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  • Sadistic Sadism

    Sadistic Sadism

    Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    To search and find something new takes time as for time gives the answer in what you mourned on finding. Minnie is a woman who doesn't realize on what she is getting into. Everything around her was nothing more but a child's play. Her future she hoped for was just to be in her own place and on her bed eating whatever sweets lay upon her bed with junk food giving her empathy of no mercy. Minnie is about to find out the complete opposite of her daydream. When a man name Ezekiel who is actually the king of kings of all mafia gangs. Being swooped in this type of predicament; it will obviously give her dreadful life a new life. How determine can she be on one day becoming a Queen and will stand for her King or a slave in the kings eyes? This man's life isn't normal at all nor is he sweet and kind. His the devil to people when he appears. What if his a good person in the inside and could he show it off to the world one day? Hmmm....Find out for yourself dear beauties; take a deep breathe1.2.3 Exhale. Aww there you go, now run that brain of yours and see what I see.Warning: If you do not like or very sensitive to sexual content to point of BDSM this is not the right place for you to read. Please give sincere thought of your decision >.< For those of you who enjoy it ^.^ I am taking it slow in the beginning to help Y'all understand this isn't just going to be all BDSM there is more too it. So please read carefully and correct me if I screw up on some of my sentence or grammar thank you 0>0(The cover is from fineartofAmerica I just added a text inside. Whoever made this beautiful art its wonderful ^○^)

  • Sadism done right (temp)

    Sadism done right (temp)

  • Sweet But Psycho (ENGLISH)

    Sweet But Psycho (ENGLISH)

    Historical Romance R18 MYSTERY DARK TRAGEDY SCARY


    For minors please stay away. I do not guarantee this story contains education for all readers. Therefore, from the beginning I would like to remind you to stay away, for those of you who are looking for stories with great teaching meaning. This story also contains 18+ scenes which are a bit vulgar and please understand. This story as the title suggests will contain a lot of blood and sadism. °°° Beautiful and rich, what else do you need if you already have both?. Love? Sincerity? May be. But what would happen if the little girl with dew-clear eyes, was actually a terrible serial killer? Right, "don't judge by cover." She is a master swindler, who deceives all eyes with her face and smile. "SHE'S SWEET BUT PSYCHO"

  • Free and Unfettered

    Free and Unfettered



    Dying at the hands of a person she loved, she, who had once loved with all her might, felt that the world was full of bleakness. Having a new start, her new body had her gender hidden from the world at the time of her birth. Free and unfettered, cold and aloof. Sadism is just another facet of her personality.Nine Destan is the Crown Prince to a thriving Empire. To save her brother, she makes a choice.What's hers, she protects. For those with wandering hands, lay off. Rather than being powerless to protect, she would rather throw herself in headfirst. Just when she thought everything would end, danger creeps and tribulations lurk.Nine, "Vampires can't have children."The Male Lead, who ended up letting go of his morals and sexuality, "Even if I'm a male, I can make it work!"°•°•°• ......Genres: Fantasy, RomanceCurrent Release Rate: Completed not own the cover photo.This story originally started off as a diversion from the original story 'The Captivating Crown Prince' for the first few chapters.

  • I'm Too Tired of Being OP, So I decided to Live a Carefree Life [BL]

    I'm Too Tired of Being OP, So I decided to Live a Carefree Life [BL]



    Tokugawa Shinichi- The Beginning of All Lucks and End of all Lives- was too Powerful due to transmigrating worlds to worlds, earning a countless amount of [Status Points], causing his body, soul. spirit, and magic to be FAR too powerful. Tian Yuanle, the Chinese Immortal Practitioner from the Third World that Shinichi went to. What's their relationship? One wanted to have the other's body, heart, and soul while the other wanted to run away from the man while trying to live a comfortable life and doing business on the side. Genres: Original, Mature, Gores and Blood, Killing, BL/Yaoi, Interdimensional Traveling, OP-MC, Game-Elements, Triggered-Action- Torture, and SadismWarning: A lot of grammars and errors. Please do be nice. If you found any errors or grammars, please let me know.PS: I also posted this novel on either Royalroad and/or Novelupdates forum by [Lunnear]

  • This Family Is Full Of Broken Psychos! I'm One Of Them.

