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  • My Brothers Hates Me (A Bts x Reader FF)

    My Brothers Hates Me (A Bts x Reader FF)

    Teen ROMANCE

    "I love you guys so much.. That I don't want to be the cause of your saddness.. I wish I could turn back the time that we're in good terms.. But it looks like it's impossible" I wish you could call me my nicknames again.. I wish we can play games until we are breathless.. But are we able to do this when its too late?

  • The servant who met God?

    The servant who met God?


    Freddy Winters is a man who had a family and a successful life. On Halloween his uncle decicide to place a one million dollar bounty on his nephew head for deciciding to go against the family and marry a foreign and denounce the previous woman that was chosen for him. His uncle also hated the fact that his nephew cut him outta his will and stripped him of most of his money. Due to the fact he rape three female judges and gotten away with it and he almost destroyed the country with his backstage politics. After having the best security and former soldiers of the military. Each of them were wipe out. Uncle Gabe corner Freddie and his family at hallow grounds where he shot and killed his family and made him watch. Uncle gabe had assassins pin down Freddie and made him watch as his uncle was killing off his family. Uncle Gabe told Freddie that his father didn't die in a plane accident and that he was responsible for that crash. Screaming and in rage by what happen Uncle Gabe shoots Freddie in the chest and one bullet to the head. Uncle Gabe leaves as it's starting to rain. An unknown demon was watching from within the shadows bleeding from the mouth and drags his lifeless body over to Freddie. The demon speaks in an unknown language Bellsybabble. As the unknown dead is about to die he places a hog mask over Freddie's head. Red and black lightning start striking down and Freddie was resurrected from the dead and lets out a roar. Freddie looks down at his dead family with saddness and leaves the hallow grounds. A portal is opened after Freddie leaves and Beelzebub appears. Beelzebub looks around to find the demon who stolen the mask and sees that he is already dead.

  • His Butterfly: Story Of a Butterfly Who Didn't Live Long.

    His Butterfly: Story Of a Butterfly Who Didn't Live Long.


    In the world we are living, everyone experience love once; a true love. The life we are living is same as a journey where people left thier stories behind, some bitter and some sweet. Some of them are lessons and some motivation. We learn about ourself, our path, our desires, our happiness, our saddness and our regrets. Like anyone else we had a story in this journey of life. A story of friendship, a story of love, story of a... Butterfly. One thing I learned from life; not everyone get a happy ending. *** “Harmony?” “Axel.” She turned her head mocking me. How was I going to live 5 days without seeing her? Annoyed I sit up from my lying position. “Is there something annoying you?” She asked. “I’m leaving the state tomorrow. It’s my_" “Your mama’s anniversary.” She replied before I could finish. “Don’t look at me like that. I saw it in your calendar.” I just put my head back staring at the crystal water in front of me. “Are you mad at me?” She whispered poking my arm. "Nope. I’m not capable of being mad at you.” Answering truthfully, I drown back to her hazel pool of eyes. "For how long?” She said playing with the grass nervously not meeting my gaze. It was harder than I thought it would be. "5 days. I… wanted to see you before leaving.” For a moment we both were silent not uttering a word. Stealing glances from her I was waiting impatiently for her to say something. "Are you leaving after we return home from here?” I nod with my head, confirming her words. Again pin dropping silence. “Then I will play for you so you won’t forget me easily.” She said with a smiley face, getting a hold of the violin. “I can forget about myself but not you.” Putting an escaped lock of her hair behind her ear I caressed her cheekbone with the pad of thumb. She leaned to my touch rubbing her cheek on my palm. Anything it was between us it wasn’t sexual nor was it only a friendship. We held hands before, we hugged, kissed but it was always naive kisses on cheek and forehead but we never had a real kiss, whatever it was between us, it was indescribable. Harmony played an unheard melody, I couldn’t make the name but it was clear that it was a sad melody, her expression was giving more than the music was hinting. By time she was done her beauteous hazel orbs were teary. She gave me a sad smile dabbing the tears which were escaping nonstop. Shifting closer to her I pulled her for a hug to take her in my embrace. “Why a sad melody?” She was silently crying, face pressed on my chest. “Will miss you Axel.” Voice hoarse from crying she mumbled. Tightening my hold around her I squeezed her tightly to myself. "I_" I nearly confess my feelings for her but I stopped myself, I wanted it to be special, she deserved something special. “I will miss you too.” That was the biggest mistake I ever did. “Harmony… when I return back home will you…” Coming out of my embrace she was staring at me waiting for me to be finish. “Go out with me, a date?” I whispered lowly unsure of her reaction. Her eyes wheeled with tears, turning glossy but she didn’t let them fall instead covering them with a smile. “I will wait for you under the same tree.” She smiled again this time her tears betraying her. I grin from ear to ear engulfing her in a tight hug. Those two precious minutes slowed for both of us. I didn’t want to leave and she, was afraid of leaving. Losing my hold but still not letting go, I cup the side of her face leaning down to kiss her lips. Our lips met at a slow pace, it wasn’t lust nor desire of a minute, it was the love I had for her. That minute, that kiss and that hug was the last memory we made at our heaven. If I knew that was going to be the last time I will see her I would have never left, never.

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