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  • The Alpha and the Nun

    The Alpha and the Nun


    She is pure. She is innocent. She believes in God And above all, she doesn't believe that creatures like werewolves exist. She thinks they're Demons. _________________________________________ He is evil. He is tainted. He is the Alpha. He gets whatever he wants whenever he wants but he is after one thing... His Mate! What happens when his mate doesn't believe he exists and he has to prove to her that there is something called the Mate Bond. _________________________________________ "what are you doing to me?" Zuri asked. This man is making her feel emotions she has never felt before. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, enjoying the way she shivered at his closeness. Her alluring scent was intoxicating and his fangs itched to be buried deep in her skin. His nose brushed against her neck, and he growled in pleasure. Just as he kissed a spot, she forcefully pushed him back. "Get off me. You demon". She shouted, her breath coming out heavily. The wolf feeling angry at its mate for pushing it away surfaces, and kept its human form at bay. Eyes turn a golden hue, canines elongating as it grins widely, showing off huge canines that blared at her. "I might be a demon, but this demon is yours forever." It growled out "Lord Jesus, help me!". She gulped fearfully as he lunged at her. ________________________________________



    Twenty-Seven thousand years ago, during the era of myth and legend, there was a war between humans and a demon lord called Straggler. The war broke the world, leading to the destruction of the earth. But out of their intelligence, humans, and dragons created their world, a place that was protected by magic. This magic was powerful but was not strong enough to run on its own. So the human world, to protect the magic, was further divided into three groups: The Entrants (those with magic), the Raiders (those who could control dragons), and the Runners. While the Raiders and Entrants ruled the society, the Runner kept and protected the world. However, there was a breach and the Straggler has found a way into the human world.  Josh, a Runner, tried to warn the people, but nobody listened to him, not until the peace everyone enjoyed started turning sour. Notwithstanding, Josh has vowed never to rescue anyone, but his oath found a soft edge when he met and fell in love with the daughter of the Straggler

  • Nephilim and the Nun

    Nephilim and the Nun


    I was a prisoner and she was a nun. She was my only means of escaping captivity and luckily for me, she helped me escape. But things took a different turn when my captor came for her. ******Quinn Santiago had just one task—to get out of the cell he'd been caged in and hunt down his captors. But then, Rhea Logan came in the form of a nun with a smart mouth who helped him to achieve his plans. In the process, he realized there was more to her than just the nun with a smart mouth. Knowing she was the nun with a difference, only spiked his interest in her.Things were moving smoothly till he realized she was the daughter of one of his enemies and a part of the plan to destroy him.

  • i got nun

    i got nun



    History ADVENTURE


  • Nuns Demise

    Nuns Demise


    Sister Ama is given a quest to find a sacred bible being held by the demon ‘king’. Will Sister Ama acquire the Bible? Or will she be acquired by the demon ‘king’ instead?

  • sweet nun ever after

    sweet nun ever after

  • Lumina Church : From an Assassin to a Nun

    Lumina Church : From an Assassin to a Nun

    Villia Lainiesta, once an assassin-in-training, now is a nun of the forgotten Goddess Lumina. Swore to fulfill the wish of her benefactor in front of his grave, she will walk her path to revive the now dying Lumina Church. With no people restricting her method, Villia Lainiesta will use various way to spread the teaching of Lumina, making it known to people again and create a Holy Kingdom, where every races can live together peacefully!

  • Crush? Kailangan Ko Ba Nun?

    Crush? Kailangan Ko Ba Nun?

