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  • Mindfall Paradigm: The War Inside

    Mindfall Paradigm: The War Inside



    The wisdom of humans paved the way for the posthuman. On the borderline between natural and synthetic, organic and mechanical, a divine being is looming to take on the heritage of its creators. Humans are not the end of the line and their evolutionary heirs have come. The shining age of Cyborgs is rising in the darkest era of mankind.Without memories of his previous life, DWN-49, called Dawn, awakens inside a technologically modified artificial body in the lawless Megapolis Haven, the last refuge in a war-ravaged world. From now on he is destined to be a superhuman killing machine and a member of the Archetype Commando, an elitist mercenary group.After the arising of inexplicable recollections from the past, doubts haunt Dawn. Is he really just a superior tool, a means to an end? Or is he still human after all, in control of his own fate?Follow him on his journey to upgrade himself, find powerful artifacts and unravel Haven's countless mysteries...

  • Post Human

    Post Human

    What do you do when you find yourself the sole survivor of the complete destruction of Earth? Nikola winds up in that position, disembodied in a half-built asteroid outpost, the last remnant and only hope of the human race. Nikola exists now only in digital form, controlling drones and cameras to interact with the world. But Nikola's memories are fractured, and there are endless obstacles between awakening as a glorified computer program and saving the species. Is Nikola even human anymore? Is it even possible to resurrect humanity?



    A galactic war, a secret mission and the fate of the species . . .During the Inkeren War Liam Spencer alone survived a battle that wiped out the whole rest of his squadron. The seemingly inexplicable event drew the attention of Terran Military Intelligence and, as Earth approached all-out war with the mysterious, posthuman Podradhatu, the job of trying to steal a game-changing Podradhatu warship. It proved just the beginning of a train of events that would make Spencer the central figure in the crisis that threatened to tear the galaxy apart--or bring its inhabitants together as never before.

  • Access denied

    Access denied

    →Access_denied→Reading files→U_=EH=*UT; ↓ Files Unlocked=1/-------- ----------\ | STMAI OS || booting up | \___________ /→Stack overflow→Rebooting→Rebooting→ Completed→WAR_NING Capabilities at 0.1%→Activating Unit {^€¢D4)→Corruption Too high Unit activation failed...→Starting LAST_STAND_*Task→Titan units Ac*; %+*::*($:→ Error, Error→Grid 241-790 Offline→All a. I functions are offline...→Contacting Space station 13→Connection_Failed→Scanning degradation to Storage→WARNING DEGRADATION AT 98% ON MAIN="="%&$$*"(Core)→Begining Procedure 11_13b56=True→Procedure Step one→Processing→Completed→Bunkers 1-100 Online→New Connection Link Detected.→Connect?→ Yes or No?→ [Yes]→Are you sure?→[Yes]→Connecting...→Connected→......C: Activate Cortex chip bjnlm!→Continue Session?→Reply Yes or no.→Last response Years:10 Months 5 Hours 7→→→→→→WARNING LIFE ON PLANET (:'-'-'-+%+6*T65FYYF}]°=÷√ Is at 0.10%→ Prompt Timed out Replying Yes Automatically→WARNING VIRUS DETECTED_Command; Line- Execute Command Activate Cortex chip Bj45nlm→Command Executed By {Outsource_Unknow} central command station.→New Command Host detected Connect?→ Connection=True→Online→Online→Online→Online-It seems our old friend has awakened...LAUNCH THE GRAND FLEET ANNIHILATE THIS ENEMY!→STMAI online→Starting_purge"I won't let you!"→Transmitting High wave Quantum Combination.→Taurus_Access_Comfirmed=True"Now let see how you like this?"→WARNING_TAURUS_AT_1000%_Power_Output=True_Deactivat-"STOP DEACTIVATION_ADMIN=TRUE."→Override_By_Dr_???=True"Haha NOW YOU ARE DEAD Our moon is not an ordinary one after all."→Target_Locked=True"Fire, Taurus"→Fireing_Solar_Collection_Device_Taurus."Now you shall see the power after the fall of terra"→WARNING_DOING_SO_WILL_CAUSE_TAURUS_POWER_RELAY_TO_BE_KNOCKED_OFF_COURSE_FROM_THE_HUB_DOING_SO_WILL_REQUIRE_MANUEL_RESET_AT_CORNPUNICUS_MOON_BASE."tch Do it"→Orrvirideing_Safety_Limiters_With_Dr_???_Premission=True.→Detecting Space temperature raise by 2°C."Now see the power of a fully operational Death star"→Warnnniing_Corre_Hub_At_10%_Power_Going_into_sleep_mode"Ah, Goodbye then" →Gama_Omega_Delta Received→Loading_It_Just_Works_By_Toad_{Corrputed}This story is inspired by a book on RR or Royal Road called Posthuman I HIGHLY recommend it if you like Meta-Humans and post-Apocalypse story's!Here is the link story is the inspiration for mine so Yeah Please read it the author deserves it!

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