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  • Broken to Fixed

    Broken to Fixed

  • Fate brought us back

    Fate brought us back

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 MAFIA FORBIDDENLOVE

    He is cool with no heart. She is warm with a happy-go-lucky personality. Both have hugely different personalities, meet in a nightclub and had an unexpected one nightstand. ... ... ... "Hey handsome, what do you think we went upstairs and spend the night with pleasure" "I hope you will not regret this," The man said in a dangerous tone. ... ... It is simple actually after the incident, what you need to do after one night is to forget about it... move on...unless it is goooood... However, neither do they expected that fate has brought them back campus. One appears to be her professor and the other one is his students. This surprised them both. It is just amazing how both of them seems to sync in not to mentioned anything about that 'night'. But the chemistry and the attraction to each of them are clearly there. Are they able to restraint themselves from their lust for each other?

  • The Feeling of Broken

    The Feeling of Broken

    Did you ever think why people fall in-love?Did you ever think why people that fall in-love gets hurt and broken?Why people have to apologize but did not know what he or she did?Did you ever truly tell someone you really feel?

  • The Legend of Sotona

    The Legend of Sotona

    Hello somebody this may not get many views but I'm learning from this so if you enjoy that would be great. I am going to be doing one chapter a week since I'm new and its gonna be in the range between 1000-1500 words.

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