  • The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset

    The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset



    "Mingjing descended the mountain and became the real young miss of the Zhu family in River City. No one in the Zhu family liked this little Buddhist nun who came out from deep mountains. They gave the fake daughter their utmost care while warning the real young miss to discard all ideas of replacing the fake daughter's place. Mingjing did not fight. She ate vegetarian food and read Buddhist scriptures every day—void of lust and desires. Her younger brother got caught in a huge lawsuit. Mrs. Zhu went through a lot of trouble to invite the First Lady to plead for mercy only to receive merciless ridicule. ""I'll give you a second chance on Master Mingjing's account."" Mrs. Zhu, ""?” Mr. Zhu's company was in a crisis and was in desperate need of money. In his attempt to gain the richest man's favor, the rich man merely responded with a gaze full of despise. ""You tend to take fish eyes for pearls. I think you've developed an acquired taste in your investments."" Mr. Zhu, ""?” The fake daughter wanted to ruin the real daughter's reputation at a banquet. Eventually, everyone ended up realizing that the real young miss of the Zhu family was as beautiful as a fairy with a kindred heart. Fake daughter, ""?"" The crown prince of the wealthy, Qu Feitai, was also a top celebrity in showbiz. Being at the center of attention, he could summon a tempest whenever he wanted. When he participated in a variety show, a frail female guest appeared. She chopped wood with her left hand and pulled noodles with her right hand. Steaming, boiling, and cooking; everything was a piece of cake to her. As someone horrible at maintaining an orderly life, he was dumbfounded. During the live broadcast of the International Junior League finals, his cousin, who was known as a genius in Go, was extremely anxious. On the other hand, the familiar-looking beautiful girl opposite him was calm and composed, ending him in one move. His high-flyer best friend cried to him, ""After your goddess transferred over, I can never surpass being in second place anymore."" Qu Feitai, ""How many surprises do you have that I don't know about?"" Until one day, he actually saw her discussing scriptures and Buddism with a group of old monks at an international Buddhist exchange. As she started to speak of Buddhist Dharma, Qu Feitai panicked… ""You keep your six senses pure and saw through the vanity of the world, but I insist on dragging you here for a walk in the mortal realm. Worse comes to worst, you'll ascend to nirvana and I'll end up in hell."" "

  • Nun's Sexy Dragon King

    Nun's Sexy Dragon King

    Hust Affleck, the most arrogant Dragon King of the dragon race, was imprisoned by a curse in Gwen Hilde, the only nun in the most broken and remote village."Whenever a nun falls in love with you, the curse will be dispelled." Evil dragon Draco laughed out loudly. "Don't think you can leave after killing her. You have to die even if she dies!""Nun, do you love me?" He pinched her chin hard and forced her to answer."Of course I love you. God loves the world." The nun nodded.Dragon King tried to leave her, but was once again devoured by the shackle rune and fell to the ground."You are lying!" Dragon King was furious and pinched her neck, "You are so good at lying, aren't you?""May God forgive your sin, Amen." The nun was unmoved, her face full of holy radiance.It was not until then that he found that holy nuns would break the rules."What's the point of using hands?" "Let me see what you look like in the black robe."Hust had always been lustful, but he only had sex with the dragon race. He didn't expect that a mere human nun would be so delicious.As time went by, the nuns only enjoyed sex and were not interested in him at all.The village was burnt to ashes by the heavenly fire curse. And Hust saved everyone on his own. Draco tied the nun to the dead tree on the edge of the cliff and tortured her with the blood-sucking curse.Hust transferred the spell to him, he had been bitten all over his body. His rule power was too weak to maintain his human form.The nun held the dragon-shaped beast in her arms and knelt in front of Draco, begging him to save her. Draco said, "Then hand over your life."The nun agreed but on the premise of the last love.At the end of the battle, Draco wanted to take away the soul of the nun, but he was killed by the Hust.It turned out that the nun finally fell in love with him.

  • Diana once upon a time the untold story by her confidante, friend, nun

    Diana once upon a time the untold story by her confidante, friend, nun

    This story is about Princess Diana of England

  • Bad Boys

    Bad Boys

    "Garrick Hardwin when he left the Army Ranger never intended to fall into a life of porn, but it just sort of happened. Tired of his life of meaningless sex Garrick is looking for a reason to quit the business when he collides with Melody Page, shy, ex nun and science nerd. Melody is an orphan who survived a brutal childhood and is trying to find her place in life and establish herself as a scientist. One day, while helping her makeup artist roommate, on the set of an adult movie she bumps into the drop dead gorgeous Garrick. An unlikely friendship starts between the two very different people that quickly turns to love and then marriage, but along the way Garrick’s past and ex-girlfriends threaten their growing relationship. Can Melody look forgive Garrick’s past, can she believe enough in herself to let him love her? But Garrick isn’t the only one interested in Melody, Daniel Bently billionaire and owner of Chem tech institute has been kidnapping and imprisoning scientists for years at his hidden research center in North Dakota. Daniel wants Melody for both personal and professional reasons and has her kidnapped and taken to his facility. Garrick must use all his past training to break into the facility and rescue Melody before Daniel can force his will on Melody."

