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  • Not like in the Movies

    Not like in the Movies


    Zelda Mulette thinks she is just an ordinary 13 year old girl. But how you will define "ordinary" will be different for everyone. Extraordinarily to some readers, she is born and bred into the stellar world of Hollywood, to a mother and stepfather who are talented, award-winning actors in the industry. Narrated by her bold, tell-all but loving attitude, join Zelda as she navigates her own rollercoaster of life, with which she claims is "Not like in the movies". This celebrity-inspired narrative will make you laugh, cry and think no matter who we are in this world, nobody has it easy.



  • Infinite Movies System

    Infinite Movies System

  • My Movies Are Horrors!

    My Movies Are Horrors!

    Horror&Thriller SCARY

    A Mysterious Tablet, that Mark saw from his late father's Filming Studio.Was It a Curse? or It is a Blessing?

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    I love action movies

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  • Just Like in the Movies

    Just Like in the Movies

    All Bailey wants is to be a good negotiator, and to impress his boss and teacher, the legendary Drew Fletcher. He admires Fletcher for his skills in the field, but that doesn’t stop him admiring the man for other, more romantic reasons as well. In a tense hostage situation, it’s pretty unlikely Bailey’s usual, rash behaviour will cover him in glory, but in his dreams, it’s all going to happen just like in the movies.<br><br>When he finally acts to protect his boss, it doesn’t go the way he hopes -- or does it? Will Bailey get to play the hero and get the guy of his dreams?

  • when movies come alive

    when movies come alive

  • In the Middle of Movies, Anime and Games

    In the Middle of Movies, Anime and Games

    Just some random fanfiction

  • Travel Through the World of Movies

    Travel Through the World of Movies

    Gavin was a frustrated online writer. He often got hungry because of too few subscriptions of his work, and it was normal for him to have no thoughts.His girlfriend chose to break up with him because he was too poor to stay at home without social activities. What was more tragic was that there were no new ideas, so the editor of the website refused his signing application.Looking at the remaining dozens of dollars in his wallet, Gavin bought a few bottles of life water, intending to drown down his sorrows.In the notebook, there was a film called Magic Pills. The main character of the film was a writer too. Because he accidentally took an unlisted pill, he possessed superhuman wisdom. His brain had been developed, and with the help of the pill, the main character had reached the peak of his life.The drunk Gavin also dreamed that if he could also get this magical pill so that he could win back his girlfriend, write some alluring articles and save his career.His idea came true. A black hole appeared on the computer and sucked him in. Then he traveled to the world of movies called Magical Pills. Right around the time that the pills were being mass-produced, Gavin bought a magical pill from a pharmacy for ten dollars!With the ability to travel through the world of movies, his life was reversed.

  • Date at the movies [A BNHA fanfic]

    Date at the movies [A BNHA fanfic]

  • The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era

    The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era



    He just became the newly-crowned movie emperor when he died a tragic (actually, very stupid) death. On his way to cross the NaiHe bridge, he managed to evade Meng Po and not drink her soup. Thus keeping the memories of the life that he just had. But he would never have imagined that he would be reincarnated hundreds of thousands of years later. In the Interstellar era! If it happened to other guys, they would definitely want to be a mecha warrior. Don't most men dream of that at least once in their life? But sadly, that's not for him. There's only one goal in his mind - to be the number one star in the Interstellar era. With the knowledge and skills he got from his past life, he would definitely achieve it. But who was this annoying person who kept on pestering him? A certain prince smiled in a scary and crazy way: Cook food for me or else die. = a few months later = A certain prince leaned over and moved his face closer: I don't need food, I could just eat you. A bad tempered yandere gong X a reincarnated movie emperor shou *NaiHe bridge - a bridge that souls crossed to enter reincarnation **Meng Po - the lady on the Naihe bridge who gives out soup that lets the souls forget their memories, thus entering the cycle of reincarnation in a clean slate. --- cover art belongs to the respective owner --- Twitter: @tyramisu_wn IG: @tyramisu_novels

  • Super Detective in the Fictional World

    Super Detective in the Fictional World


    Luke has transmigrated to the United States, but eventually realizes that this United States is different from the United States of his previous life. Here, the superpowers and characters from the movies in his previous life actually exist. How will Luke fare in a world where such terrifying superpowers exist? Fortunately, he has a cheat – the Super Detective System. Join Luke on his new journey toward becoming a detective.

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    I love History movies and books

    My idol I love Leonardo da Vinci

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