    This Family Is Full Of Broken Psychos! I'm One Of Them.


    -This is my entry for WPC 254 ‘Overpowered’. Please lend me your CHIKARA! I would REALLY appreciate it- ----- [Please beware of the massive tone shift in Chapter 1. Please pay attention to the tags and I hope you can read the first three chapters before making any RASH decisions] ......... My family is full of A-Holes!Ridiculously powerful A-Holes who have their own views of the world that may lead to ruin. I am the strongest of them all, yet... I'm tired of it all. That’s why I left. Being stuck with those same people for years got really bland. I needed a breath of fresh air, away from the Narcissism, Hedonism, Sadism, Masochism and Asylum vibes that each and every one of them exudes. Six deranged family members hanging on your back all the time gets really annoying after a while. Especially when you are just as insane as they are. Unfortunately, after five long years of bliss, I am being pulled back in. Family Drama to the rescue.A threat that can't be punched has arrived at our doorstep and I'm forced to return to help solve it. But... going back to this again.... ........ "Bald heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I suck em! Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I slice em! Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I lick em! Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I smash em! Heads, heads, heads...." "..." I looked at her as she bobbed her head back and forth singing along to the song playing on the radio with a dumbfounded expression. "I. Wanna. Stomp. Kiss. Kick. Suck. Strangle... Until it All Fades To White~" She sang along with her expressionless face as the car raced forward. I turned off the radio immediately. "What the hell was that?" I asked with a frown. "That was from Betty Green's new album. Balls for Brains. Cool, right?" said Bee. I turned my head and discontinued the conversation. ........ Some of the concepts you'll find in this book are cliche and unoriginal, but the characters and the story will set itself apart from other works as it goes on... Ps. COVER AINT MINE...

  • SNUFF NATURE, killing your harem on camera. the furry isekai.

    SNUFF NATURE, killing your harem on camera. the furry isekai.


    lost in a world of extinct animals in cybernetic world of predator and prey. you have to kill not only for food and survival. but for sport and pleasure. on camera while the world watches. a fetish for sadism and murder,( this is my first time writing and i em heavily dyslexic and learning disabled, but im trying to get better at writing )

  • I found you in hell

    I found you in hell


    Jonghyong's life was not a role model. He's been through things, that others can't even understand. He lost everyone, he loved. Had the universe been so unfair to him, that it had dared to take away the most precious thing, he had left? The anchor, that holds him in this world. A kindred spirit, which he managed to find in a thousand crazy faces. Can he survive the loss of a person, who literally meant everything to him! A few words from the author: This is a translation of my own work, which I am currently writing in my native Russian. English is not my native language, and I do not speak it professionally, so I apologize, if there are spelling or syntax errors. The main line of the text is based on the plot of the feature film «Where dreams may come» 1998. Warning: AU, slash, hurt/comfort, drama, mystic, soulmates, aged up, kinks/fetishes, profanity, psychological trauma, rating for sex, rating for violence, corporal punishment, BDSM, anal sex, PTSD, panic attacks, sadism, masochism, sexual phobias, erotic punishment, blowjob, rimming, masturbation, sex with foreign objects, rough sex, hands stimulation, fetish on the underwear, fetish on the praise, fetish on the force, knife-play, doggy-style, BDSM-Aftercare, subspace, subdrop, asphyxiation, erotic overstimulation, orgasm control, sex toys, anal orgasm, control/submission, drug mentions, selfharm mentions, antisocial personality disorder, fear of touch, fear of men, antisociality, psychological masochism, pain, obsession, afterlife, wedding, character death, happy ending.

  • Mosaic Moon

    Mosaic Moon

    Born with the ability to read emotions, Emma Coolidge leads a life of self-imposed seclusion. Until she is saved by Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding, who befriend her and introduce her to people who can help her create a normal life. Everything is great but for one small problem. Emma longs to be more than friends with Gideon and Jesse, and wants to be part of their darker games involving bondage and sadism, but believes her desire can be nothing but a private fantasy.<br><br>Gideon adores Jesse and wants nothing more than to give him everything he wants. When Gideon realizes Jesse wants Emma, as well, he decides to invite Emma into their games. But first Jesse and Gideon are forced to investigate a string of grave desecrations. They must unravel the mystery of who is stealing Black John's power, why, and how to reverse it before they can devote their time and energy to their mutual desire for a third in their bed.

