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  • tragedy of EARTH

    tragedy of EARTH

    one day darkness enshrouded the world and A system came to the Earth [ ding] [system is now binding to the EARTH] [ PERMISSION GRANTED FOR EVALUATION ] [ CONGRATULATION EARTH IS ELIGIBLE FOR EVALUATION ] [ STARTING THE EVALUATION ON EARTH 10 9 8 7 6 ..................1] [ 1st evaluation completed] [ hint:- please survive the evaluation because a dead person will turn to a zombie ] ............................. MANA ....... come to the earth it evolved everything animals, plants, rokes, insects, humans but if a living being is dead it will turn into a zombie so we call it and the zombie apocalypse is the first evaluation The novel I am reading is a tragedy of EARTH in this Alex margani is the mc who was lost his parents in a car accident raised his 3 siblings and also built a business empire but he lost everything in a zombie apocalypse he was a hero who continuously saved the earth from every evaluation my name is vivek and I am just a normal student who walked into the portal and transmigrated into a novel

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