  • Gamer of Highschool DxD

    Gamer of Highschool DxD


    Fifteen year old Kasai gets shot and dies after protecting a nun from getting robbed. God then reincarnates her into one of her favorite anime's Highschool DxD as a gamer with her very own system, and a broken-ass anime summoning skill. But it's not all fun and games when multiple people from the supernatural world come after her. Watch as she somehow survives in this new world and gets a harem of girls coming after her. Kasai: I get dragon ball z and one punch summoning right? God: .... Kasai: Right?.... God: you'll start off with the Naruto system. Kasai: I'll take it. Started on Wattpad: 12/27/21 Ended: ??/??/??

  • Equation Zero Battle/Line

    Equation Zero Battle/Line



    In a world filled with strange abilities and magical superpowers, Hero Law, a 16-year-old boy, who is living his life with a little too much heroic personality, is just trying his best to get by in this cold frozen world filled with monsters. Equation Zero Battle/Line tells the story of a young boy named Hero Law, with the powers of a Demon and an Angel, infused into his right arm giving him supernatural powers over heat and sound. He sets out to join a group known as the Enforcers, warriors with mystical powers known as Cursed Life Techniques, which they use to combat demons called the Bestia Macht, powerful Monsters with souls so cold they freeze the very world around them. On his adventures he meets a flaming fox, a yuri love seeking battle nun, a blind boy with a gun, and an ice queen. A story of friends, monsters, superpowers, love, enemies, and even Gods. The Story starts here! Equation Zero Battle/Line! Want to buy me food? You can support me on Paypal here:

  • The Playboy Superstar Versus The CEO

    The Playboy Superstar Versus The CEO


    She was in love, but someone else secretly loved her. Who will she choose?****Joan Belle has been in love with Christopher Hale since they were teens. He is the CEO of Hale Industries, her childhood friend, and her next-door neighbor. She dreamed one day, he would look her way. She made herself to be an admirable woman; a model on the side and a businesswoman, creating her own clothing line at a young age. However, despite her success, Christopher Hale never once asked her on a date. Countless times, she tried to catch his attention, but she failed miserably. Just when she thought she had lost all hope, Cole Adams, Christopher's best friend, an athlete, and a superstar model offered his cupid services. "Joan, if you want to win Christopher over, you have to show more tits. You are a model, but on normal days, you dress like a nun!” With his chiseled face and athletic frame, walking closer to Joan, he added, “Men are simple. SEX, simple.”****Join me on my server:

