jaisingh is a successful system software developer in a multinational firm. She has kept herself too busy to seek out a life partner for herself thereby throwing the burden upon her parent's already sagged shoulders. It's a tough job for the matchmakers to spot her best match. And, when they do, with her consent and approval, it only makes her realize that committing to a lifelong monogamy is exceptionally difficult with a man who keeps more secrets than he bothers to tell. In this new phase in life, when Abhimanyu Chauhan is resolute to give her a hard time checking in her temper, there's less than likely chances that they end up together.

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