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  • unexpected relations

    unexpected relations

  • Demonic Relations

    Demonic Relations

  • Emergency Relations

    Emergency Relations

    Memiliki Bos seperfect Wiland, mengubah hidup Azia bak di Neraka. Ditengah penyakit yang dideritanya, Azia harus menerima hukuman demi hukuman dari pria berparas tampan namun tidak memiliki hati. "Berhentilah berlagak seperti wanita berpenyakitan! Layani aku sekarang!" teriak Wiland. Tanpa Wiland sangka, sikap kerasnya itu membuat kanker otak yang Azia derita semakin parah. Atas perintah sang ibu yang sangat menyukai sifat sabar Azia, Wiland terpaksa harus menikahi Azia dan merawatnya. Akankah pernikahan itu membawa perubahan baik bagi hidup Azia, atau malah sebaliknya? Ikuti kisahnya hanya di Web Novel

  • Deadly Relations

    Deadly Relations

    Sci-fi Romance ACTION R18 SCARY

    THREE SUSPECTS! ONE MURDER! A divorce maiden looking to start a new life in this Suburban town trying to escape her past. Janine moves into a lovely mansion, and to be honest, this was supposed to be the end of all the drama and lies. At least that's what she hoped? She hadn't expected someone to die, but moreover, she hadn't expected to be considered a suspect.

  • Changing Relations

    Changing Relations

  • A Story of Relations

    A Story of Relations

  • life-relations and misunderstandings

    life-relations and misunderstandings

  • The Devil's Journal: Hellish Relations

    The Devil's Journal: Hellish Relations

  • Binding to Geniuses To Become Stronger

    Binding to Geniuses To Become Stronger

    Eastern Fantasy GENIUS


    "Ding! Congratulations on binding God's Chosen One. You will receive 150% of the other party's cultivation comprehension and cultivation speed!" "Cultivation-related matters related to the bound target can be obtained as additional rewards." "Enjoy your cultivation!" … "You and the Great Tang Princess admire the purple aura, discuss the Heavenly Dao, and acquire the Purple Aura from the East! "You and the saintesses of the demon race explore the mystic realm and search for the legacy to obtain the Demon Sovereign's Indestructible Body!" "You fought a decisive battle with the Fiend Son of the fiend race in the South Ocean and gained the Godfiend Hell-Crushing Force!" … A hundred years later, you have bound yourself to all the elites of the infinite worlds. Turning around, you realize something. You are invincible.

  • Diary of Twilight Sparkle: Relations, Complications

    Diary of Twilight Sparkle: Relations, Complications

    Twilight sparkle starts a relationship with Pinkie pie. But their relationship goes wrong and they part ways. What will happen next? Will Twilight find another true love??

  • The relation

    The relation

  • Relation



  • Relatable



    Everyone has a relatable story. This is the completed story of relatable from my book of shorty short shorts.

  • Hate You Till Your End

    Hate You Till Your End


    "I want your power"she whispered." And I want your body"he replied. They both embraced themselves within the flow of pleasure. Their relation started with 'give and take' agreement, but ended with addiction with each other. This is the story of rosezia Jacob and Micheal Benjamin . Rosezia was a daughter of a business man and was well known in the business world as Ray groups elder heir. Meanwhile Micheal was king of the business world and is well known as a player. He had everything except for his behavior. Every woman would like to sleep with him but can't afford to Marry him . Obviously because of his player profile. The story began's when rose who had a crush on James Ardian , a well known businessman and who is on the top three of business world, accused her of the murder of his former lover Mariana. Leading her to the prison cell and the distruction of her family. No one got the body of her. But they all accused her , turnishing her reputation and harassing her to the extand where she left the hope to live again. After her family's mass suicide she got completely broke. Now there was only one reason for her to continue her life , that was distruction of James Ardian. Which lead her to connect with Micheal, whom she made an agreement and sold herself. Their relation began with lust soon it converted into something else. He had become her weapon and she had become his addiction. Now will these both be altogether or get separated after her completion of revenge.

  • Why am I holding on you

    Why am I holding on you



    Him - "You took away my first kiss, you have to be responsible for it"Her - "That was my first kiss too Senior. Am I asking you to be responsible?"Him - "Ask me... I am waiting"Her - "Shut up, get away otherwise I will call my brother"Him - "I am sure he will support his friend, atleast for this"Her - "You- BROTHER"Bro - "Yes my lovely sister"Her - "Brother this friend of yours is asking me to be responsible for his first kiss"Bro - "Serene I taught you since we were young that we should be responsible for our deeds"Her - "But that was just an accident, you told me too, that I shouldn't be bother with it!"Bro - "Well I didn't knew it was him" Him - "Love can you stop getting angry"Her - "Who is your love!!"Him - "Except you, no one was, no one is, no one will and no one is allowed to be."Her - "Ahhh... Don't talk to me."(Not a part of story but how the character is designed and how story it would be.)A love story between two college students Serene and Soham. Serene's childhood was messed up because of her struggled childhood with her brothers in orphanage. And Soham's life was too peaceful that it irritates him.There first encounter was not good but the last will be sweetest.There story doesn't have those lots of up and down in relation or life but it do have some spice.This story isn't like FL settings up an empire from scratch or anything related to business or revenge or creating her identity to show to the world (because she already have everything) but a cute love story with some love hate relation initially and then about persuading someone to accept him.This is more or less all about love. How a egoistic man fell in love with her who don't even give a damn about his presence even though they both are each others first kiss. ML hated her for snatching away his first kiss but in span of time, he was the most grateful person in the world for having that moment with her. But he wants her to be around him only... But she didn't even recognized him as a acquaintance in her life, leave, not even a human being relate to her in her life... poor him....Initially it was love hate and later it was love in the air. Initial chapters will be little fast to show her and her siblings love for each other. Later it will be cute little love story.Hope you will like it. If you can than just try 10 to 15 chapters. Might you like it#I am writing another book too... please check out... OPPOSITES ATTRACT MY LOVE...#English is not my first language. And I can't afford to say it as my second one either, so don't be pissed by it. It is at least bearable.#Cover photo doesn't belong to me.

  • Blood Relation ✓

    Blood Relation ✓


    Sequel of Our Forced Love.

  • daytime relation

    daytime relation

  • relation amicale

    relation amicale

    hanya sebuah kisah dengan 3 orang aneh didalam nya.

  • Gang related

    Gang related

  • the relation ship

    the relation ship


    She was kind , beautiful belong to a rich family. But he was rude rumor to be a devil .They brought together by a Arrange marriage .Will She able to change him