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    Shin Youngwoo teve uma vida azarada e agora estava empacado carregando tijolos em canteiros de obras. Ele até mesmo tinha que trabalhar no jogo de Realidade Virtual, Satisfy!Entretanto, a sorte logo entraria em sua vida infeliz. Seu personagem, "Grid", descobriria a Caverna do Extremo Norte por uma missão e, nesse lugar, ele encontraria o "Livro Raro de Pagma" e se tornaria um jogador com uma classe lendária…?Tradução: https://sites.google.com/view/overgeared-brasil/

  • overgeared (ongoing)

    overgeared (ongoing)

    Video Games VIDEOGAME

    The basis of this novel is a virtual reality game called Satisfy, developed by the world’s top genius scientist Lim Cheolho and world-class scientists.The main character is timid, flaky, selfish, cares about money and easily feels jealous of others. Because the author set up the character in this way, the story was difficult for the readers to read.But as the main character encounters various people and geniuses, he internally matures and his personality changes. If the main character is described as cancerous early on, at present he can be called a mature adult. However, those who don’t read beyond the early parts of the 5th volume (~ chapter 90) find it hard to believe.

  • Overgeared Emperor

    Overgeared Emperor


    Zang Li was pretty happy that the supreme emperor was dumb enough to let him steal the key that opened the supreme vault of the entire empire.Inside of that ridiculously beautiful tomb, he got access to all the inheritances that the royal family normally gave to its smaller kingdoms.Inside of that tomb was even marriage contracts for beautiful women, a large golden steel dragon that would obey his command, and an inheritance deed for a kingdom that lets him turn all the vassals and women on it into his personal bitches.He's pretty excited about it, and can't wait to wreak havoc on the kingdom with his overgeared inventory.

  • Overgeared (OP Equipment)

    Overgeared (OP Equipment)

    Novel ini menceritakan laki-laki bernama Shin Youngwoo. Dia punya sifat pemalu, egois, selalu iri, dan yang dipikirkan uang terus. Tapi seiring waktu dia bertemu bermacam macam orang dan keadaan dia menjadi lebih bijak dan dewasa.Dia bermain VR game Satisfy yang populer dan harus bekerja keras untuk mencari uang di dalam maupun di luar game dan berkinginan menjadi pemain atas yang hebat. Suatu hari dia menjalani quest beruntun yang panjang dan memakan waktu yang lama dan mendapatkan “Buku Langka Pagma”, buku untuk mengubah dia menjadi job Penempa Legendaris, akankah dia akan menggunakan item itu? Bisakah job Penempa bersaing dengan Job lainnya yang hebat?Baca kisah nya sekarang juga…______________________________________________Title: Overgeared (템빨)Author: Park Saenal (박새날 )Credit: Wuxiaworld - RainbowTurtleTranslator: Vandillah______________________________________________7 Chapter per Minggu

  • Overgeared omniverse

    Overgeared omniverse


    During an accident while fighting a boss Grid and Kraugels pods both short circuited and killed them they then woke up in a void where a formless entity told them that he has selected them to fix what he has screwed up in the Omnniverse since he can’t interfere with mortals anymore -I own nothing used by this book and if the owners wish for me to remove it I will-no defined release schedule since this bus my first book and I want to make sure I do justice first the characters and worlds I include-I’m not going to ask for anything not expect anything since I’m new to this-I will take suggestions from others if I think the idea is good

  • The Overgeared King

    The Overgeared King

  • Overgeared Translate Google

    Overgeared Translate Google

  • Overgeared(WN)



    As Shin Youngwoo had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the most popular VR game, Satisfy! However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and will become a legend… ______________________________________________ Title: Overgeared (템빨) Author: Park Saenal (박새날 ) Credit: Wuxiaworld - RainbowTurtle Translator: Vandillah ______________________________________________





    ++ WPC #236 Winner ++ ~Please support my WSA 2022 entry- MY ROBINHOOD SYSTEM~ Legends fade into myth with the passage of time, but the legacy of the soul lives on. It is born again, urged by destiny, fueled by turmoil and kindled by calamity. In a futuristic star system dominated by superior races, a human researcher develops God Formula, a technology that paves the way to omnipotence. However, as fate would have it, something goes horribly wrong. His dream of human emancipation is not realized. Centuries later, an ordinary boy, obsessed with video games and oblivious of the epic events of the past, is catapulted into a treacherous world where hybrids, cyborgs, and mages eclipse the weaker races. Born physically weak and clumsy, the boy walks into an age of technology in which the real world is no different from a video game! -------------------------------------- What you will find in this story- 1) Extensive worldbuilding 2) Large ensemble of characters 3) Grammatically correct text (suggestions still welcome) -------------------------------------- Read this if you like- 1) Video games, mainly MMORPG 2) Anime: Sword Art Online, Log Horizon 3) Manga/ Manhwa: Solo Leveling, Eden, Overgeared 4) Science fiction, space travel, futuristic content 5) RPG: Dungeons and Dragons --------------------------------------

