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  • General's beloved wife.

    General's beloved wife.


    A self obessesed beauty who thinks that her beautiful face and elegant body can even make the moon goddess jealous. And a peace ranting general who is sharp in his skills and words. What will happen when they unite?

  • Uprising Of The Cannon Fodders

    Uprising Of The Cannon Fodders

    The world deemed Akira a waste. Although he was very talented, he lacked the enthusiasm or desire to be anything. His family was all geniuses in their respective fields, but he spent the entire 18 years of his life eating, drinking, and having fun (otherwise known as a couch potato). Despite all this, he loved his family and therefore it was an instinctive reaction to save his father from what would have been a fatal collision.He was supposed to be dead, but…...A system appeared and thus began his journey of world-hopping as the cannon fodder who made the villain become the villain.*******[Host! Host! Host!]Akira swats away the annoying thing buzzing around him, disturbing his sleep.[Host, how could you?] {sniffles} ……………….Although Akira may be deranged, his love for cake (and his lover), eclipses all else.Lover: (pouting) “Why am I mentioned after cake? That’s not fair!” (Glares at the cake with killing intent and jealousy.) Akira: (With frosting on his upper lip), "Why do I feel like my cake just wilted?Lover: (Looking pitifully at Akira while sneakily putting his hands inside his clothes) “Do you really like cake more than me?”Akira: ( Ran's away while pulling on his disheveled clothes while stuffing the rest of his cake in his mouth) “(mumbling with his mouth full) “O-of course not! I just needed to replenish my energy.” {Please don't tempt me! My whole body still aches! QAQ}So now he had to deal with a system that plays poker and an insatiable lover, DEATH SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD!!!*****************Tags for the book.Romance,Bl, Fantasy, tragedy, Dark, betrayal,revenge, comedy, system, transmigration, rebirth, face slapping, apocalypse, possessive,obessesive, mystery, mythology, divine beings, mature, blood and Gore, seme protogonist, smut.*********If you have any questions to ask at all please reach me at my Instagram account @ros.emaryrose.

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