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  • Isekai'd Ant : journey to be Strongest !

    Isekai'd Ant : journey to be Strongest !


    one day out almighty Truck-kun hit an ant and send him to another world . after few years Ant became the strongest creature with his evolution .~~~~~~~~~~~A hard working ant was working with his fellow ants collecting sugar, watse food and other in streets suddenly a truck went over him killing him on the spot . luckily other ants weren't hurt . when dead ant open his eye, he was summoned by a vampire named alice who was dungeon master , she call herslef demon lord of lust but she is still a virgin and totally useless . while crossing over ant also gain overpowered abilities like :hyper thinking ( Ex )Truth eye ( ∞ )plunder ( E , evolution ) copy & combine ( D , evolution ) Edit ( UN ) parallel mind ( UN ) All Magic affinity ( Ex ) from then onwards the story of Alice and Ant began to start . having many ecchi encounter, opportunities and many more ! will Demon lord of lust who claim herself to be queen of night lose her virginity ??A slow Romance of Ant who have human like body after countless evolution and Dungeon master . Tags #rpg #animals#not dense Mc #smart mc #non cringy fmc #op skills #magic#r18#ecchi#non human Mc #Evolution#Mc op from start#romamce#Dungeon#Dungeon master#master-servant relationship#cruel mc #Dark Mc #Dark fantasy #kingdom building #grinding#sigma Mc #Beta villains#Gods#Demons#isekai#harem #threesome#Yuri#reincarnation#vampires#werewolfs#Eye power #All knowimg mc #wars #Copy and plunder #Admin command skills #noob writter.#strong to stronger #travelling different world #Anywhere door #netori#body possession #cheat like powers #Late smut Strong since frist chapter . can Ant really become a Demon god or even stronger ??does truck- kun also isekai'd other animals ??? except humans ?

  • Snow White's destiny ♡♡

    Snow White's destiny ♡♡


    A story about a student, a girl: who is arrogant, selfish, a bully and a total bitch!loves to bully others in school and yeah most of the students are scared of her but how much she thinks highly of herself, there's a downfallA new transferred girl ruins that girl's reputation and makes her a laughingstock in front of the others in school, not just that the new girl snatched her childhood friend, her love interest That known arrogant and selfish girl didn't like it a bit 'Who the hell is that bitch?''Why she always clings to the guy I like??!!' Her, this kind of thoughts stopped when she found something, something about her life, something about the people around her, something about this whole world.She found a book that reveals something unexpected 'This just a ROMAMCE NOVEL??!''And I am just a side character??A temporary villainess until the real villains come!!?' And that new transferred girl.... is the FEMALE PROTAGONIST. but the thing that surprised her more is that the guy she loves, is one of the FOUR MALE LEADS in this damn novel!! 'WHY ME?! WHY I AM NOT THE FEMALE LEAD?!!' HOW SHE WILL GONNA ACCEPT THIS REALITY?WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? WILL SHE DO HER ROLE AS THE TEMPORARY VILLAINESS?WHAT ABOUT THE GUY SHE LOVES? WILL SHE GIVE UP ON HIM? if you are curious about the answers of the question in the above, you can only find them if ya read the story Hope you all will like this story :-)

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