  • In Another Game World With My Character Game

    In Another Game World With My Character Game

    [Legendary dragon god]adalah sebuah game RPG yang sangat terkenal dijaman ini karena selain untuk menghilangkan stres gam ini juga bisa menghasilkan uang dengan cara menukarkan emas kebentuk rupiah dan 1000 keping emas =Rp.1.000.000,00 dan banyak yang menggunakan hal ini untuk mengambil kesempatan untuk memperkaya diri. tapi aku tidak akan menceritakan tentang bagaimana aku bermain game ini melainkan pasca turnamen yang aku lakukan kemarinrefrensi: game[dragon nest],[god of war] , novel,manga,anime[the king of Avatar] , [overgeared]

  • The Towers Of Lucifer

    The Towers Of Lucifer


    Hi! This is the first time I've written a novel. I've taken inspiration from different Korean novels such as Overgeared, Solo Leveling, and your typical revenge story. Synopsis: Hanshin thought it was a new start. But it wasn't. When he was in the past, he had been looked down upon and stepped over every time. And it was no different in future. Except for this time, he had been left to die.

  • A Worlds Online Sanctuary

    A Worlds Online Sanctuary


    Set in 2021, after the rise of VR games for the past decade the very first fully immersive experience in the form of a VRMMORPG game called Sanctuary is released. Instantly becoming a huge economic market and reaching the same amount of popularity as sports at their peak in three months time. We meet our main character Maverick, a nineteen year old teen who wishes to be able to support his single parenting mother and his baby sister Ava. Will he be able to support them after gaining the first legendary class in Sanctuary or in the end is his dream nothing more then that, a dream. Author Note: Hey guys I hope everyone who is reading this is having a wonderful day. This is my first time writing a novel of any sort but I have spent a good amount of time reading web and light novels. I wanted to combine elements of Overgeared which in my opinion is the greatest Webnovel I’ve ever read and Mages Too OP which with its system of having to actually learn the magic in order to use it being one of the most creative ideas possible. I don’t really want my novel too be some cookie cut VR novel where within 20 chapters his money problems or solved or he so dense it’s impossible for him to get in any relationship. I want to create a work of art which is both lifelike in its characters and holds good development in the fantasy aspects. If you have any ideas for the novel please leave a comment and I hope you all enjoy what I can create. I do not own the cover art, I found it while searching online one day and thought it fit with the fantasy world aspect. The person @ is in the picture so please go and view it and give them some props for amazing work.

  • Eve of Reincarnation

    Eve of Reincarnation


    This book has some influence from ROTSSG, Overgeared, Overlord, Log Horizon, The game Minecraft, RLCraft and Warcraft 3. You might notice them in the future.Our MC was once a guild leader of a prospering guild, but after being betrayed by her friends and subordinates she fell from a rich guild leader to a homeless bum.After dying of unknown means she finds herself back in time, just before the launch of the game she was playing. Faced with the problem of money, she decided to play again but not for fame and glory but for money.She tackles the problems she had with her family and more importantly her sister. Changing and fixing every mistake she made in her previous life. She promised herself to be no longer shackled by any organisations and instead play the game for pleasure and money.Though in her return, she unexpectedly unleashed a beast hidden inside of the game. Enemies who caused her downfall is still lurking behind the shadows.Note: I may mention some wacky real life martial arts and fighting scenes but they're rare since our MC will always be active in game and will not greatly influence the outside world.Note: There will be no supernatural powers that will break the world here, like martial art techniques that can knock out 10 dudes in an instant. And in the event that happens, there would be a sufficient explanation. Note: I am too lazy to add numbers here and there so ima make most PVE and PVP action based and not number based. Example is " the mc dealing 10567 damage using divine punishment having his equipment boost his damage by adding additional 2k damage and having the potion effect that adds 10% damage and his passive skill wolves grace adding an additional damage boost of 6%,but the boss have darkness armour plus the terrain bonus reducing 8% of any damage and the boss having its passive skill ice bulwark further reducing damage by 4.696969% so the damage was reduced to 6345." nooo way im doin that, im too lazy for that.Note: Tiers and ranks are hardly necessary in both game and real life but what the hell, its a video game so... And tiers in real life is necessary to divide social rankings and what not. Note: Im a highschool student who decided to write novels as a hobby, so chapter release may not be consistent.Note: This is the second book that i have written so sorry for my mediocre writings and crappy English, my first book is kinda crappy and im too lazy to polish it, maybe i'll publish it polished in the future?Note: English is not my first or second language, it's actually my third, so you may notice some wrong grammars here and there so i apologize in advance.Note: I don't have any editors and i write on my phone so deal with my crappy English and repetitive words.

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