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    Martial Arts ACTION

    Owen is born in Chiang Mai Thailand hes 18 years old. He was a student in Chiang Mai and the strongest student gangster in Chiang Mai. his mother was a korean and his father is thai. But owen choose to live in the street in evening because he wants to help his mother to make money because his father is already dead so he want to take the responsibility of his father by selling street foods in front of Bus station and working in Drug Enforcement Administration as a spy because Chiang Mai was already affiliated of bigshots gangster organization. And in the morning hes going back home and train Muay-thai, karate and boxing. But one day owen's grandma in korea called her mother Hae-In that they want to help owen going back to school but there in korea. So Hae-In told owen that they will going to live in korea because she wants see her son like other normal student.

  • Hardworking oldman

    Hardworking oldman

    This will make you able to face your daily problems and become strong. This is about hardworking oldman.

  • new life of oldman

    new life of oldman

  • 22years Oldman love story

    22years Oldman love story

  • Supreme Cultivator in rpg world

    Supreme Cultivator in rpg world

    Sorry, my fellow cultivators I have reached the peak of my cultivation. I can't live in this world where I can't progress any further. even if I want to remain in this world Oldman heaven won't let me*Sob* before living I will leave a gift for you guys. I hope you guys will like it" Ling Fen said and dropped a black ball towards the cultivators One long-eared cultivator said "All my friendly cultivators that bully can't give us any gift he only knows about only taking not giving. move backward" When all Cultivators were moving Backwards He Himself to catch that black ball Himself when other cultivator saw that shameless act of long-eared cultivator they regretted their decision of moving backward but soon rejoiced their decision because when long-eared cultivator caught the black ball. Black Ball Exploded and leaving long-eared cultivator covered in Smelly slime. The Atmosphere changed a black Hole Appear before Ling Fen and Ling Fen Jumped. (At last, I can go back to my world farewell Suckers. I don't know how much earth has earth all this time) A Voice Echoed in Cultivation world "I Hope My Cultivator friends liked my Gift... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... XD" Somewhere on earth, from the Void Crack a man came out from the Void and Said:" Earth, I am Back?" what happens when a common man from modern world After reaching the peak of supreme cultivation and later He found himself in an Rpg like a world. where he has power like a god. An Adventure of a cultivator.

  • The President and the nut-job

    The President and the nut-job

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY

    Oldman MayHill and Master Harper sat opposite of each other- measuring each other in every aspects. Both men had lot of things in common. Both had five stern looking bodyguards standing behind them. Both were number one in their respective business world- MayHill groups controlled the business while Harpers controlled the underworld. Both were ridiculously rich with estimated fortunes of billions of dollars. Both these old men commanded respect wherever they go. They knew each other since they were kids themselves. But both of them hated each other’s gut.Now, you might be wondering what they are doing together then?Well these men had one problem in common- their grandchildren.Oldman MayHill and Master Harper both thought of their grandchildren at the same time. Both were turning out to be too handful for the elders. Ashton MayHill was Oldman MayHill’s oldest grandchild and the President of MayHill groups. He was the perfect grandson until he refused several influential marriage proposals. Then again such refusal never seem to stop women from wanting to grab his attention. Recently to show his rebellion against the family for bringing in the marriage proposals, he has been on the front page of national newspapers too often- almost every single day with a different woman. Oldman MayHill just wanted his grandchild to get serious and settle down. He wanted to see his great-grandchild soon. But it was becoming near impossible now.On the other hand, Master Harper had completely opposite issue with his only grandchild. They were the boss of the underworld but his only granddaughter has turned out to be a nerdy computer geek. On top of that she had such a sharp tongue. She refused to go out and even if she went out- she only went to the company’s training ground to check out the half naked men. She was caught staring at them too often that the men have started to complain to Master Harper about it. He just wanted her to get married- maybe he can then have a great grandson who can take over the family business. Both elders shook their head as they thought about their grandchild.To solve the issue, the elders decide to cooperate and devise a plan to get their grandchildren marry each other. For both the elders, it was not a bad deal. But they needed a solid plan to make sure their grandchildren agree to this. After three hours of yelling, cursing and throwing tantrums, the elders were finally able to devise a plan to get their grandchildren to marry each other. “Well, it seems like we are going to be in-laws now”, Oldman MayHill as he stood up from his seat.“Seems like it”, said Master Harper as he grinned at the old man.

  • Neet was born to be the Master

    Neet was born to be the Master

    In this game there was girl who was been victim of hates even the one she loves disgust on her but when that time happened there is an oldman treat her like a daughter even they are not bloodrelated She became happy having a father but one day her happiness faded away as the oldman died that is why her innocent expression reveal her trueself An Madness of Anger that was the first time she feel that not even the time that everyones hates her but the time when the special person for her has passed away because of someone chase after her father.She was planning on revenge and let them pay for what have they done to the oldman.

  • The Castle Upon Green Hill

    The Castle Upon Green Hill

    A depressed computer science student Robert Oldman finds himself transported into a feudalistic world with magic. He was given a second chance, albeit one much more gritty and much harder than he would expect! Follow as Rob discover, not just the fact that magic is written in the form of computer code, but also the importance and joy of family and life. (This novel was written as a side project/ hobby by an overwhelmed compsci student. If I can learn python, java, go and what not while I entertain others, then it will all be worthwhile! Credit to Miroslav Stojkovic for his amazing painting of Edinburgh Castle. I saw his artwork and knew I had to use it for my cover.)

  • The Campers

    The Campers

    Video Games VIDEOGAME

    A new revolution of gaming VHR war games that has never released before and now people who join of this game felt in excitement and want to join. Our protagonist and his step siblings who was mysteriously came in the Bermuda Triangle. They got question alot by the peopl cause they thought they try to cross the border but they couldn't understand their word. After that the oldman decidedly to adopt them and his wife agreed.to since they don't have children flr the pass 30 years. Also this 5 yound kids got introduce into vhr capsule by the picouole of oldman and his wife bought for them to play that way it help them learn a language fater. Right now vhr capsule treated to be education also it can play games. they don't need to.go out the house just stay there and learn everything until you in collage. woop woopBANG BANG༼ง=ಠ益ಠ=༽ง

  • I live in an era where the world is still young?

    I live in an era where the world is still young?


    Kyle : Ahh, what's this? Why does the air taste so cheap? Is it because its freedom? Oldman : is that really the first thing you say after we escape that damn place?Kyle ignored Oldman and continue to exclaimKyle : Ahh, I'm finally free from being a walking turbine engine!Starting off in the new city of fire, Kyle Raine was one of the only few that has the blood that will one day become a water knight... At least if he was in a place where there's people like him with water blood.

  • Demons On Mission

    Demons On Mission

    Demon King "How it is? "Demon minister " The God is angry"Demon King "why? it just small mistake, my son still on training,he just release a thousan siner"Demon minister " Yes my king, but princes release them and erased their Hell mark"Demon king " i know, but he not yet 2 milion years old, he still child?"Demons minister "yes my king, but the God already give his judgement,the demon prince must go to human world and recapture the lost siner"Demon king" Damn that old man, some day will go to heaven and beat him up"Booooooom Sudenlt come a voice from skyGod " fuck you are Oldman,come here i will kick ur ass"Demon king "damn it i forgot he can hear"God " Just let he go to human world, i know its hard,he was my nephew too, but rules is rulesDemon king " hais,okay okay i will send Lucio to Human world"

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