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  • Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!

    Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!



    Vol 2 is where stuff will get serious. Vol 2 = 2020 Vol 1 is just a bit of pre-writing for fun due to being in school. Recommended you skip Vol 1 when Vol 2 comes out if you don't want to injure your eyesight and brain. _______________________________________ This is a light-hearted comedy novel about a NEET shut-in girl from the modern world who dies and reincarnates into a fantasy world. There she will be able to accomplish her dreams like building the floof floof kingdom and finding a nice husband. There is also a goddess who attempts to help her by going to the human world in another body. To her demise, she forgets to give herself good stats and now has to live with others until she can find the protagonist to gain her abilities back. Join her on her way to her dream of becoming the best magician in the world as she makes connections with others, as well as the goddess who struggles to find the protagonist. ___________________________________________ Website @ rianovelcollection.home.blog Twitch @ twitch.tv/fuyumiria Discord @ https://discord.gg/XcjsZ5Z Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/Rianolinon Kofi @ Ko-fi.com/rianolinon

  • The White Haired Loli [Dropped]

    The White Haired Loli [Dropped]

    ---------------------------------------------Plutia Sagiri is a wide known adventurer that had the nickname of 'White Haired Loli', however people really never knew what she actually looked like and only used her nickname as reference.She the most famous adventurer had retired and is now working as a guild receptionist but also taking side jobs, that is until she goes to an academy and meets teenagers that will make her start her adventuring career again.Her powers are sealed and in order to finally be able to use them she will travel with this group aiding them in information and knowledge since she does not have the power to help them.Nonetheless, the demons actually have a network of information that knows what she actually looks like and starts to bring trouble to the area around her due to her fame.Join them on their way to becoming famous adventurers as Plutia who hides her identity as the most famous and helps them stealthily.-----------------------------------------------This is my first novel I have ever written, I started this during my first semester of freshmen highschool. Please take care of me until I finish this novel! ^_^Discontinued---Sorry everybody that actually liked this series. It's just, the novel isn't going the way I planned it to go. You may all be thinking, 'Well nothing goes as planned.' However, this is something that is way off the plan. Something that should've been simple, but I messed it up. So sorry, I'll be making a new novel though.Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/Plutia_Sagiri

  • Aiming to become greatest LoliRavioli eater in the World!

    Aiming to become greatest LoliRavioli eater in the World!


    This is a light-hearted parody novel about NEET shut-in boy from modern world who dies and reincarnates into fantasy world.There he will be able to accomplish his dreams like eating floof floof LoliRavioli dishes and finding a tastiest meal.There is also a God who attempts to help him by going to the human restaurants in another body.To his demise, he forgets to give himself much money, and now has to live with others until he can find the main cook to give him best LoliRavioli back.Join him on his way to his dream of becoming the greatest LoliRavioli eater in the world, as he makes connections with others as well as the God who struggles to find best LoliRavioli lolicook too.

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