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    Naruto Uzumaki was always alone. He grew up with no parents and he didn’t have any friends. But, all that ended when he met (Name) (Surname). She immediately befriended the boy. He was so happy to finally have a friend, and for the first time in his life he didn’t feel alone. Though, he always wondered why she was so overprotective.

  • Unique Obssesion

    Unique Obssesion

    After a bad breakup Alex said never to fall in love again and what will happen when he realised he already fall in love with his classmate Arya

  • suamiku Mr.Playboy(2)

    suamiku Mr.Playboy(2)

    Laila dan Rizzuan , siapa saja tidak mengenali mereka pasangan yang paling sweet dan bahagia. Mereka telah membina rumah tangga sudah cukup lama , Mereka mempunyai anak perempuan yang bernama Ainul atau nama panjangnya Nur Ainul Marhadini. Mereka hidup bahagia sampailah obssesion love kembali , siapa lagi kalau bukan Razin...Razin kembali untuk mendapatkan Laila semula. Berjayakah dia untuk mendapatkan Laila menjadi miliknya. Razin tidak kira apa yang terjadi dia mesti dapatkan Laila bak kata slogannya "Laila hak aku , selama - lamanya hak aku". ..Apa yang akan terjadi kepada dua pasangan ini? adakah mahligai cinta mereka akan mushnah lagi sekali atau sebaliknya...Yang mana nak tau cerita sebenar dia bole tengok and baca book Suamiku Mr.Playboy



    A True to life story with A girl who has a crush on a celebrity girl named RHIAN RAMOS. Her twitter is whianwamos and her instagram is whianwamos.please do follow her as a fan like me :) ..An obssesed girl with this lady,a girl who always want to stalked her in her social media account.because of this she decided to download twitter.. she used that to always post and to always send a message to rhian ramos.She decided to download wattpad too and start to share her feelings and what she does in her social media. until she enjoyed writing it. she take notes all her feelings and activities and events about rhian ramos with her.from year 2016 to year 2020.. Until she gets sick. she diagnosed bipolar2 and anxiety attack..she scared so much and feels like no life. feels like she knew something ..it is like mind over matters ..her mind thinks different with normal people.. she see peoples mind..until she see peoples zombies looks and she scared so much about it. she dont want to even look at one persons face because of those looks.. she gets sick and stop writing for months because she gets sick due to overthink.She do not know why it happened.. she feels inspired.going to great feelings.she thinks rhian ramos is everywhere around her.seeing her always. hearing some voices. 4years long is not easy.. doing such thing may not good to her health. rhian ramos visits her on her dreams too.2020 was the hardest year ever had in this world.. now she is taking medicine but she keeps on writing until this moment. yes shes still doing this because she love it.she wants to share some experiences about her life..

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