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    "Ohhh fuck..." He push me the wall hard. It's to dark. And it is hurt like bitch but still I Ignor it my main concern is the person who is standing front of me.. and he's lips crush to mine.. I jump on him my legs are hugging he's hips he pull me close to him. That no space between us. My both arm hug he's nack. And I started to play with he's hair. Like I always do..The kiss is passionate and rough like we never kiss before. Every time whenever we both kiss each other or intimate with each other it's always I feel like I am doing it in first time. The way we both kiss each other fighting with each other tongues. Like we both having war the who's going to win. And I am enjoying this. Like always..We both moan when I play with hair and bite he's lips little bit harder.. I know he like it. He never told me but I know. He's one of he's hand are reach my breast and he started to grab it roughly and make me moen loudly. " Shhhhh we don't want to know the every one do we..." He's husky voice that make me shiver. And i try to not moan in loudly controlling myself.I reach he's pent and started to unhooked it. He did same.When he's hand go to my thing and when he touch it. I feel like I can't take it more. I want him to touch me. And fuck me hard. No matter what. I want he's little one into me.. but like he know that what I want. He started to teasing me.. rubbing my core and make me hotter that ever. I can't take it. I want him to into me so damn much. And he know it very well so he did on perposly that I bagged him to come into me.. And I also know how to tease him back.. I reach he's little one. And started to make him turn on. I grab he's balls and started to massaging. And he started to kiss my breath and bite it so hard. And grone loudly." Fuckk.. don't tease me.. I want you now..." I literally bagged him.. and like the way I think he smrike and push me to the end of the table and make me to seat on there.  He go down on there and started to fuck me in he's tongue. He know how to use he's tongue other than eating or talking.. and he is good at it.. " Don't cum if you did I will smack you and the whole school know that.. and I mean it." He said to me.. when he know that I about to cum.. fucking assholle.. I hate him when he do that.. He pull away  he's mouth grabbing condom out in he's panis and enter into me so hard. I literally yelled.. and that that what I want.. rubbish my uppr core that make me moan more. I don't want to but the way he making me giving me feeling I just can't control myself. He fuck me hard in and out in and out. The way he doing he's work. And looking at me. That how I am enjoying it. Grabbing my breast verry hard he started to massage and other he started to licking it. And biting it. Making me moan loudly. I close my mouth with my both hands. So that I can't yelled. I don't want to know anyone about it.   " Cum.." he said and i finally cum and than I see that he also come with me. We both cum together. He started to kissing my back. When my head is on he's shoulder making myself clam down.. After that we both pull away. And I started to wear my clothes.. this is best thing ever. I want to do it again but I also don't want to late to my next class. And I don't want to know about it to anyone.. do i now..

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