  • Cinta Laki-laki Pemarah

    Cinta Laki-laki Pemarah

    Fantasi ROMANCE

    Mumu adalah seorang mahasiswa yang kuliah di salah satu Kampus swasta yang berada di Kabupaten Bengkalis.ia terlahir dari sebuah keluarga yang sederhana, dari sebuah desa yang nun jauh di Kabupaten Kepulauan Meranti, pemekaran dari Kabupaten Bengkalis.berbagai peristiwa, suka-duka serta kisah cinta yang terjadi selama masa perkuliahan tersebut. ia hanyalah anak desa, yang tinggal di kos-kosan. pergi kuliah menggunakan sepeda, sedangkan mahasiswa lain lebih banyak menggunakan kendaraan bermotor roda dua.ia mencintai seorang mahasiswi jurusan Akuntansi syari'ah, tapi dikarenakan dia hanya laki-laki yang sederhana, apakah dia harus mengungkapkan perasaannya tersebut?sedangkan Mahasiswi tersebut, termasuk salah satu idola di Kampus itu, adik sang Ketua Yayasan yang menaungi Kampus tersebut. Apa yang harus Mumu lakukan?Buk Mala, sudah bersusah payah membangun Yayasan Insan Mandiri, sehingga dalam kurun waktu dua tahun, yayasannya sudah menaungi sebanyak tiga kampus yang berada di Kabupaten Bengkalis.walau sukses dalam karirnya, tapi tidak berarti sukses juga dalam rumah tangganya. Anaknya, Nia Utami, mengalami pendarahan yang hebat ketika melahirkan anak pertamanya. Dokter mengatakan, HB-nya rendah, karena dari awal kehamilan, Nia memang jarang ke Fasilitas Pelayanan Kesehatan, sehingga tidak mengkonsumsi tablet tambah darah yang cukup.semenjak menikah, Nia tinggal di rumah mertuanya di desa Sekodi. Suami Nia hanyalah orang biasa, jadi kurang memahami tentang pelayanan dan perawatan bagi ibu hamil.semenjak kejadian tersebut, Buk Mala, sangat membenci orang desa, karena menurutnya, gara-gara orang desa lah yang menyebabkan anak semata wayangnya meninggal dunia dalam usia muda.Bagaimanakah akhir kisah cinta mereka? Apakah Mumu berhasil menjalin cinta dengan adik Ketua Yayasan tersebut? Akan kah mereka bersatu dalam suatu mahligai rumah tangga? Atau kisah cinta mereka akan kandas di tengah jalan, karena hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan. Apakah mahasiswi tersebut benar-benar orang yang menjadi jodoh Mumu atau ada gadis lain? Masih banyak liku-liku dan masih sangat panjang akhir kisah cinta ini. Mari sama-sama kita ikuti kisah cinta mereka. Cerita ini bukan hanya berkisar tentang cinta tapi juga tentang bagaimana mempertahankan hidup dan harga diri.

  • I Want What Destroys Me

    I Want What Destroys Me



    Genevieve is brought up into a harsh Catholic doctrine which contradicts the moral values it preaches. Rape, theft, lies, and schemes are the life normalities. Above all, Eve’s own family treats her with little love and a little too much control. Her dress code is plain, her hobbies are limited, her friends are non-existed, and in due time, she is to be betrothed to a stranger. Determined to evade her bleak fate, Genevieve, a firm atheist and an unyielding seeker of freedom, finds a way to escape her tyrannical home by the least expected route - by becoming a nun and moving to Quebec into the abbey of Saint Mary, far away from the prying eyes of her family, where she rediscovers her faith, unfolds the dark secrets of her origin and finds love through the destructive relationship with…the devil.Copyright • 2021 by Christine ClueAll rights reserved.WARNING:In no shape or form does this work promote satanic practices. Though real elements of demonic rituals and rites are present in this manuscript, I strongly advise not repeating any of these in real life and staying clear of any dark attributes. Be safe my loves :)As it is my first book I gave myself a five-star review, that will do for now:) I hope you'll find my book interesting)

  • Murder the Mountains - A Dark Fantasy LitRPG

    Murder the Mountains - A Dark Fantasy LitRPG


    Murder the Mountains is a dark fantasy LitRPG in the vein of games like Dark Souls and Planescape Torment. Matt’s life is in limbo, so he has nothing but time to waste playing videogames.Enter cult gaming sensation, Cannibal Hymn: A punishing multiplayer RPG set in a grim world conjured from the imagery of Ancient Central and South America. The Yunka Coast is a colorful and macabre land of sand and surf, barren dunes, mysterious ruins, blood-crazed gods, eldritch liches, ferocious beasts, brutal headhunters, exotic cultures, feudal politics, weird psychedelic drugs, and treasure-littered tombs.But there's something sinister beneath the surface... The game's development team turned up dead in a grizzly murder-suicide before release, strange glitches don't seem random, and Matt's friend, Jess, has gone missing. In order to find her, Matt must progress through the game and uncover its mysteries, persevering through constant set-backs, and slaying his way through what or whoever gets in his way.The MC starts from the bottom and must struggle his way to cutting down the gods and seizing control of the game’s PVP economy and political structure. Meanwhile, the story of the world is told through lore and environmental storytelling, and something dark and unsettling stalks Matt’s day to day life.

  • Mad Original Vampire

    Mad Original Vampire


    Sammy, a personal assistant of an upcoming Hollywood star gets reincarnated into a mysterious body. Later, he learns he is a vampire when he is being tortured after blacking out at killing two nuns at a Cathedral. Years of torture and seeing how people are being treated has led him to go down a path rarely seen in history.