  • The Last Chapter of James

    The Last Chapter of James

    Emily Kendricks is a writer of romance and crime fiction. Her first two novels, The Fantasy Maker and Badge Without Honor, earned her spots on Goodreads. Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, Emily never quite felt like she fit in. Soon after completing her education at Penn State, with a Law Enforcement major, she and her new husband moved to New York City. She found The Big Apple to be a perfect fit! There, Emily started a new life as wife, mother and author. Despite her love for reading great crime novels, Emily found that she preferred creating her own nail-biting plots! Her focus is on strong female character development and compelling storylines. A widowed mother of two, Emily is now settling into the next phase of her own life. She lives with her Chihuahua rescue, Chloe. A deranged serial killer with an incestuous family history and an appetite for sadism is hiding in plain sight. Plot twists will keep the reader’s mind spinning and the ending will leave you sleeping with the lights on.

  • [Available Trouble]: √Challysta Story

    [Available Trouble]: √Challysta Story

    #17+ Bahasa kasar dan frontal "Gue harap kau sepakat dengan kesepakatan yang telah gue ucapkan barusan" -Mrs. C *** "Aku Mencintaimu, Aku Menyukaimu, Aku Menyayangimu, Aku tak akan pernah menyerah untuk memilikimu seutuhnya. So, Will You Be MyGirlfriend?" -Mr. Z *** "Gue setuju!! Lo juga jangan pernah ngurusin urusan gue lagi!" -Mr. W *** "Punya pacar pengertian itu susah nyarinya. Yang penting Stay Cool aja" -Mr. K *** "Nggak apa - apa Sombong dikit yang penting Cantik" -Mrs. A *** "Semoga dia nggak main-main sama perasaan gue" -Mrs. B *** "Cuma Callysta doang di hati gue mah" -Mr. D *** "Dia milik gue seutuhnya!! Bisa-bisanya dia ngerebut pacar gue! Ngaca dong, perilaku lo tuh jelek banget!!" -Mrs. S *** Hidup berbagai insan terikat satu sama lain penuh pelomik dan intrik yang siap mengocok perut dan mengaduk emosi mu menjadi paket lengkap. Siapin tissu dan snack yah ......... Don't Copy Our Story #Slow Update #17+ #Tolong Kebijaksanaannya ......... (Cerita ini hanya fiksi belaka. Apabila ada kesamaan waktu, tempat, nama, kejadian, dan sebagainya mohon di maklumi) ..... (Memakai bahasa absurt dan agak nggak dimengerti. Memiliki efek samping, ketawa sendiri, senyum-senyum sendiri, hp dibanting, sampe dikira kaya orang gila. #nonbaku) ..... WARNING!!! (Cerita ini mengandung unsur kekerasan, darah, sadisme, dan hal-hal yang tidak berkenan di mohon kebijakan untuk pembaca) ...... Zone 17+ Harap yang belum cukup umur, segera menyingkir. ..... Kami ingatkan, cerita ini dibuat oleh tiga orang: @Blitheblaze, @khasqiayuki ,dan @PenaJingga_

  • Who needs magic anyway?

    Who needs magic anyway?


    Ruak is a "defect". A commoner's whose element is inactive, making him unable to use the mana flowing in his blood. People like Ruak are usually doomed to low working jobs, homelessness, and are at the bottom of the caste system, but Ruak won't, CAN'T accept that as his fate. Tredor Academy, an academy that accepts anyone and everyone, even defects like him, Ruak isn't just joining the academy to work as a cashier or a trader, no Ruak is determined to be in the mixed magic combat unit and to become a mercenary, he might not be able to use his element and has the world against him, but he has something they don't, rage, a actual demon and an undying? Determination to see the kingdom burn and rise better from the ashes WARNING-Bullying, mature language, mental health, and other mature topics are contained in this story, no plans on smut as well.WARNING-MC is NATURALLY weaker than his peers and will counter that will smarts, sadism, and hard work. If you're looking for a system, or a Harem THIS IS NOT YOUR STORY. NOTICE-Please read the auxiliary chapters, as they will explain the elements and their level of mastery., and also will briefly explain how mana and runesmithing work as it's different from the usual.

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